The income is quite good but now the restaurant is still run by Wang Zhiweis father and he doesnt have farm food and he and

The boy is only sixteen or seventeen years old. He is wearing a school uniform issued by the school.
It is very clean and has begun to turn gray. On his feet, he wears a pair of cheap sneakers that cost ten yuan a pair. It can be seen that the boy’s family background is not very good. Mr. Luo, I I have already decided that you should stop persuading me, looking at Zhang Wen, my most respected teacher, with deep reluctance on his face, but he still gritted his teeth and said firmly, took a deep look at Zhang Wen, and Luo Zhigang nodded helplessly.
Nodding and sighing, he signed his name on the dropout application form on the table in front of him.
Zhang Wen is his student, arguably his best student, and also the most promising college student in this relatively poor mountain village.
What a pity. It was he who gave up this opportunity and chose to drop out of school Zhang Wen If you regret it, you can come to me and I will help you find a way The signature has been signed, but Luo Zhigang still deeply hopes that Zhang Wen can return to school and come to Zhang Wen Without saying a word, just nodded, took the application form from Luo Zhigang’s hand, silently left Luo Zhigang’s office, but the principal made the final settlement, I’m sorry, Teacher Luo walked out of Luo Zhigang’s office, Zhang Wen took a deep breath and said silently in his heart Such a sentence is because he knows that he will not have such a day. After getting the signature of the class teacher Luo Zhigang, the procedures behind it are much simpler. Even the principal didn’t say much, but it’s just a pity. The teachers basically know a little bit, but the status quo in the backer village is that these teachers who seem to have a good income are actually struggling at home. Even if they want to help, they are powerless. The Zhangzhuang group of the backer village is a dilapidated Next to the two blue-brick houses that look old in the small yard are a small kitchen that looks like thatch mixed with mud, a pigsty built with stones picked from the mountain, and a very dirty old hut.
From these, it can be seen that the economic situation of the Zhang family is not only bad, but also quite bad. Kneel down for me, you have fattened up your guts, right? I have worked so hard to send you to school. If you keep quiet like this, I will drop out of school.
I can’t beat you to death. Zhang Wen’s father, Zhang Chengli, pointed at Zhang Wen with a finger-thick wicker in his hand and scolded fiercely.
Zhang Wen knelt on the ground without saying a word, and didn’t express any opinion about his father’s scolding, but the determination in his eyes really didn’t change at all. The old man is already like this, and the child can’t be blamed entirely, Xiao Wen listens.
Let’s get up, Zhang Wen’s mother, Li Xiuying, is a very ordinary rural woman.
The thing she hates the most is that her child suffers. Immediately stopped Zhang Chengli’s scolding and helped Zhang Wen up. Li Xiuying just turned 40 this year, but she looks like 50. Many years of hard work made her look older, not only Zhang Chengli looked like a little old man, although his body looked solid, but Zhang Wen knew that his father had many problems. To what extent, Dad, don’t worry, even if you don’t study or farm, your son won’t embarrass you. He knelt on the ground for nearly an hour and his knees were so sore, but Zhang Wen still held back and said firmly to Zhang Chengli that Zhang Chengli had already calmed down a bit.
Anger suddenly flared up again, the wicker in my hand was raised again, but it finally fell down. I can’t blame you, the child. You are useless. You can’t afford it. You can’t pay for it.
What can you do if you go to school and farm the land? If you can go to school well, go to university, go to work in the city, marry a wife in the city, and live a comfortable life, it’s not as comfortable as living in this bitter mountain. Dad, who said There will be no future for farming.
Maybe in a few years, many college students will be vying to drill into the ravine.
Zhang Wen showed a trace of disdain.
It calmed his heart for many nights. Zhang Wen lay alone in his hut and quietly looked at the starry sky through the skylight on the roof.
The Zhang family only had two rooms.
Separated into two rooms, and the sound insulation effect is not very good. You can vaguely hear the parents next door talking in a low voice. Zhang Wen doesn’t need to listen carefully to know what the parents are talking about.
A craft other than farming is also a good way out.
In the darkness, a strange-looking black insect with armor quietly crawled into Zhang Wen’s hands. Zhang Wen naturally discovered its existence but did not shoot it to death.
On the contrary, the tentacles on the top of the bug’s head released a faint blue light that lasted for a few minutes before gradually disappearing, but Zhang Wen suddenly said such a strange thing, you should go back and continue to follow this plan. The worm nodded as if it could understand Zhang Wen’s words, and then disappeared as mysteriously as it came. If it hadn’t been for experiencing all this personally, who would believe it was true? Zhang Wen said it like a self-deprecating After saying such a sentence, Zhang Wen should say that the current Zhang Wen is no longer the nerd who only knew how to study.
Although he has figured out the reason, he still cannot believe the truth of all this, that is, he is already dead. When I woke up, I found that I was back to my boyhood ten years ago. Ten years later, I returned to the current year.
During the National Day holiday, Zhang Wen came back to this small mountain village alone to pay homage to his parents who had passed away ten years ago, and they were buried in the back of the village.
In the mountains, he did not expect a dazzling meteor to flash across the sky.
He was hit in the chaos before he had time to dodge.