The happiest time Fernando said sincerely just before the end of our undercover project I noticed that he was coming possessing human beings making real

I’m Nicole Hawke, a fifteen-year-old high school girl in Brooklyn, New York, who lives an ordinary life but has mysterious troubles that can’t be explained to outsiders.
The president’s female mayor of New York is actually Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and my single father, who doesn’t speak much and only drives a truck, may have a problem with his brain. Divine power and reproductive ability You are the chosen girl who found the reason to save the Olympus god system.
I study hard in class.
It’s too boring. What do I need to do to take risks? Fight monsters and collect the harem Zeus first go to an Ivy League university, your grandfather, I ask you I’m fine with Harvard. This article is inspired by Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods. It doesn’t synthesize superheroes, nor does it synthesize any European and American movies. It’s Greek mythology, and it also involves other mythological systems. But the content of the story is that the gods are in the 21st century, so it’s okay to read it as an original one. Content TagsWestern ClassicsWestern RomanceGrowth Through Time and SpaceSearchKeywordsProtagonist I NicoleSupporting roleThe gods of each mythology systemOther sentencesIntroductionMy whole family is GodThe heroine is self-reliant and self-reliantThrough studying hard to save the worldChapter Wind and RainHarvard RoadHua La Standing The cheerleader in front of me, Catherine, has blond hair, blue eyes, long legs, a thin waist, and a bright smile, like the sun at eight o’clock in the morning, but mercilessly raised a whole bucket of green paint. I took two steps back, but a small amount of paint still splashed on me. Catherine, what are you doing on your clothes? Hey, the cheerleaders just threw away the paint bucket, slowly took out a wet wipe from the bag and wiped their hands. Sorry, I didn’t see anyone passing by.
I suddenly clenched my fists.
I want to hit someone, but I can’t because my friend Meryl who grew up with me is preparing to apply for the school’s cheerleading team, and this Catherine who deliberately splashed my paint is the cheerleader of the freshman in high school. Meryl wants to join the cheerleading team. She had to nod, so I had to hold back my anger, which made Catherine very proud. She raised her eyebrows and showed a mocking expression on her pretty face. Everyone grew up in the neighborhood, who didn’t know who? Catherine said smugly. The daughter of a long-distance delivery driver still wants to be a hero in school and bring justice. The voice fell and several servants behind Catherine laughed. Nicole wants to be the savior. Have you watched too many superhero movies? Unfortunately, there is no Spider-Man in the real world, let alone his turn. You’re here to save the world I remember your dad is out of his mind Nicole Can he afford your tuition? The green paint gritted its teeth and chose to retract its gaze, turned around and left, and the voices of cheerleaders echoed behind me. My name is Nicole Hawke, I am fifteen years old, and I am a first-year student at Long Street Middle School. Before entering high school, Catherine didn’t get along well with me.Three years in junior high school, there was no less friction. After entering high school, Catherine entered the cheerleading team with her dancing skills and pretty face. She became a famous figure in Long Street Middle School and had many followers. My friend Meryl wanted to apply to join the cheerleading team. Catherine held me tight. My veins door troubles me every day and every day. Everyone has been feuded for many years and knows each other well. She naturally knows what to say to hurt me. I said that I was a single-parent family since I was a child.
There was only a father and his brain was not very good. This is not a curse or a slander, but a fact. After my mother died in childbirth, my father was devastated. Since then, he has closed his heart and never communicated with others.
He has become a person who can do nothing but drive a truck and do long-distance transportation to make money. Catherine knows this. The thing is, every time we have friction with me, I have to bring it up. As for what her follower said about the savior, save the world, after walking out of the club activity center, I stopped and stood outside the building. Short, easy-to-manage black hair.
An ordinary high school girl.
But I have a terrible secret. I’m a descendant of ancient Greek gods. Yes, there are no superheroes in this world.
No Spiderman, Batman, or Transformers. King Kong and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but the characters in myths and legends, whether they are heroes or gods, are real heroes. They are made of flesh and blood. Their lifespan is limited, but they will die after a hundred years, but gods are immortal.
They have always existed and have existed until twenty.
In the first century, modern society is full of science and technology.
Immortal gods will either be treated as lunatics or monsters in public.
In order to avoid trouble, the gods of the old era prefer to live incognito in the world of ordinary people. Humans don’t know that gods are with them.
But as a descendant of the gods, I naturally know the hidden identities of my relatives.
For example, when I turned my head, I saw an otaku holding a tablet computer and watching the speech of Ms.
Robert, the Minister of Education of New York State. Passed three bills and was well received by the public. It is said that she is preparing to run for governor of New York State. Such a strong woman with both ability and beauty has many fans even among teenagers. I know Ms. Robert is Olympia XII, the goddess of wisdom and war. Athena, one of the main gods. For example, when I walked out of the school gate, I heard the girls next to me chatting about the new movie of the popular superstar Mickey Elton.
In recent years, the Oscars have become more and more boring. Some media commented on this Mickey Elton’s appearance saved Hollywood. He has bright blonde hair and light blue eyes.
After capturing the hearts of girls in many romance films