The howls went straight to the sky Zi Luo sat on the backs of the two superimposed people one foot stepped on the leaders back

The scorching sun, the blue sky, the young man sweats endlessly, the flames of war are everywhere, the sky is full of gunpowder, he bleeds, never sheds tears, he draws his sword, the light flashes, only a flash of blood splashes the blood-stained knife, his red eyes flash a sharp brilliance, even though the wind and rain are not hindering his ears Echoing the sound of the wind and jittering, passing through heavy guns, rain of bullets, walking through thorns and thorns all over the place, but the road can’t stop a brave and stubborn heart, boiling blood burning with an unyielding soul, a young man chasing dreams, with a heart surging with blood, the brave man is fearless and will fight with you without end Chapter 2 Revenge Life is the greatest miracle in the universe No matter how small a life is, there is always hope. The wise man is also a fighter.
The vast starry sky is deep and deep. A dazzling red light flashes from the depths of the universe, and quickly flies across the golden star cluster. Suddenly stagnated on a galaxy. It is rumored that there is a mysterious island in the universe called Manshen Island.
It shuttles among the major galaxies.
No one knows where this mysterious island came from, and no one wants to know the reason. Floating Island The meaning is that the weak or trash are thrown to Manshen Island. As long as he can come out alive from here, he will be the king of one side. This place is both purgatory and paradise. Many people want to find this floating island and want to see Manshen Island. The elegant demeanor, the place where you can become stronger, but those who can be found are usually people with good strength.
At first, they are only for becoming stronger, and then they are for living.
You can be very responsible to say that this is a place where fists are used. Whoever has the biggest fist is the one That is, the only rule of the boss is to fight.
The battle is full of killing. Roar, roar, roar, roaring sound from the arena, a tall and mighty werewolf with a back as wide as a tiger’s back, and a ferocious bloody mouth, revealing a sharp and dazzling forest white lizard. His whole body is covered with teeth and scars, and he holds a sharp mace tightly in his hand. His body is filled with a strong evil spirit.
Facing him is a huge brown bear staring at the werewolf wearing dark brown armor. The double-headed ax has horrible scars all over the body.
The eyes of the berserkers under the ring looked at the two became fiery, and their figures were as fast as a gust of wind. Almost in the blink of an eye, the two giant elves welded together abruptly and took themselves on the ring.
There was a cloud of smoke and dust around the two of them, and clangs, crisp and loud metal clangs and collisions suddenly sounded, trembling, booming, and roaring sounds spread in all directions, and a brilliant electric spark shot out after the weapons were combined. Chi brown bear let out a high-pitched roar, raised the huge double-headed ax and slashed it down, followed by the chi chi sound of flesh being torn and bones broken The double-headed ax was raised towards the sky, flashing a sharp silver light, a gust of wind hit the werewolf’s head, he was cut off immediately, and then rolled down the ring, staring at the brown bear on the stage with complicated eyes, it’s such an out-and-out explosion of life and death For a moment, no matter who is strong or weak here, there is no choice here, only who cares about who loses and who wins, who lives and who dies, who comes Immediately afterwards, he kept roaring and roaring, with a powerful aura that intimidated everyone to promote his victor’s brilliance. He is simply a murderer! A few simple moves can eliminate the werewolf.
It’s too scary. A group of cowards see if I don’t kill him. Whoever wants to go up will be a fool. After the debate, no one came up to the ring to challenge, even the person who threatened to kill the brown bear just now did not see a single movement, you disturbed me, you idiot, there was a crisp sound, followed by a loud bang, a blazing fire The fireball whizzed towards the arena, and a flag burst into the arena. On the fiery red flagpole, golden runes were covered with golden runes. The flag surface fluttered with the wind, shaking off a little spark. With the fall of the flag, a red and blue light came out.
Flicked across the sky like a meteor falling from the sky, and then fell heavily onto the ring.
Gradually, the light gradually faded away, leaving a slender figure behind. Who is this flag guy who dares to pull up this flag? Don’t you know that after pulling out the flag, you have to single out everyone? I remember the last time someone pulled out this flag.
It seems impossible, right? It’s Gaia, the God of War who swept the universe. This kid is too much, right? This statement immediately caused a frenzy. The name of Gaia, the god of war, was so loud that everyone present couldn’t help but gasp. That god-like Gaia, they just mentioned the words in their mouths, and they felt deeply. Over the thousands of years, the number of people on the battlefield of the barbarian gods has only increased.
It is only because the well-known figures in the universe also came from here, and the most representative ones are the god of battle Riels and the god of war Gaia. The brothers were fledgling and swept across the entire Barbarian God battlefield.
It is said that the battle at that time caused a sensation in the entire universe. Since then, the two brothers have been on the road to their own kings.
Suddenly a strange idea popped up from the bottom of everyone’s heart. Could it be that this drag boy Will become a big man comparable to God of War God of War Impossible for everyone to veto it at the first time Zi Luo said indifferently to the brown bear in the ring, you are making me loud, little bastard, look, I won’t screw your head off to let you know after knowing the arrogance The price paid The burly brown bear furiously said that there is no morality at all here. To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to oneself. If you let him go today, maybe tomorrow there will be one more corpse in the mass grave. Qi Luo looked indifferently and said softly.
You will die.
Don’t think that if you pull this flag, you really think that you are invincible, little bastard, you will regret it. The brown bear who was born in this world grinned and said, after all, the brown bear has already raised his powerful double-headed axe and slashed down in a condescending manner. The shadow of the ax in Qi Luo’s deep eyes continued to expand, and everyone in the audience sighed for Qi Luo