The idea of ​​killing Devil May Cry is left right There is a way to restore Senior Zhong to his senses Yun Fan felt the

Newborn Huangyan City is located in an inconspicuous place on the edge of the wild ancient forest. Huangyan City is composed of three major family forces, namely the Yun family, the Li family, and the Sima family.
The three forces still exist in Huangyan City, and none of them can independently unify Huangyan City.
At this time, it is evening, and the sky is not yet completely dark, but the Yun Family is already brightly lit. What important guest is there? In an independent and remote courtyard at the easternmost end of the Yun Family Courtyard, a boy was lying on a cold stone bed, trembling all over, and the quilt was kicked to the ground by him.
The boy looked about fourteen or fifteen years old. At this time, the delicate face was covered with a streak of blue and purple scars, coughing, the young man coughed violently, and a trace of blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth, the blood was also mixed with a dark black liquid with a strong smell, which was shocking. After the violent cough The boy’s body suddenly bounced off the stone bed, and a mouthful of dark blood spewed out from the boy’s mouth, and the room was filled with a strong stench, which made people unbearably nauseous. Where is this boy who has awakened? No matter the blood spurting out, I just looked around in a daze, am I still alive? Such a young boy seems to have found something wrong after some joy.
Looking at the slightly delicate skin on his arm, he is a little confused.
Could it be that the nine-story imperial tower has the magical effect of rejuvenating people? The boy said to himself and patted his head. I was about to use my spiritual sense to look inside, but found that nothing could be mobilized. The young man was taken aback by this situation and jumped out of bed, looking very panicked.
My supreme cultivation? At this endless moment, a huge amount of information suddenly poured into his head.
The boy had a splitting headache and knelt down in front of the edge of the bed, twitching uncontrollably, his hands ruthlessly clutching the edge of the stone bed, even the hard stone bed was crushed.
After holding out the fingerprints for a while, the boy finally stopped convulsing, but he didn’t stand up immediately, he just knelt there in a daze, as if he was fascinated by something.
My soul was attached to someone else’s body. The boy wiped it in a daze.
The sweat on the lower head is really a blessing and a disaster This young man’s body is also predestined, and I and he are named Yunfan, but it’s a pity that this boy was killed by a villain for his disappointment, but this also gave my soul a chance to find my body, so that I won’t be lost. It was the soul of a supreme master who was attached to the body of the young man by chance and coincidence.
What about the emperor tower? sense Feeling the warmth coming from the lower abdomen is exactly the feeling from the nine-story imperial tower, Yunfan secretly heaved a sigh of relief, his cultivation base can be cultivated again, but this imperial tower must not be lost, and there are not many people in the world.
The sudden relaxation of such a thing made Yunfan feel more and more pain all over his body.
His grandma’s villainous little hands are really cruel. Since the owner of this body has been replaced by me, I will definitely do it for his former owner.
Revenge can be regarded as thanking him for the kindness of his possession. Yun Fan couldn’t help but secretly thought about making plans for the future.
Just when Yun Fan was thinking about things, two people were secretly talking in a dark room in a luxurious compound in Yun’s house.
What are you talking about, Yunduan, are you right? Then Yunfan is really dead. A young man with a gloomy temperament sat on a chair in the middle with a smile on his face and asked the servant in gray clothes, Young Master Jiuyue, are you still doing things? Don’t worry, Yunfan has been poisoned to death by me using Jiuyin Duanqi San Duan kept describing the situation with a flattering expression, and when he got excited, he gestured with his hands and feet, Yun Jiuyue clapped his hands excitedly and snorted coldly, saying that Yun Fan still wants to argue with me about why he is a branch of the family What qualifications do you have to compete with this young master? You have done a very good job. I will reward you with this qi-nourishing pill.
I will reward the rest of you. Speaking of Yun Jiuyue, she took out a light blue pill that exudes a fragrance from her bosom.
Handed it to Yunduan Yunduan saw the elixir, his eyes became straight, his greedy look became more intense, thank you, young master, thank you, young one, if there is anything in the future, you can still find a villain, but if a villain can do it, go to Yunduan immediately I kept thanking Yun Jiuyue and couldn’t help but wrap it up and leave it. After rewarding the elixir, Yun Jiuyue didn’t plan to keep him any longer.
Zhong Yunjiuyue showed an extremely excited expression, and quickly paced back and forth in the room, humming. Without Yunfan, the thing that got in the way, I have one more chance to perform in front of the family guests, and the chances of being rewarded are greater. Those people are all existences in the realm of the void.
I heard that they came here because of the emperor’s weapon in the wild ancient forest. The supreme existence.
If I can get it, it will be great.
Thinking of this, Yun Jiuyue can’t help Trapped in endless fantasies, such a lowly person actually had a great dream of an imperial weapon.
At the same time, in Yunfan’s private courtyard, Yunfan had just adjusted his breath and found some medicine for bruises to smear his whole body.
Yun Fan, who was bruised and purple all over and in pain, took a breath, Fan Er, what’s wrong with you, who hurt you like this? A woman walked in from the outside