The guy must be killed Shen Yes eyes flashed with murderous intent Yan Junlengs strength is so strong if he joins up with Tang Xiao

As long as he completes the task, there will be various rewards Martial arts Congratulations on obtaining the right to use the twenty-three martial arts swords It’s more dangerous.
This is a small character who writes the story of Jianghu legends in the world of martial arts.
The great tyrant system host Tang Xiao is nineteen years old and has a remaining lifespan of half a year. Arriving at the rows of data in front of him, he rubbed his head with some headaches. Since he passed through this body yesterday afternoon, he has already discovered that this poor body really has only one breath left. When he was desperate, he suddenly saw The appearance of these rows of data is probably some kind of ability, but now he doesn’t even have the strength to speak to affect the activation of this ability. Until last night, a person nearby found him lying in the wilderness, and he took him home and ate him. He only had the strength to sit up today, but the injuries all over his body still made him grin his teeth and hiss.
Tang Xiao wanted to reach out and touch the rows of data in front of him, but a sharp pain hit him instantly, and he couldn’t bear to breathe. Taking a breath of cold air, the pain shocked him, and the few rows of data in front of him disappeared again. Tang Xiao leaned against the wall, sweating on his forehead, gasped for a few breaths, and the pain was suppressed temporarily. Tang Xiao looked at this familiar yet unfamiliar The world can’t help but feel a little bit sad, and I can’t die, right? In the previous life, he was a rich man with a family asset of over 100 million.
He was an illegitimate child.
He had two older brothers on his head. His father died in a car accident, so his The two elder brothers began to fight over the property rights of his family. It feels like a plot that only appears in novels. But Tang Xiao is not an idiot. This kind of thing is not limited to his family.
And it caused sibling rivalry, not to mention his big family, but he didn’t have any covetous heart for those properties, so he proposed to leave the family to do it alone. As a result, he was hit and killed by a truck one night a few days after he left.
It was a coincidence that there was a street light on that road, and when the truck hit him, it happened to be under the street light. Although it was only for a moment, he could still see who was driving. It was his second brother’s queen driver, who was almost He was hit to death by his second brother’s queen driver on a small road where there were no large vehicles. With his toes, he knew it was his second brother who made his driver’s hand. After regaining consciousness, Tang Xiao appeared here and blended in. After a memory of Tang Xiao from this life blended in, his eyes became even more strange, because Tang Xiao in this life and him not only had the same name, but also had a similar fate. Hey, Qingyun Sect sounds like an orthodox sect, but it is actually a gang force. Yingtian Mansion is also on the edge of Jin State. The economy is not in a depression, and it is incomparable with other places. So naturally there is no ruler of righteous forces, except for the six gates of the imperial court, these are the gang forces. There are five major gangs in Yingtian Mansion, Qingyun Sect is one of them. For Xiao and the others, this is a chance to make great achievements. Naturally, in a gang war, who kills the most enemies and who has the most military exploits, even those who have not cultivated internal skills have the opportunity to become the little boss, that is, the leader because of their military exploits.
The monthly salary of more than a dozen minions is several times higher than that of ordinary minions, so this time Tang Xiao can show his talents. He is the kind of person who relies not on fists but on strategies. In this battle, he used He devised a trick to lure a team from the Sky Eagle Sect into the Valley of Corpses, then condescendingly pushed stones down and killed more than 50 people, and the remaining seven or eight people were also injured and terrified. Brother Tang Ting and other five people all beheaded this battle. Since Tang Xiao was the leader, most of the credit should be Tang Xiao’s, and such a big credit.
What I thought of was that on the way back, Tang Xiao’s brother Tang Ting would sneak up on him and knock him out with a sap, and then he and his two brothers kicked Tang Xiao off the cliff and went back to claim credit for his own brother Tang Ting Tang Xiao had no defense at all, his wit and resourcefulness had no chance to be released, so he was killed by his brother, and Tang Xiao was actually dead, of course it refers to Tang Xiao in this life, his soul traveled to this Tang Xiao’s place After being in the body, he came back to life.
In both lives, he was killed by his own brother.
Is it a coincidence or a hint? Tang Xiao’s eyes gradually filled with indifference and redness.
He lost his brotherhood, but was killed by his own brother. In this life, he trusted his brother even more, but he was still betrayed by his brother, robbed him of his achievements, and killed him.
Tang Xiao clenched his fists and the emotion in his eyes completely disappeared, sneering.
I don’t fight or grab, I ended up like this, human nature is really kind, but God gave me another chance, then I will become the strongest and most violent monarch. No one can harm me. At this moment, he is not only It is because of the hatred of the sad encounters of two lifetimes, as well as extraordinary scheming and means. This is what Tang Xiao possessed in this life. Tang Xiao’s strength in this life can be said to be very average, or the lowest level of Qingyun sect’s combat power, but he has scheming He has means, so he is highly valued by some small bosses and even big bosses. If it wasn’t for his lack of military achievements, he might have become a small boss long ago. It’s a pity that he finally gained military achievements but was snatched away by his own brother.