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Group account author’s custom label Traveling through orphans and cunning Chapter 1 The pig-killing knife is at a time when the moon is dark and the wind is high Surrounded by the leather skirt worn when slaughtering pigs, there is only a parasol around it, a slaughtering table, a high street lamp, a glass of Joan Martini, and at this moment, he is frowning tightly, holding a butcher’s knife in his hand, he is just chopping up the corpse on the table. The crumbs flew and the blood spattered three feet and seventy seconds later, the corpse on the table was completely torn apart. The bones were flesh and blood, the internal organs were complete, the blood vessels were cut off, and scattered in an orderly manner. He swung it around twice, and then inserted a scabbard into the scabbard on his lower back, suave, unrestrained and compelling, Xiao Ming took the cigarette off his mouth with his clean right hand, shook the ash, put it between his lips again, and narrowed his eyes. The eyes are sharp and pointing straight ahead, are you afraid that there will be a group of gangsters kneeling ten meters in front of him, all of them are strangely shaped, wearing earrings and dyed hair, they are not good people at first glance, woo woo woo, I will call big brother immediately Don’t be angry, one of the little bosses was crying, took out his mobile phone and dialed the number Haha Xiao Ming smiled faintly and reached out to pick up the glass of Juan Martini on the table, picked up the fan-like pig’s ears that fell on the glass just now After going out, he put the cup on the tip of his nose and sniffed it. Yes, what he threw out was a pig’s ear, and the dissected corpse on the table was also just a huge pig carcass. To be clear, Xiao Ming is an authentic pork seller. He was taken away from the orphanage by his adoptive father when he was 17 years old, and then followed his adoptive father to kill pigs and sell meat until he was seventeen. His life was very stable, and he had nothing to do every day except killing pigs and selling meat.
But just a month ago After his adoptive father died of illness, a group of gangsters came here every day to ask for protection money.
At the beginning, he endured it with the mentality of not causing trouble.
After all, it is only a dozen yuan, which is nothing. The hooligans actually intensified. The protection fee rose from a dozen yuan to dozens of yuan, and then it became a whole hundred yuan when he opened his mouth tonight. Can Grandpa Mao give it to someone casually? Knocking down the gangsters with two kicks, followed by a pig autopsy performance completely suppressed this group of people.
Xiao Ming’s current strength is not in the category of normal people at all, let alone the unknown qigong that his adoptive father learned from when he was young. There is also the magical pig-killing knife technique taught by the adoptive father, which created the gorgeous and cool scene when he just dissected the pig carcass. There was a minute when Xiao Ming said calmly, and the cigarette between his lips seemed to be glued to it.
Hello everyone, at this moment, an obese middle-aged man about forty or fifty years old walked into the pig farm, appeared in Xiao Ming’s field of vision, and went straight to the direction of the gangsters. The middle-aged man who came in, you are the little boss, talk, Brother Long has something to do, let me come over and see the middle-aged man.
The sound of waving hands is not loud or small, but Xiao Ming can just hear it. Knowing that this person is the helper on the opposite side, Xiao Ming can’t help but look at this middle-aged man seriously.
He has a small flat head, a square face, a string of thick gold chains the size of fingers, and small floral flowers around his neck. The middle-sleeve shirt, blue shorts, and a pair of large flip flops. What Xiao Ming noticed most was the eyes of the middle-aged man. Although he covered them with big sunglasses, he could still see them with his eyesight. Looking at this attire Dude is not like ordinary people, Xiao Ming smiled slightly with a cigarette in his mouth and said yes, the middle-aged man first gave a sigh of relief, and then Brother Dao was the emperor when he was alive. The rules on the road called Brother Qin, I heard you are so powerful, Xiao Ming, but I was surprised, I didn’t expect to meet someone who could pretend to be an ancient person today Qian Rang then put his eyes on Xiao Ming’s white suit, long life, smoke, melancholy eyes, bearded beard, amazing knife skills, and the symbolic Juan Martini. This pig corpse only took three months. Your Excellency Seventeen Knives looks very familiar with Mr.
Zhou Xingchi.
Xiao Ming paused.
The wine glass in his hand slipped and fell to the ground, he squinted and looked at the opposite side, and slowly put his right hand on the handle of the butcher’s knife. You have seen through Xiao Ming’s heart. He began to pay attention to this middle-aged man.
He did always think that he was very similar to Mr. Zhou Xingchi’s classic film “Ah Lacquer” in China.
He is also a pork vendor and has magical knife skills. This is not a secret. Anyone who has watched the movie can watch it.
Although his deliberate imitation has become a habit after more than ten years of imitation, these are not the key points.
What alerted him was the middle-aged man’s sentence of dissecting a pig carcass, which only cost 37 knives. To be honest, he even hacked it just now. He didn’t even count the number of knives he used, but he only remembered that it was probably seen by the other party at a glance, and it was not much different from what he knew. This is enough to show that this middle-aged man is definitely not a simple person who claims to be Qin Shihuang Yingzheng in a low-key and low-key manner.
Brother Qin carelessly shook his thigh, stretched his right hand into his bosom, took out a revolver, aimed it at Xiao Ming’s chest leisurely, brother knew that your knife is fast, but it can be faster than bullets, hehe, this can’t trouble me, I’m not in vain Ming smiled faintly and took the pig-killing knife in his hand, his tone didn’t care, but his face was covered with sweat, he was really not sure that he could block the bullet, after all, this wasn’t in a movie, he wasn’t Ling Lingqi, and he didn’t have Mo Xie’s royal kitchen knife His pig-killing knife is just an old broken knife handed down by his adoptive father. There is nothing special about it except that it is of good quality.
Try it, Brother Qin opened his mouth, followed by a gunshot, bang