The icy sword in his hand is a fairy weapon and its grade is still He stared at the celestial artifact for a long time

The new world is modified. The new life body has been detected.
The new life body has died. It complies with the law of reincarnation and can occupy it.
The soul is being injected. The degree of completion is being injected.
The soul is being injected.
The resurrection is complete. Due to the restrictions of the law of reincarnation, the original world cannot be reborn. The current world is the world of spiritual sources. The character level is reset to zero, the system is restarted, Chu Ye is covering his head, the pain in his open eyes is confused, it took him a long time to see clearly the strange memories around him like a tide, and today is the important test of the initial spell learning.
Good day, I have already demonstrated this basic spell and hemostatic talisman. Next, I will ask someone to come up and draw a total of three chances. If one succeeds, you can upgrade to a spell master apprentice and continue to study. If you fail, don’t blame the master. The person speaking is an old man with gray hair and beard half a meter long. His name is Fubara.
He is a famous master of spells. Fubara is leaning on a cane in his hand, looking at the apprentice below, nodding in satisfaction.
Suddenly he Frowning, he looked at Chu Ye and shouted coldly, Chu Ye, today is the date of the competition, you are still sleeping, I think you are really hopeless, if you fail the assessment, you can pack up and leave, there are thousands of students in the Charm Academy He comes from all over the world and belongs to the key colleges. It is very difficult for ordinary people to enter the noble Chu Ye. He was very serious when he came here, but these days he dozed off every day and even missed a day of class. The teacher in his previous life really annoyed him haha ​​waste, silly boy, Master called you, and you are still sleeping? The ridicule of the students around made Gu Shen react and his head became clear. Feeling this strange environment, he finally understood that he was born again. One day ago, he was still on the earth. He was playing a new holographic game, but he didn’t expect that the game helmet was unqualified, which caused an electric leakage, and he was electrocuted to death. Then he came to the world of spiritual sources, and happened to encounter a corpse head.
After an inexplicable voice appeared in the camera, he was successfully revived.
After traveling in a daze, he met him.
He couldn’t help but smile wryly. The merchants on the earth are really more and more profiteers.
The helmet is still unqualified, but fortunately, it is not considered death after time travel, but why? Time travel to a taciturn and useless guy. In my memory, the owner of this body is useless and poorly talented.
So he is silent and has almost no friends. Why don’t you come up quickly? At this time, the master looked at Chu Ye with anger and shouted, Chu Ye stood He got up and walked up unsteadily, which caused a burst of laughter. Master also shook his head and thought to himself, this kid is a piece of trash. It is a pure insult to his reputation in his class.
If you can’t successfully make the hemostatic talisman this time, you must not keep it. Looking at the three items in front of him, a green writing brush, a bowl of blood-red spirit ink, and three yellow talisman papers, he is a little depressed, and he doesn’t seem to know how to draw.
He just fell asleep and doesn’t even know the content of the runes. Huh, look at you sleeping well.
So fragrant, I see why you can’t draw, so get out, I won’t accept the waste, Feng Yuan won’t accept the waste, Master looked at Chu Ye’s at a loss, snorted coldly, system recovery completed, found that the talisman paper is loading data, loaded into the charmer’s professional success spell Turn it on, please take a look. Gu Shen was stunned by the sound that suddenly sounded in his ears. It turned out that the sound of this system has been ringing in his head for the past few days. He has traveled through the game system with him, and it seems that there are more new functions. He can download whatever he sees. What kind of information was entered? Chu Ye couldn’t help but chuckled twice, Master’s face was black and he didn’t even bother to hum.
The student closed his eyes, Chu Ye sorted out the memory of this body, then clicked on the information panel, the name of Chu Ye, the title, no realm, no entry-level monk, skill points, skills, no spirit stone, soul bead experience value, sub-professional spell master, after reading it, Chu Ye was speechless.
It’s too bad to say that other is only his realm, he is not a low-level monk, and he has not even reached the lowest level of entry.
The original owner of this body is too bad.
Forget it, since I borrow your body to resurrect, I can help you do something, Chu Yean. Sighed in a low voice, choose the hemostatic talisman, haha, and choose the hemostatic talisman, you thought you could draw it by choosing the hemostatic talisman? Hearing Chu Ye say such a strange sentence, all the students in the hall laughed. Master looked at the corner of Chu Ye’s mouth twitching, he already Ruo Chuye is on the verge of breaking out