The good word has a long ending sweet to Weiliangs heart then lets go Xia Weiliang put on a charge and smiled and said to

The red sun and the breeze urge the green seedlings. The spring is infinitely good.
It’s a good season to talk about love.
Xia Weiliang’s first peach blossom after entering university is in full bloom.
In her heart, it’s like a candy.
In the sweet evening, Wei Liang’s eyes are like silk. After a date, the moment the door closed, I heard the grown-ups in the dormitory screaming, and it was nightfall, and the lustful day began again. Wei Liang smiled, and love luck, what I hate the most. Since you asked me, I also happen to have no boyfriend, so let’s try as a couple.
Let’s Weiliang break his fingers and say something with a smile Jiang Qiudi is at a loss, you are shy, Weiliang takes half a step forward and smiles lightly, don’t worry, I’m not saying you won’t marry the senior, who is she? Fair competition, what’s the situation? Xia Weiliang paused for half a second, then turned around and saw a chaotic, charming and evil female classmate Shu in the night wind was a bit like a character written by Mr. Pu Songling.
Dare to rob this girl of her husband? It’s not her husband. She’s her boyfriend. Protect yourself and love others. Please don’t come out in the dark and scare your classmates.
Go back and wash up and get some sleep. Chinese cabbage said that Xia Weiliang laughed unkindly.
The person who wanted to challenge her ran away with red eyes. Don’t be too mean when talking to girls. It made me feel like I made a profit, classmate Jiang Qiudi raised his eyebrows and lowered his head to stare at Xia Weiliang, your girlfriend, why don’t I seem to know you? Wei raised her head and looked at Jiang Qiudi’s whole face in a daze, carefully, clearly and clearly, then spit out blood due to internal injuries, sorry, I found the wrong partner, no wonder there was a man staring at us just now, Jiang Qiudi muttered to himself Where is it? It’s really pitiful, hand her a tissue to comfort her, make a phone call to explain clearly, I’m not in the mood, my first peach blossom thanked Wei Liang, she bowed her head and hurt her heart, but Jiang Qiudi smiled slightly. Don’t rush in the wrong direction, I will really be confused for a while, which ones are here to confess and which ones are the wrong person, rushing in the wrong direction, admitting the wrong person Misidentified dating partner Wei Liang rolled her eyes and turned away, her image was completely devoid of yelling Some people are aggressive and self-righteous and narcissistic.
This is the anger after a broken relationship.
Jiang Qiudi looks at Xia Weiliang like a monster.
Is there no love After the lovelorn Wei Liang roared, there was only one breath left.
Slowly, he suffocated four words. You have to be responsible. Jiang Qiudi still smiled and rolled his eyes, thinking of a good way to take full responsibility. Seeing him, Wei Liang agreed so so Can’t help secretly laughing secretly Love can’t get it right It’s good to catch a big head and knock a bunch of snacks It’s good to think of eating her, why don’t we fall in love? Could it be that he is her second peach blossom going to the school infirmary? Let’s pretend we’re in love, so I can avoid saying those hurtful words and reject other people’s kindness. You can also easily get four credits. Pretending to be Xia Weiliang and jumping up is no good.
What if I really like you? You’re not bad. Jiang Qiudi smiled and asked me to think about it again. Wei Liang carefully calculated the computer.
I know a little bit of credits and it’s also attractive. I have no boyfriend. Let me think about it. For the sake of the credits, I dedicated myself to Xia Weiliang. The final word was so heroic that I poked Jiang Qiudi and asked my boyfriend what’s your name. Jiang Qiudi was lucky to meet me. My name is Xia Weiliang.
On the second day, everyone knew that Xia Weiliang from the Department of International Trade and Jiang Qiudi from the Department of Computer Science had an affair. Even the bosses who had been hiding in the laboratory all year round and falling in love with doctor hats also knew that it was said that the bosses of management science When you’re bored, use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to study Wei Liang’s love hierarchy.
Accounting bosses think about the cost of Wei Liang chasing Jiang Qiudi when you’re too busy. Situation Weiliang is like a deflated balloon Moaning and sighing all day long With the words of roommate Yao Muxi, who is to blame? You are too much to blame, even the famous Jiang Dashen doesn’t even know the famous Jiang Dashen.
Now that you’re consummated, you’ve become the target of public criticism.
The jealousy of a woman is as strong as a flame. The target shot by the arrows, Wei Liang became a hedgehog, Wei Liang became a hedgehog, another bad friend Zhu Qingqing took pleasure in other’s misfortune, and she originally had a grudge with Wei Liang, mainly because the thief Xia Weiliang took another for her Lovely and calm nicknamed Unknown Boss Barefoot Daxian Kedou Hero Weight Loss Expert Niu Gangbang This number is out Who will fight for the front Since then, Niu Gang has become famous both inside and outside the department Do you think you can stop grudges If I knew Jiang Qiudi was such a popular campus, I would have known This mess should not be taken care of.
Xia Weiliang smashed her poor laptop with her head in the dormitory.
How can I feel so bad? The head of the room, Wang Yi, couldn’t bear the damage to the innocent computer, so she had to come forward. Smashing your head is what kind of group of bad friends Xia Weiliang is heroic and benevolent, no wonder she can hear people muttering cheerfully when she eats in the cafeteria