The ground pierced the body of that soul outside and the soul suddenly screamed in pain the first volume was born in South Vietnam Chapter

Chapter 1 Small test Chuyue rises Zhao Wenrui hurriedly ran to the door, his eyes were cold and anger was hidden in the corners of his eyes, his fists were clenched tightly because his fingernails were cut by too much force This kind of thing happens. Every contestant has a storage room, but why is there something wrong with his own storage room? Looking at the background gradually disappearing, several figures of Zhao Wenrui ran out of the room and laughed with pride. Haha Now let’s see what he will do, a bitch from a housewife wants to participate in the rookie competition and doesn’t take a piss. According to the photo, Mr. Zhao has fifteen sons.
How can the Zhao family’s property get him? That’s right, he’s talented and good. How can an eight-year-old kid still want to fly to the sky, but he is still a big boy. What’s the use of this high-powered trick to dispense new medicines? I just scooped up the water and poured my urine on it.
The Zhao family is a medical family in the Nanyue Kingdom. The family is well-known in the Nanyue Kingdom. The family has deep roots. Even in a small place like Mosang Town, there are people from the distant branch living here. Zhao Wenrui’s father Zhao Youde is the patriarch of the small branch of the Zhao family in Mosang Town.
In order to consolidate its dominance in the South Vietnam, the Zhao family holds a rookie contest every five years to select outstanding talents aged eight to fifteen from each branch of the family. The juniors will go to the capital to participate in the competition together, and the winners will receive the careful training of the unified family.
When they grow up, they will be entrusted with more important responsibilities.
Therefore, if they can win the rookie competition, it will be equivalent to soaring to the sky, and their branches will also be rewarded by the family. Participate in the small test within the branch.
Only if you stand out in the small test can you go to the capital to show your skills and justify yourself and your mother. Although it is a small test, the competition process is not easy at all. It is no different from the rookie competition. The contestants need to prepare materials by themselves.
On the spot, Zhao Wenrui prepared a pair of potions to soothe the nerves and nourish the stomach. Naturally, his level is far superior to those of his ignorant brothers, and getting the first place is not a problem at all.
I didn’t expect Ming Ming The sun is shining brightly above my house and it will rain, but the storage room where I keep the medicinal materials is leaking again Facing the shameless words of the guards in the storage room, Zhao Wenrui can’t wait to punch that laughing face into meat paste Zhao Wenrui Knowing that I have no time to delay, if I go out immediately and complete the materials, I may still have a chance to participate in the small test, but if I really have to reason with that servant, I have no hope at all. The other party obviously wants to delay time and is in the family. No one will help him except his mother, Zhao Wenrui trotted all the way with a solemn expression, his thin body did not run fast, and the fine stones on the road also made his feet ache Although he grew up in the wealthiest family in Mosang Town, the life between Zhao Wenrui and his mother was precarious. After Zhao Wenrui was born, his mother, Xue Shi, still had to work and eat like a girl. It is also the same as other servants, and the salary is also a girl’s salary. Even because someone messed up food and salary, some mothers are often beaten, scolded and punished for no reason. Although Zhao Wenrui is eight years old, he still lives with his mother.
Crowded in a servant’s room, living a life of starvation and nakedness Passing by a house Zhao Wenrui ran up to knock on the door and knocked on the door, Uncle Jiang opened the door Who is here? The door is creaking at night With a sound, a middle-aged man came out with his clothes on. Oh, it’s Mr. Zhao, come in and talk. Uncle Jiang, I have something to ask for your help. You must help me.
Zhao Wenrui was full of anxiety. Can someone help me? The man in front of me is surnamed Jiang and his name is Yongnian. He runs a wine shop.
The Zhao family buys all the wine from him.
He will deliver the wine to the house on time every few days.
He has a son named Jiang Jingmingbi. Zhao Wenrui is one year younger, because he often accompanied his father to deliver wine to the Zhao Mansion, so he went to play with Zhao Wenrui, don’t worry, don’t worry, what’s the matter, slowly said Jiang Yongnian, I’m going to take part in the family quiz tomorrow, but I just found out The medicine has been destroyed, so I have to buy it again.
I want you to help me, can I? At this time, Jiang Jingming also heard Zhao Wenrui’s voice and ran out of the bed, holding Jiang Yongnian’s hand. Father, please help Brother Wenrui. If he is hacked, he will definitely be scared by himself. Tell me what medicinal materials you want to buy. I will buy them for you right away. Jiang Yongnian readily agrees.
He still admires Mr. Zhao for his persevering, smart and studious personality.
Poria, Atractylodes, Astragalus, Barley, Fig, Cassia, Chicken Neijin, Zhao Wenrui wrote the name of the medicine on a piece of paper, handed it to the other party, and left in a hurry.
Zhao Wenrui asked Jiang Yongnian to help him go to several pharmacies in the town, but he had to go to a few more. Take a look at the Yaonong’s house. Some medicinal materials must have a certain degree of freshness.
You can only buy them at those Yaonong’s houses. This man’s surname is Lin, his name is Chenghua, he is a medicine farmer and also Zhao Wenrui’s master. Zhao Wenrui aspires to learn medicine since he was a child. His mother teaches him how to read and write whenever she has free time, and buys every penny she saves into medicine books for her son to study. But pharmacy needs to be practiced in addition to books.
And it is impossible for someone in the family to teach him such a humble person, so he can only go out of the house to learn from every pharmacy clerk, every pharmacist, every doctor, and Lin Chenghua is the professor.
He is one of the people with the most knowledge.
Although his family is poor, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about medicinal materials and is alone.