The girl happily unbuckled her seat belt and kissed her then the front of the Ferrari swayed crossed the middle line of the road and

No one can predict what a time traveler who is forced to bear the fate of the devil and a group of sand sculpture players will do in the special world of the bloody arena. For the sake of the Horde, etc., the alliance first kills Long Live Charge. After beating up our brothers who called Demacia, we will have a showdown. Good Wang Hao, I, I, I am in such a difficult situation, I finally came back from that damned world, and actually want to start a game company to cover up that world, etc.
Waiting for my shell company to become the light of domestic games What the hell is this? On the sidewalk by the Zhujiang River in Gwangju, I hummed Eason Chan’s magic reform song to myself. There were no girls in my class, and I didn’t feel anything in my heart.
I forgot that the dog cruelty festival came quietly. I didn’t have time to talk about it. Just after singing this part, Wang Qiang saw it.
Not far ahead, a silver open-top Ferrari is driving across the road. The hot-eyed car must be a rich second generation, and there is a young and beautiful girl in the passenger seat.
I don’t know what the rich second generation gave to the beautiful girl. The girl happily unbuckled her seat belt and kissed her, then the front of the Ferrari swayed, crossed the middle line of the road and slammed into Wang Qiang, everything happened too fast, Wang Qiang felt a feeling of flying through the clouds, and then there was a loud thump in his ears Damn, I was knocked and flew into the river, you show your love, show me your death, am I going to die, I haven’t even touched a girl’s hand, I’m dead, just when I’m about to drown, a consciousness appears It’s the number of the sniper system, you can call me number sniper, as long as you nod your head, you can become the number one participant in our bloody ring, although the survival rate is rare, but at least it is a hope, otherwise you will drown now, what kind of bloody ring? It’s not a good bird, the other party is playing Gu raising every minute or something, the situation is better than humans, I just want to ask the host in front what happened, the sniper is dead on, Wang Qiang is angry, although he has a hundred thousand sentences in his heart, but as a A good young man in the new era who thinks he is upright, of course, please forgive me for accepting the bloody arena new member welfare draw begins The sniper has a WeChat icon on his face Congratulations on becoming my host Xiti Sea King Bloodline joins the grand event A wave of waves hits the face When Wang Qiang woke up, he was pleasantly surprised to find that he had only one abdominal muscle, and he had turned into a super-sporty man with an inverted triangle body and six-pack abs.
Two huge chest muscles exploded.
Many girls who specialize in airports have shoulder-length black hair.
The long curly hair and the beard that is exclusive to the hunk, coupled with the masculine masculine face, is so powerful that it explodes. The next scene also shocked Wang Qiang’s krypton gold dog eyes.
Wang Qiang appeared on the retina and saw his attributes, name, Jason Momoa, Wang Qiang title, horse king, level, strength, agility, physique, intelligence, will and judgment, charm, bloodline, sea king bloodline, special nature The living king water element is specialized in melee combat and is proficient in intuition Remarks The ones in brackets represent the average level of males in the Celestial Dynasty The only pity is that it seems impossible to change the name and then the title is Mawang Xiaoye is Haiwangguan Mawang What is the matter? Do you want to fuck a dragon mother and then hang up and then change the world to prove the Tao and have a body. The feeling of weakness is a damn thing.
The next moment, Wang Qiang finally found the problem. The initial attributes looked good. The point is that he suddenly found himself in the middle of a desert of the same style in the Sahara Desert. Wang Qiang instinctively felt something was wrong.
It’s not an ordinary desert.
Above the desert, there is a condensed cloud of dark reddish black dust. It obviously has its own will. When Wang Qiang’s figure appeared, it suddenly turned into a huge eye that turned from black mist into fierce and vivid eyes towards Wang Qiang.
The direction is to stare, and in an instant, thousands of voices echoed in Wang Qiang’s mind.
Have you finished your homework? Can the house afford the down payment? For some reason, Wang Qiang suddenly realized that this was the resentment of his host who died here before. Although he really wanted to speak cursive in Chinese and Japanese, he felt so scared. It’s broken, there is a negative effect on it, the curse of the desert, as a sea tribe, you are cursed by this land, all attributes except intelligence will drop Feeling the cool weather in Celsius again, I can’t help but cry out from the heart, the sniper system, give me an explanation, dear host, this is the land abandoned by the gods, a place where prisoners or corpses are specially exiled, any existence alive here will encounter it Hell-like start. The former owner of your body was a poisoned Sea Clan.
Don’t worry, the toxins in your body have been removed.
Don’t thank me. This is a gift from the bloody arena. It seems that the sniper of the confirmation number suddenly opened not far from diagonally above.
A thing like a portal was opened, and a very Cthulhu-style humanoid fell down.
Its head above the nose looks like a human mouth. At the beginning, there are a bunch of purple octopus tentacles.
It is only half of its body.
The part below the chest seems to be covered. What kind of giant creature was bitten off? Seeing Wang Qiang, it spat out a mouthful of blood, jumped up and down a few times, and hung up. Before Wang Qiang came back to his senses, a blue-skinned guy whose hands and feet were nailed to a large wooden cross and looked like a lizardman fell off. His abdomen was completely dissected