The huge strength and the rapid onset toxicity of the arrow made her He fell to the ground with a crooked body and the next

It’s been a long time since the school bell has rung. Why hasn’t the teacher dismissed? Mom is sick and hospitalized, waiting for me to deliver meals. Qin Fen, sitting in the last row in the classroom of Class 3 and 9, muttered anxiously. Qin Fen was born in a single-parent family with a mother and no father. My mother earns her living by driving night shift taxis.
Although her family is poor, her mother is kind and her son is filial.
Originally, her life is considered happy.
Unfortunately, there was an unforeseen event. Last month, my mother suddenly became seriously ill and spent all the family savings to barely stabilize the illness. To save money, my mother Qin Fen prepared three meals a day and was sent to the hospital for another ten minutes of suffering.
The teacher finally announced that class was over.
Qin Fen hurriedly packed up his textbooks and rushed out of the classroom, but because he was too impatient, he bumped into someone.
Sorry, Qin Fen hurriedly apologized.
The voice sounded, Qin Fen realized that the person hit by him was a well-known bad student in the school, nicknamed Shouhou Shouhou, surrounded by a group of school delinquents who did a lot of evil in school and often bullied students. If you step on it dirty, you will pay me. A pair of skinny monkeys squinted at Qin Fen.
I stretched out my broken shoes that I had worn for several years.
I didn’t step on you.
I just accidentally bumped into you.
Respond in an unassuming manner and said that the next chapter has been updated. It is not a new thin monkey.
He asked the students who walked out of the classroom one after another with a strange smile and asked you all to see if my shoes are new. Keep your dog eyes open and be careful not to say the wrong thing, students. They were afraid of Shouhou, so they nodded and said it was a new crowd.
The eyes of the crowd turned out to be sharp. Shouhou raised his eyebrows at Qin Fen proudly, don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and tell you, don’t make me unhappy, or you will suffer, I have no money Qin Fen knows that Shouhou is blackmailing him. Although he doesn’t want to have a bad relationship with this kind of person, he will never succumb to the other party’s power. I can’t afford it.
Shouhou smiled jokingly and nodded, and I’ll give you one.
Opportunity as long as you kneel down and kowtow three times I don’t want you to pay back Qin Fen frowned Qin Fen frowned How can a man kneel down to this kind of man with gold under his knees He reached out and wanted to push the thin monkey away but was waved away by the thin monkey Damn it Shameless and shameless, Mao Erbao made him kneel down.
The skinny monkey scolded him.
As soon as he finished, two bad students ran out from behind him, grinning, grabbed Qin Fen from left to right, and one of them kicked Qin Fen at the crook of Qin Fen’s legs.
Fen couldn’t dodge and was kicked, the pain made him bend his knees, but he straightened up immediately and didn’t kneel down. I bumped into you, you got kicked and we were even. Now please get out of the way, I still have something to do Qin Fen said coldly Staring at the thin monkey, he said, Oh, it’s still a hard bone. The thin monkey pulled out a stick from behind with his backhand and said fiercely, “I want to see how hard your bones are.” When a girl’s voice came, it was crisp and melodious, pearls falling on a jade plate, thin monkey, you are bullying your classmates again, when you heard the voice, the surrounding students all turned their heads and looked around, only to see a girl from the eighth class next door walking over. The pink lips and skin are as white as fat, although no makeup is applied, but the natural beauty is enough to charm all living beings.
It’s the school girl Bai Yuwei, and Shouhou’s eyes lit up when she saw the girl walking by. It turns out that this girl is the school belle of Ping An No. 1 Middle School, Bai Yuwei. The bad students didn’t dare to attack Bai Yuwei, because Bai Yuwei’s family background is prominent, not someone like him who has the guts to provoke him. Miss Xiaohua said, why don’t you hurry up and let go of the thin monkey? While winking at Dabao and Ermao, he said to Xiaohua with a hippie smile. Don’t get me wrong. Educate him, it’s obviously an old shoe, don’t try to blackmail Bai Yuwei, glared at Shouhou, Shouhou didn’t dare to compete with the school belle, shrugged and said, well, for the school belle’s sake, I’ll let this kid go today, but next time he won’t You will be so lucky. After talking about the thin monkey, he gave Qin Fen a threatening look, then he shook his arms and left with two helpers. No need to go to the school infirmary Qin Fen shook his head gratefully, I still have to leave beforehand Goodbye Qin Fen remembers to deliver meals, even the school belle didn’t want to take a second look Enduring leg pain and ran away leaving the school belle with weird eyes Seeing his back and returning home, Qin Fen has long forgotten the threat of the skinny monkey.
He skillfully prepared the meals, put them in a thermos bucket, and rushed them to the hospital. Mom, I’m late, are you hungry? Push away from the ward At the door, Qin Fen saw the weak face of his mother lying on the hospital bed, and said distressedly, Mom is not hungry, your studies are important Qin Yuefen shook her head, smiled weakly, suddenly frowned, and said, son, what’s wrong with your leg? Okay, Qin Fen endured the pain in his leg and hurriedly opened the insulated box, took out the hot food, and then fed it to his mother, don’t lie to your mother, you still have a big footprint on your pants, it’s obvious that you were kicked, did you get bullied at school? Your mother went to find him to settle the score Qin Yuefen became excited and wanted to get out of bed to check Qin Fen’s leg injury Mom, I’m really fine Qin Fen hurriedly pressed her mother on the bed to comfort him, but a classmate accidentally kicked me and he has already apologized Qin Yuefen looked at her son’s eye circles Yihongdao son, mother has troubled you Since you were young, you have poor food and clothing compared to children of the same age. Mom has no ability to provide you with better conditions, but mother can’t let people bully you.
Mom Qin Fen choked up. I am a child of the same age, but you have never made me hungry or cold. Since you were young, you would rather eat pickles yourself than give me meat