The God of War Lianxing looked at her pitifully lying crookedly on the bed didnt everyone know that she was trying to become his wife

Please support the original copyright. All rights belong to the author. The corpse dominates the heavens and the world, the sun and the moon share the same brilliance, and the heaven and the earth have the same life. The insignificant young man who travels through the university relies on the inheritance of the Maoshanzu Shinto that he got by chance.
Restoring the former glory of the Maoshan Zu Shendao sect, stepping into the supreme realm of great freedom and freedom, the heavens and the mainland, the warriors are graded, the owls and wolves are classified into ten ranks, the heavenly horses, the ten stars, the mysterious tigers, the ten apertures, the dragons, the ten extreme gods and demons, the ten ways of Maoshan ancestors’ divine way, the real corpses, and the mortal corpses.
Iron Corpse, Bronze Corpse, Silver Corpse, and Golden Corpse. Four groups of signed works are signed on the Chinese website. Please rest assured that the book will be collected. Liang Yi Liu Jian staggered and fled desperately in the rocky mountains of Tibet.
His leather jacket and pants were already in tatters. The big coarse bag with food and clothing on his back had already been thrown to an unknown corner and wrinkled. Frowning, cold flashes flashed across Liu Jian’s eyes, panting for a while, squinting his head, and glanced at the nearly a hundred special policemen who were chasing far behind him. A sense of despair rose in his heart, but soon the young man realized that he was lying at home and had left. The life-threatening father and mother stretched their brows again and let out a sigh of relief. Liu Jian quickened his pace of escape again. A Chinese college student knows how to pass the long and beautiful college years at leisure. I thought that I would go to college in such a dull way, and then enter a company to work in a company. After marrying a wife and having children, I will live my life quietly. But a sudden disaster interrupted Liu The happy days in Jian’s plan were due to the coal mine owner’s drunken driving and his negligence. Liu Jian’s parents were lying in the hospital, facing the hospital that swallowed gold like drinking water.
Liu Jian’s troubled coal mine owner, relying on his huge network, not only suppressed the crime of drunk driving and hitting someone, but also bit back his anger. Turning black and white makes Liu Jian’s family almost ruined.
The originally cowardly and taciturn young man suddenly matured and bought a knife to inquire about the situation. He broke into the house and wiped out the coal mine owner’s family. He robbed his parents for medical treatment and then attracted a large number of special police to hunt him down.
It was such a shock The nationwide massacre of exterminating families almost suffocated the entire Hebei Province a year ago.
Thinking of this, there is no trace of regret flowing in the eyes of the young people. He feels that he has a clear conscience, but it makes him a little regretful that he did not see his parents fully recovered. But thinking of it The younger sister who is as careful as a hair and respects her parents, under the care of her younger sister, her parents will be fine soon A faint joy flashed between Liu Jian’s brows, the cold wind blowing, bringing the icy coldness on the distant snow mountain, staring at the looming figure in the distance, the dark-faced special police captain’s frowning stretched out, the hard-working pursuit of a year, the countless times of fighting wits and courage, finally Let them besiege this heinous criminal in the frosty mountains of Tibet, think of the angry face of the old bureau chief, the high-level leaders severely reprimanded him dozens of times As expected of highly educated and cunning criminals, they are stalking the east and the west, tune the tiger away from the mountain, and hide in the dark. All kinds of cunning tricks emerge one after another, which makes it difficult for them to cope. Facing the pursuit of countless police and special police all over the country, they are still able to escape for a year without being caught.
Traveling tens of thousands of miles.
Such an astonishing record in most parts of the country almost convinced the black-faced captain.
A cold-eyed special police officer stared at the distant figure for a while, quickly took out a sniper rifle from behind, and was about to aim at the black-faced captain to stop him.
Saying goodbye to kill him, the cold-eyed special police officer who said he wanted to live, nodded and put the sniper rifle back, and then a group of nearly a hundred people continued to chase quickly.
Under the reflection of countless snow-capped mountains, the originally fiery sun turned pale when viewed from a distance. Seconds passed, and in the blink of an eye, several hours slowly passed, and the sun was setting, revealing a few traces of redness. The willow sword was fleeing desperately, with one foot deep and one foot shallow, and a steep mountain loomed in the distance.
After a while, the mountains of Tibet in the evening froze, and the coldness pierced through the bones. He glanced at the steep mountains in the distance, and then at the steep mountains behind him.
The special policemen who were chasing a few minutes closer, Liu Jian gritted his teeth and quickened his pace. After an hour, he stared at the sudden stand In the abyss in front of him, Liu Jian’s heart was extremely cold.
He never expected that there is such a misty cliff behind the steep mountain that doesn’t look very high.
Standing beside the cliff without moving, the cold wind blew the young man’s messy hair around his ears, and glanced at the special policemen who were getting closer and closer to him in the distance. At this moment, Liu Jian suddenly didn’t have any desire to continue to detour and escape. Now that my parents are safe and sound, with the money I quietly left behind, I believe that my careful sister can hide them well.
There is no regret for my family to rely on in the future. After a year of fleeing life, he has had enough.
If that’s the case, then go die! Liu Jian’s eyes flashed a resolute light. The black-faced special police captain looked at the ragged figure beside the cliff with a look of shock in his eyes. Before he could get close, he shouted loudly from a distance, don’t jump and confess. Strictly resist and be lenient as long as you plead guilty and obey the law and accept reform honestly