The highranking Xiantian realm killed hundreds of saintlevel Xiantian realms by himself the great saintlevel Xiantian realm dare to ask how many people have achieved

The Pure Yin Continent, as the name suggests, is a vast world where yin prospers and yang declines. The population of hundreds of millions of men is no more than 10,000, but they are thriving and thriving. The population is at its peak because there is a mother-child river flowing on the Pure Yin Continent. The woman in Jiangshui will be able to conceive in October and give birth to a child.
On the Nine Heavens Silver Moon Palace, on the Pure Yin Continent, a third-rate sect is in the same line. Today, there is a lot of excitement and decorations, and many young, beautiful, and beautiful female disciples are busy.
On the soft bed in the hall, Chu Feng is in a daze.
Open your eyes, it’s cool! The newly bought Simmons is very comfortable.
Ding ding, the strongest, the system is binding, congratulations to the host, the system binding is successful. Congratulations, the host has obtained a novice gift package. Have you opened the system novice gift package? Chu Feng almost fell from the bed at once. He straightened his body up, and what came into his eyes was not his own room, but a magnificent and magnificent palace filled with rare and rare treasures.
The night pearl was the top of the hall.
The place where he slept was not Simmons, but a piece of nephrite jade.
The huge disk is covered with layers of furry animal skins. I am obedient. What is the situation? It won’t explode like this after crossing. Chu Feng rubbed his eyes.
The fist-sized night pearl is worth a lot of money, and the crystal coral! The torrent of memories surged into my brain, as if someone had stuffed something into my mind abruptly.
The unimaginable pain lasted for half a cup of tea. After the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth curled up, it was unbelievable. Is it really possible to travel through? My identity is the head teacher of the Silver Moon Nine Heavens Palace.
What’s more interesting is that the Pure Yin Continent where the Silver Moon Nine Heavens Palace is located is a continent where yin flourishes and yang declines.
Men are exactly the same as endangered giant pandas in the 21st century. Women don’t need children at all.
It is enough for a man to go to Zimu River to drink a sip of river water, and the world is full of Yin Qi. Ninety-nine percent of women born are women, Ding Ding is the strongest, and the system prompts the host whether to open the novice gift package.
What kind of thing is this system? Chu Feng is suspicious. Congratulations to the host for unpacking the novice gift package.
Congratulations to the host for gaining 10,000 experience points reward. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the first level of spiritual martial arts.
Congratulations to the host for obtaining the first-level spiritual-level secret method of insanity. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the primary task. Complete the succession ceremony of the head of the Silver Moon Nine Heavens Palace.
Congratulations to the host for upgrading to the first-level warrior realm. Congratulations to the host for upgrading to the ninth-tier warrior realm, congratulations to the host for upgrading to the first-tier warrior realm, congratulations for the host’s upgrade to the second-tier warrior realm, congratulations for the host upgrading, congratulations for the host’s upgrade to the ninth-tier warrior realm, hahaha crossing the tide, and there is a golden finger like the system Chu Feng is ecstatic Isn’t the world of flying in the sky, moving mountains and filling the sea with immortals just what I dreamed of? Chu Feng bit the tip of his tongue and calmed down, reminiscing about the memory that flooded into his mind earlier. This world is the Pure Yin Continent.
Warriors are respected, warriors, warriors, war spirits, war kings, saints, immortals, gods of war, gods of war, gods of war, ancestors, and war gods can absorb the aura of heaven and earth when they reach the realm of war spirits.
The short-lived flight in the sky smashes mountains with every gesture. Practitioners rely on nothing but precious materials from heaven and earth. Panacea, miraculous medicine, martial art and magical weapons are even more indispensable weapons. The division of martial arts levels is simple and clear, from the first level of spiritual level to the ninth level of spiritual level, and then from the first level of king level to the ninth level of king level. Or the nine-level magic weapon of the spiritual level is priceless You broke into the main hall with a bit of displeasure, Your Majesty, the headmasters of the various sects are here in person, you wash up and get dressed, today is your big day to take over as the thirty-second headmaster of Jiuxiao Silver Moon Palace, don’t sleep too much Chu Feng was stunned I’m stunned, my good girl, this girl is Tianxian sister, in my memory, she seems to be called Ye Linger, she is a true disciple of Jiuxiao Silver Moon Palace, there are 394 disciples of Jiuxiao Silver Moon Palace, 270 outer disciples, 122 inner disciples There are only two true disciples, Ye Ling’er is one of them, and she has excellent aptitude, and she is young, a battle spirit of the ninth rank, with excellent roots and bones, and has a martial soul bud. It represents the omen of possessing the power of the martial soul. In the future, when the cultivation base reaches the innate realm, the power of the martial soul can be aroused They are all so touching Chu Feng licked his lips hehe Ling’er came to dress the lord Ye Ling’er spat out that she was wearing Wori, am I not the head teacher? The masters are all descended from the same line, heirs are not allowed to be disobedient, where is it your turn? Sure enough, it is this rule that the headmasters of all generations drank the water from the Zimu River and gave birth to a child, and they will be the next headmaster.
Yinyue Nine Heavens Palace, everyone must obey and irresistible.
Well, I’ll get up, Chu Feng, and throw away the quilt.
This is your clothes, Ye Ling.
With a swipe of his hand, a purple-gold robe appeared out of nowhere, with lifelike dragons embroidered on it, fighting for a star or pearl. A moment later, Chu Feng pinched his cheeks in front of a bronze mirror that was higher than a human head.
This skin is quite handsome. The bronze mirror is the year of the dancing elephant. The fifteen or sixteen year old boy wears a purple and gold dragon-patterned robe with a hair band and a crown. His facial features are white and angular.