The idea of ​​walking together is considered settled at this time since Zhou Yaohua can do so much for him he just gave up his

Chapter 1 Encountering an old classmate Chengdu in the 33rd year of the Republic of China Chengdu is a very laid-back city. Even if you have to worry about the Japanese air raids, you are always prepared to hide from the alarm. People here drink tea, listen to books, play mahjong, watch movies, and whores are still the same as usual.
It’s rare to get a good sun in Chengdu in winter, so when there is sunshine, Liu Yusheng always likes to sit in the teahouse in Wangjianglou Park, drinking tea and basking in the sun, listening to others brag about the Longmen array. Tongyou Xiuzhu is really a good place to go when you are away from the sun. The old man at the table behind him talked about how he and his family escaped from Shanghai to Chengdu, and then talked about the Japanese air raid on the Yanshikou area of ​​Chengdu two years ago.
The tragedy went on to talk about the current battle on the front line, and the old man spoke clearly, and many people listened to it. Some young people stood or sat down to listen, and then discussed with the old man, saying that there have been alarms recently, but no bombs have come Dizzy from the sun and wanting to sleep, there was a lot of noise here, so he took his own tea and sat on the other chair Yusheng looked around and didn’t find that the person who called him thought he had heard wrong, so he just sat down and didn’t care anymore. After all, he came back from abroad for nearly two years. He really didn’t meet a few of his previous acquaintances, and even if he met again, there were none before.
In such a troubled world, it is difficult for everyone to protect themselves. When he returns home, he encounters his grandfather who passed away.
Uncles split up and even sold the ancestral mansion. Teacher Li lived a down-and-out life. From the former young master Sun of the Liu family, he became a poor teacher.
Who would want to have anything to do with him? Probably because he was afraid that his old friend would come to his door.
Seeing him hide, it would be too late.
Who would be so excited? And happily called him Yusheng Liu Yusheng’s left shoulder was suddenly patted, and the baritone with surprise was already in his ear Liu Yusheng turned his head and saw the person behind him stunned for a moment.
I misunderstood it, and looking closer, it turned out that you called you so many times, why didn’t you know how to answer? The other party didn’t speak authentic Chengdu dialect, but with a bit of Beijing accent, but it’s not surprising that Chengdu came here as the rear during the war. People here can come from anywhere, but the accent of the other party reminded him a little of who this person was. Seeing Liu Yusheng’s expression in a daze, Zhou Yaohua finally came to his senses and said, Liu Yusheng, you won’t forget me, right? Liu Yusheng smiled Got up and stood up and said, where is it not an old classmate? Zhou Yaohua Brother Zhou said it was an old classmate. In fact, he didn’t have any classmates. In Liu Yusheng’s memory, he spent two years with his classmates when he was studying at Sichuan University.
His classmate moved away with his family.
He still remembers that Zhou Yaohua came to see him before he left. The two had a drink in the restaurant next to the Wangjiang Tower.
Zhou Yaohua chattered a lot. Those who took refuge in Chengdu saw the mansion where his family lived and the people who came in and out Wu’s family should be quite capable, but Liu’s family is a local rich man who came from other places. Although they are rich, they don’t think much of them. Liu Yusheng is disciplined very strictly at home and goes to school early. He is two years older than him, and he usually calls Zhou Yaohua Brother Zhou.
When Zhou Yaohua was at school, he liked to drag him around in everything. Although Liu Yusheng was enthusiastic about others on the surface, he was very proud in his heart and didn’t like being with people, so in fact, he didn’t really like being with people Zhou Yaohua was together, but Zhou Yaohua had been pestering him for a long time. The relationship between the two was good.
Liu Yusheng did not remember what Zhou Yaohua said, but it seemed that Zhou Yaohua cried in the end. A 22-year-old young man buried his head in tears while drinking Liu Yusheng still finds it very funny when I think about it now, but laughing at a friend who cried bitterly because of hurt and parting is not a gentleman’s fault. The family moved to the United States to reunite with relatives who had already gone to the United States, and to avoid the Japanese bombing of Chengdu and Chongqing.
In the United States, it takes two or three months by boat on the other side of the world to arrive. How slim is the chance that the two will meet again? Needless to say, I know that Liu Yusheng’s consolation didn’t have any effect. In the end, Zhou Yaohua was drunk, cried, vomited, or his family’s servants came to pick him up, but Zhou Yaohua knew to ask for his family’s car even if he was drunk. We must send Liu Yusheng back. Liu Yusheng thinks back to this, and thinks that Zhou Yaohua treats his friends well. I don’t know if it’s Liu Yusheng’s happy smile or his kind voice.
Anyway, Zhou Yaohua is even happier.
Smiling and blooming, brighter than the white sun in the sky, Zhou Yaohua is a northerner.
Northerners are much taller than those in Chengdu, a basin that lacks the sun.
It’s grown a bit, the same as I haven’t seen in a few years, it seems to be taller again, the Chinese character face is thick, the eyebrows are big, the nose is high, and the bridge of the nose is a little hooked.
Very imposing, Liu Yusheng only reached his shoulders and stood up to see that he had to look up, feeling very uncomfortable, so he warmly smiled and said, “Brother Zhou, long time no see, long time no see.
Didn’t your family go to the United States, why did you come back again? I really didn’t expect that.” I was able to see you here so much that when you called me just now, I thought I had misheard.
Liu Yusheng said while pulling a chair for Zhou Yaohua to sit down and asking the boss to refill the teacups.
Zhou Yaohua must have something to do.
He looked behind for two After sitting down, he got up again and apologized to Liu Yusheng