The hall is ready the good leader Wu Cook responded with a loud voice and then continued to shout five and six to greet his

With a sound of gavel falling, the slaves standing on both sides immediately shouted in unison with serious faces, exerting psychological pressure on the inch-cut criminal standing in the middle, but the inch-cut young man standing in the middle of the lobby did not realize the chilling atmosphere, but continued He winked at the middle-aged man standing next to the county magistrate, holding a sword in both hands, wearing a knight’s uniform, closing his eyes and resting his mind.
It’s a pity that the man holding the sword seemed to be asleep without even lifting his eyelids. The county magistrate who dared to openly close his eyes and sit next to him didn’t have the slightest sense of accountability. It didn’t fit the set routine of a costume drama at all. Who was the thin county magistrate with a pair of goatees in the hall? The prisoners questioned, although County Magistrate Chen already knew the names of the prisoners in the hall, but the process still has to go. This is a decent lord of a county. I am Li Changqing, a rebel from the Qing Dynasty.
A needle can be heard in the lobby of the county yamen. The Zaolis standing on both sides are stunned and look at each other carefully.
From the corner of their eyes, they glance at the county magistrate who is sitting on the high hall.
It is the first time in decades that they have encountered such an open and aboveboard person. The anti-thieves of the Qing Dynasty are not going to be beheaded for a set meal and want to go through the process of severing thousands of cuts.
Ling Chi is not a rare punishment in the Qing Dynasty. There is no professional master Ling Chi. Ban Zaoli on this site regarded the short-cut young man without braids in the middle of the lobby as a dead person, and now they regard this outstanding young man as a psychopath. The small-eyed magistrate Chen, who tried to widen his eyes, looked cold after hearing Li Changqing’s generous declaration. Sweeping towards the master next to him, this person is guilty, but his master brought it here. The cold sweat on his forehead didn’t dare to wipe the sweat, and the master noticed the unkind eyes of his immediate superior and distant family relatives drifting over.
I didn’t even look at the braids, it was the remnants of the former Ming Dynasty that should be killed. The county magistrate Chen looked at his master coldly. Is the time to interrogate this officer very cheap? My lord, please calm down. That Li Changqing said that there is something important to report to your lord. You won’t bring someone to tell me alone? The news of the third prince Zhu will not be announced until the interrogation.
Unexpectedly, the master shut his mouth tightly when he said this. The central idea has been made clear. The master and the county magistrate Chen have been tricked by Li Changqing.
The distant relatives of the collateral line can’t be dismissed because of this little mistake, right? People in this world have extraordinary feelings for their clan relatives, which is far from the era in the century when relatives were not as good as friends, comparable to the time when the magistrate Chen whispered to the master in the Qing Dynasty The traitor Li Changqing finally saw the eyes of the man holding the sword. Apparently in the lobby, Li Changqing, who blatantly claimed to be a traitor of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, successfully attracted the attention of the man holding the sword.
After locking the eyes of the man holding the sword, he was relieved and overjoyed. The man holding the sword changed his eyes from doubt to dullness. Finally, Li Changqing’s eyes signaled him to straighten his back. Ready to use swords at any time to wash blood in the county government. Li Changqing, a traitor in the county government, has committed a serious crime. Ling Chi will be executed tomorrow. He will be put in prison and guarded strictly. The magistrate Chen shouted with a clear tremor in his voice that changed slowly, but his eyes were firmly nailed to the bright sword in front of his neck Yizhi looked at the number one swordsman in Chaoyang County, Sanguan, who was holding the blade of the long sword across the neck of County Magistrate Chen.
Seventh-rank warriors and us together are not enough for him to kill. I don’t know if it was the order of the county magistrate Chen or because he was afraid of Zhang Jianfei’s force value. The reason why the county magistrate’s master believed Li Changqing’s nonsense was because Li Changqing’s handsome face with thick eyebrows and big eyes was so handsome in the eyes of the master.
Why bother to become a traitor? Because of this, the magistrate of Chen easily believed Li Changqing’s nonsense that he wanted to abandon the dark and turn to the light.
He didn’t realize that this little boy turned out to be a lunatic.
He actually instigated Zhang Jianfei, the number one swordsman in Chaoyang County, Zhang Jianfei quietly. Zhang Jianfei, but the Wusi of Daqing Town instigated this kind of person.
The difficulty of instigating this kind of person is no different from the difficulty of instigating the county magistrate Chen.
How did he do it? Zhang Jianfei, you have a bright future! Don’t ruin yourself for a moment of anger! The remnants of the previous Ming Dynasty have already been wiped out by King Pingxi.
At this time, the best fate you cast in the past is just exile in the ends of the earth. Turn back and be on the shore.
With tears in his eyes, the emotional line was drawn to Mange, and he persuaded Zhang Jianfei with reason and affection. The seventh-rank martial artist of Daozhen Wusi came to Chaoyang County, but he was on the same level as the county magistrate. Why did he rebel? Or under such circumstances, it is impossible. Success, except that the magistrate Chen needs to die abroad. Chaoyang County is still the loyal Chaoyang County under the Qing Dynasty, so Zhang Jianfei’s behavior is illogical in the eyes of everyone. Seeing Zhang Jianfei’s face is cold and unmoved, the teacher’s mind flashed. Flash subconsciously glanced at Li Changqing’s handsome and mighty appearance, suddenly realized Zhang Jianfei