The immature girl laughs like a bell and seems to be running in the mountains shouting at someone come on come after me come on

Which five emperors are the five emperors? This is even more controversial.
Some people put Fuxi among the five emperors, which is contradictory to the theory of the three emperors. The five emperors without Fuxi are generally Zhuanxu, Ku Yao, Shun Yu, or Huangdi or Shaohao. In short, there are many kinds of opinions. After careful consideration for a long time, Xiaosi felt that the three gods, Yao, Shun and Yu, were far inferior to human nature. After all, they lived in an era between mythology and history.
Most of the deeds of the three of them have nothing to do with mythology. In addition, the three emperors ruled out Shennong, and Shennong and Huangdi were called the two emperors of Yan and Huang, so the five emperors finally decided were Shaohao Xuanxiao, Shennong, Yiqi, Huangdi, Xuanyuan Zhuanxu, Gaoyang Emperor, Ku Gaoxin and the five emperors. Some people here may ask those Xuanxiao Yiqi what are they used for? This simple understanding is that their name is Shaohao as an example. Shaohao is a title, just like Qianlong and Kangxi, others call them that, but they were just born. When they came down, they must still have their original names, so Xiao Si searched all kinds of information and finally decided on their names.
Most of the ancient gods have strange and countless ways of addressing them.
Still taking Shaohao as an example, his title can also be called Shaohao.
The difference between Shaohao and others is nothing more than the difference in the pronunciation of the characters. There are too many names about Shaohao.
There is a certain reason for choosing Xuanxiao. I will talk about Shennong’s materials later. The name Yiqiyin and others are written I won’t explain too much about the Yellow Emperor.
Everyone is familiar with it. Most of the time, they think that the Yellow Emperor’s surname is Ji and his name is Xuanyuan, while Zhuanxu and Diku’s materials say they are also known as their surnames, so they are named Gaoyang and Gaoxin respectively.
The next thing I’m going to talk about is why. Shaohao chose Xuanxiao among so many names.
At first glance, everyone would think it was the name of the handsome guy in Xiansili. Shaohao is also known as Qingyang clan, Jintian clan, Qiongsang clan, Yunyang clan or Zhu Xuanming.
Ji Jizhen, also known as Xuanxiao, said Mingqing, so it seems that there are quite a few available, but Zhu Xuan is undoubtedly unacceptable, and Jin Tian and Qiongsang are not good either. Zhuanxu, the younger generation, also gave up the distinction, Qing only one word, of course not, so why can’t Ji Jizhen also? This brings up a painful question. The seniority of the gods is a bit complicated.
From his origin, some think he is a descendant of Fuxi, that is, Taihao, and some think he is a descendant of the Yellow Emperor.
Since the Yellow Emperor is a half-human, half-god existence, Xiaosi decided to make Shaohao a pure god, that is, a descendant of Fuxi, so he must not Following the surname of Huangdi, Zhuanxu is Shaohao’s nephew, Di Ku is Shaohao’s grandson, and they moved together.
In the setting of this article, they all think that they are the descendants of Taihao Fuxi.
Why spend so much ink on Shaohao? Because this guy is the key figure in the fourth volume, in order not to let everyone see the mosquito coils in his eyes, or to talk about it in detail, I don’t care about it. You can just read it like this.
Those who don’t care too much, such as a sophisticated party like Xiao Si When in doubt, there is evidence to follow Why did the author write this way? Oh, so it wouldn’t be too confusing.
What are the main gods in this article? It’s actually not suitable to reveal them now, but even if they don’t reveal them, they will never change. This man must have it, and he was born from the chaos almost at the same time as the ancient dragon, but unfortunately the ancient dragon has died, even if there are seven dragon balls, he can’t summon it, except for the three emperors and five emperors mentioned earlier. There are also two heavyweight gods, namely the sun and the moon. Some people think that the sun god is Fuxi, but in this way it does not match.
So the sun god in this article chooses the sun goddess Xihe in the legend of Houyi shooting the sun. The moon god is Wang Shu against the sky, right? The sun is actually a goddess. The moon is a male god.
He just needs to be different to be different.
Pay attention to the morals. In addition, the ancients were used to assigning gods to the natural climate, so there was the wind god, the flying god, the rain god, and the dragon. The couple in Leigong and Dianmu’s Journey to the West are too bright and blind.
In addition, there will be no Xiaosi in this article, so I didn’t pay much attention. Finally, I have to mention the famous two gods of water and fire, Gonggong and Zhurong. When I was a child, Xiao Si read a myth about cheating fathers.
For many years, I thought that Zhu Rong and Gonggong were deadly rivals. In fact, this is not the case at all.
Zhu Rong is the father of Gonggong. It is said that the ancient dragon is dead, some people died, but he is still alive, even though the dragon is dead