The glass of red wine almost didnt go into the nose coughing in embarrassment and wiped the red wine on his chest with a tissue

At the end of the month of the year, a small valley village called Ragar is located at the junction of Madhya Pradesh, where India replaced Stan. Regardless of their status, they all knelt in the direction of the Lagar Valley, facing the towering sand-yellow Singh Castle, and prayed very devoutly for the owner of the castle to turn the crisis into safety, otherwise they, the so-called untouchables, really don’t know how to survive without their master. These untouchables will lose the cheap land they cultivate. How to feed a family of a dozen or so people? This is a critical moment for the life and death of these so-called untouchables.
They all followed behind their parents and elder brothers and prayed to the Almighty Lord Shiva in an orderly manner, while a sandy yellow two-story stone castle on the high ground directly above the valley was in chaos.
A Brahmin priest and a doctor from a local hospital are invited from Udaipur, a kilometer away, to give prayers or medical examinations to a 10-year-old boy who is lying on the bed. The boy is slightly fat and only meters old.
His name is Bel Singh, the landowner of Ragar Village, and the Kshatriya nobleman of the second highest caste in India. Although the boy was wearing a set of expensive pure cotton sky-blue Indian uniforms, he was still lying on the bed with a pale face and hair on his head. His lips were purple with sweat, his muscles were tense and trembling uncontrollably, as if he was going through something painful Tears and sweat kept flowing down, and tremblingly asked the doctor who was in charge of examining the little boy’s body, “Dr. Ram, what happened to my master, Mr. Belsinger? Why didn’t Bell have any trauma?” Master Singer has been in a coma for five whole days without eating or drinking. How can the master’s body bear it if this continues? Doctor Tom, I beg you to save our master. Dr. Ram, who was invited from a kilometer away, took off his stethoscope from his ear, sighed slightly and shook his head, looking at the old Jamal Butler, he shook his head very sadly and said, Jamal Butler is not, I will not try my best, I have already checked you Bersin There is nothing wrong with Master Ge’s body, whether it is internal organs, limbs, or even the brain, but he is in a self-enclosed consciousness, severe coma, and there is no way to wake up.
As you said, it has been four or five days.
I think if you don’t wake up in two days, you should prepare for the funeral, good fellow Dr.
Ram just put down Kamal, the old housekeeper stepped back four or five steps in shock, and then fell down on the precious Persian rug, his eyes glazed over. Looking at the unconscious little boy on the bed, he cried out with a wow The atmosphere in the room was so sad that the more than a dozen servants in the room began to cry. It was so sad that even the voice of the Brahmin elder praying to Lord Shiva could not be heard, and the crying in the castle could not be heard. The thousands of villagers who came out and were kneeling more than 200 meters below the castle heard such a miserable cry, and their hearts tightened, whether they were old people, middle-aged people, or even teenagers who knew something. In such sad pain, I was so shocked that my eyes lost the light of survival, and my eyes became lifeless, and I sat there in a daze, not knowing what to do next. Good guy, the whole village of Ragal shouted loudly and burst into tears.
It looks like the end of the world.
Everyone really doesn’t know if Belxin’s grandfather is really dead. How can they live? Who can protect these so-called untouchables if they are not starved to death in a drought year? Why should the gods be so cruel and want to deprive them of the hope of surviving? Why deprive them of protection? Master Belsinger’s life? What did the year-old master Belsinger do wrong to anger the gods? For such a disaster, the soul of Master Belsinger must be taken away? Is it because he saw the ghost drifting down the mountain a few days ago? Is the dead body of a Chinese donkey friend treated so unfairly? Master Bersinger, that is the real Kshatriya. The authentic caste that can be reborn is a noble status.
Is it not as good as a Chinese donkey friend? Please fill the sky Gods, open your eyes, the kind-hearted Master Belsinger is only 2 years old, and at this moment, the little boy named Master Belsinger in the hearts of these dark and weeping people is lying on the bed. Although he is unconscious, something is going on inside his head. A life-and-death battle, two souls are fighting and devouring each other in the mind of this year-old boy, and the battle is fierce, no one can do anything about it, you bite me, I bite you, you devour a part of me, I devour a part of you It has been five days and now it has reached the limit that the little boy can bear. After these days of repeated struggles, the Chinese soul finally took the lead and devoured the 20-year-old boy’s soul. The reborn race in the caste system for thousands of years is the Brahmin Kshatriya Vaisya, and he is not a vegetarian. Although his soul has been swallowed, but all his memories are imprinted in the depths of his soul.
He just took control of his body.
The name is called Kingdom Traveled to this Lagar valley back mountain six days ago one night