The happiness that will be unforgettable in his life he calmed himself down In this kind of memory there is a little bit of sweetness

When class is over, Feng Ni laughs at her, you can figure it out, but she raises her eyebrows, but she still refuses to let go, and you say that she looks like a ghost paw, does she look like a ghost paw? She always reads the Bible.
After reading it for a few years, she only clearly remembers the sentence that Jehovah will make new deeds, which will make women protect men.
When half-dead gets angry, she scolds her, her voice is as sharp as spilled glass shards, her natural heart is weird, her head grows out of control, and her wild horse grows rebellious Itching really wants to be beaten to death with a stick and dragged down.
At night, she just stared at the moon in a daze. In the morning, she got up late.
When she went downstairs, she saw her aunt sitting at the dining table having breakfast. She can speak extremely fluent English, and now she is Hanping’s leading courtesan.
Even Xue Jingde, the governor of Hanping, wants to buy her tent.
People around call her Mrs.
Mei, although they don’t know what kind of wife she is. She wears a soft satin gown. The black hair was pulled back randomly, and the chin looked even sharper. The lips were soft and peach-blossom curved.
He Lan thought that Aunt Mei must have been a great beauty when she was young. He Lan, who was stuffing things in her handbag, lost no time to add a sentence. If you can find me a foreign man and come back, I will take you back. Talk back, do you want me to live on men like you for the rest of my life? I’m not as capable as you.
Aunt Mei holds a smoky cigarette between her index finger and middle finger.
Her eyes with crow’s feet are still charming She took a puff of the cigarette without changing her face, and exhaled a few beautiful smoke rings before she said lightly, “Little heartless, I raised you for nothing.” What about the movie magazine I brought back yesterday? Qiaozhen ran down from upstairs and gave it to He Lan to read the movie magazine she received in the drawer of the desk.
Is this movie? Come back and tell me about the people on this picture. He Landao is the movie star Ruan Nongnong. Her boat will arrive in Hanping this afternoon. She and Feng Ni made an appointment to see Ruan Nong at the pier in the afternoon.
In the afternoon, there were only two classes.
There was plenty of time. Before leaving, He Lan took another look in the mirror.
She was wearing the school uniform of the church middle school.
Of course, it was a white upper body with three-quarter-length wide sleeves, revealing a section of white lotus root-like arm. The blue skirt, the white cotton socks, the round-toed black leather shoes are very appropriate, and the school also issued a navy blue ruffled cloud shoulder. Of course, she will not use it until the weather is cold. She hurried out.
Aunt Mei did not Taking a look at He Lan, he said that he didn’t take any money for breakfast or lunch, remembering that he was at noon There is no food at school, what do you do, staring at other people’s butter and bread, swallowing saliva to see if you will not die of hunger, you Helan just remembered that you forgot to pay for your lunch, and hurried to the table to get it Her fingernails are covered with a thick layer of red nail polish, and a few strands of hair hang down on the side of her cheeks, adding to the aura of style, like a female ghost in Liaozhai who specializes in scholars, but she is also a seductive stunner. In the afternoon, Helan specially called her After school, I took the car with Feng Ni to the pier. Along the way, I saw some colorful leaflets on the walls, and some low-level soldiers with guns behind their backs were swearing and tearing Helan down.
Looking at Dao Feng Ni from the car window, have you heard that Director Li in our school was taken away by the gendarmerie yesterday? Dang, do you think he is real? Teacher Li is always so kind to people. He Lan pushed her hand away, couldn’t help laughing and said it wouldn’t do anything, besides, the Revolutionary Party is not a bad person, you can see that if you think about Mrs. Li’s usual behavior, Feng Ni said He Lan, you said something like that. Just say it in front of me.
Don’t talk nonsense elsewhere. He Lan said with a smile, okay, I know. The car drove to Hanping Wharf in a short while. He Lan asked the driver to wait in the car.
He and Feng Ni held hands.
Going to see the bustling pier, of course, there are huge crowds of people, they all come to see the demeanor of the movie star Ruan Nongnong.
He Lan and Feng Ni couldn’t squeeze in. Standing outside the crowd, Feng Ni stamped her feet and said anxiously. We couldn’t even see Ruan Nongnong’s figure. Bai Lai also looked around anxiously.
There was a light in front of him, and he pulled Feng Ni and said, “Come with me, I have a way.” She pulled Feng Ni and ran to a rickshaw behind the pier. I paid for a rickshaw and stood on the seat by myself, holding Feng Ni’s hands and stepping on the pedals.
Sure enough, she stood tall and looked far away. Feng Ni was a very honest person and just looked up at her and waited. I haven’t seen He Lan speak for a long time, so I asked eagerly what did you see? If the colorful butterfly in the sun is wearing a light hibiscus brocade gauze around its neck, it is illuminated by the sun and faintly reveals a light pink color. Swaying in the wind, she looks like a flying fairy in the sky.
Feng Ni also wanted to see the grand occasion over there, and pulled He Lan’s hands several times. Show me He Lan hasn’t seen enough yet.