The identity of the practitioners face changed slightly and he asked the monk in a low voice nervously but what did he see What the

The poor monk is used to reciting scriptures and practicing, but the golden finger is too poisonous, and the flow is infinitely fast. If you don’t like it, don’t be kind.
I’m not going to write the heroine. The bell of Chuangxiaguang Tianchan Temple rang again. Master, a middle-aged monk in patchwork clothes hurried into the courtyard with a child in his arms, shouting, “Look at this little benefactor lying at the gate of the temple.” I can’t wake up outside, are you sick? Don’t panic and give a loud shout.
An old monk with white eyebrows and thin came out of the meditation room to see the situation in the monk’s arms, but he sighed bitterly. Oh, the Yuan Dynasty of the Tartars is so chaotic now. I don’t know which family couldn’t survive and left the child here.
If there is a destiny, let’s take it. I stretched out my hand to pick up the child, but it’s okay to turn around and put the child on the bed. The child looked at a four or five-year-old boy whose skin was as crystal clear as jade, and even the top of his head was white. He was born bald without even hair follicles, and raised his arm. A lotus flower pattern on his wrist shone in the morning light through the screen window of the meditation room. The golden spots couldn’t help laughing out loud. The Buddha descended from the sky and should have a relationship with my temple.
Qin Kong’s father is a middle school professor and his mother is a corporate executive.
Too smart but easier to be satisfied, no complaints about my own life, who would have thought that the world would change as soon as I wake up, the earth is not called the earth, but the name is changed to Blue Star, my Ming is gone, and it was replaced by a dynasty called Dayong, which has lasted for more than 600 years Until now, the country with a constitutional monarchy is fortunate that his parents are still in the neighborhood, his classmates and teachers are still those people, and he sadly became an honorable Ph.D. The Qin Kong of the world is a future researcher who works hard to continue his studies in material science. He started to lose his hair when he was only 10 years old.
This made a certain scumbag miserable after accepting this body. How difficult is it? You said that if you travel through time, you will save some IQ.
But no, now he is a scumbag with the title of a god of learning.
If you don’t travel through time, you will be scolded almost every day in just half a month. The boss always trains him to be a scumbag. The only thing to be thankful for is left on the blue star, except for some small countries that still have wars. As a superpower, Dayong has neither the constraints of rival countries nor the troubles of neighboring countries.
Compared with the motherland of the earth, it is much more peaceful and stable.
If he looks for a job at this time There will also be good prospects for development.
Should we suspend school? How should we talk to our parents and teachers? Just in this situation, in order to relax and make some plans for the future, Qin Kong took advantage of the long holiday to sign up for a tour group and went out with his bag.
He chose The most popular scenic spot is Yanzhi Lake in the province. It is said that the scenery is beautiful and pleasant, but he chose it for the following three reasons: it is close to home, not far away, there are many tourists, the traffic is convenient, the signal is good, and as a result, is there anything more difficult than a sudden crossing? Yes.
After traveling through Qin Kong twice, I tried my best to recall, but I couldn’t figure out what happened to me. So when I came to this monastery, I raised my arm and the golden lotus tattoo on the inside of my left wrist is particularly eye-catching.
The reason why this tattoo is to cover up the scar left by an accidental experiment class in my junior year is also because of this accident. Qin Kong chose a different path.
Speaking of which, the pattern was chosen by himself.
How can he not be familiar with it? Well, I can be sure that this time, the body came with him and turned into a five-year-old kid.
As a time traveler, Qin Kong thought he might It was the most miserable one who crossed over the second time and became a child who was born with bald head and became a little novice monk in Tianchan Temple. Now it is the third year of the Yuan Dynasty to Zhengzheng.
The Yellow River flooded in the Central Plains. Underneath this little-known Tianchan Temple hidden in Wutou Mountain is undoubtedly a pure land outside the world.
Qin Kong was full of despair after being told all this by the old monk. It’s not that he never thought about going down the mountain, but the ancient times were not the same as the modern ones.
The venomous snakes and beasts, with his small body at this age, I’m afraid he can’t even go to the small village at the foot of the mountain. Even if he goes down the mountain with no relatives and no reason, where can he go? It’s better to stay here as a beggar in troubled times.
In his eyes, he could only helplessly accept the fate of becoming a monk.
Anyway, he is bald, but it’s easy. Tianchan Temple is a penance.
Yuan Shan Qing Ding Hui Yuan Ming Yong Zong’s Jue Xing ranked Qin Kong and other disciples as Yuan characters.
His Dharma name Yuan Xing Master Bo Fu Shan Abbot is casual and doesn’t care much about things.
Usually he often retreats and seldom shows up.
He is said to be profound in Buddhism and martial arts.
Unpredictable, Qin Kong has never seen him make a move, but he believes it because the abbot is the oldest in the temple.
He is over 100 years old, but his face looks like a middle-aged man. It is said that Qin Kong is envious of him because of his practice. The abbot is a senior brother. Every time the idol talks about him, he is full of envy. Master Fu Guang is a serious little old man. His name is Jiansi, but he works as the abbot. The second generation of disciples are all from his old man’s family. Leave it to the big disciple to teach the youngest closed-door disciple all day long, wishing to keep his eyes on Qin Kong, hoping that Qin Kong will achieve a positive result in the future, the third master’s uncle is practicing closed-mouth meditation all day with a sullen face, the favorite Waist and crotch Jiedao patrols inside and outside the temple Eldest brother said he is the first swordsman in Tianchan Temple A model who doesn’t talk too much He is the oldest among the second-generation disciples Elder brother Fa’s name Yuanfa grew up in the temple since he was a child It’s everyone’s acquiesce The future abbot will often be reprimanded by the master because he envies the grand master’s chicness. I guess the master has vented all the grievances against the abbot on him, but he doesn’t care.