The girl from the brothel came to spend the night with him Ye Xueyao replied angrily Oh Yan Long nodded thoughtfully and said thats right

What will happen to Li Yuanba, the first hero in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, what will happen to Jinyiwei in the Ming Dynasty? What will happen to Jiang Wei, the general of Shuhan in the Three Kingdoms, and what will happen to the factory guard in the east? The system travels back to the Ming Dynasty and was reborn in the Imperial Prison of Jinyiwei. You can obtain the invincible kungfu and martial arts in the system, and you can directly summon the peerless heroes in the world to help the majestic Ming Dynasty.
Your world will be replaced by me, Yanlong. You are in charge of the first chapter of the super-killing god system Ming Dynasty Apocalypse three years Midwinter New Moon Snow Piaofei above the blood punishment school ground of Jinyiwei Imperial Prison in the capital Yan Long wakes up leisurely After waking up, the first thing he saw at first sight was It is the blood that has solidified on my chest, the color is as dark as iron, this is not my body, what is going on, I am not dead, Yan Long’s body trembled, and he felt a splitting headache at this moment, a huge amount of information It flooded into his mind like a tsunami, and he crossed over and was reborn in his previous life in the modern China. His name was Yan Long.
When he was young, he was a business tycoon.
His parents were framed by business partners, and both were imprisoned. He was brutally murdered in prison and looked at the cold corpses of his relatives. As a young man, he vowed to take revenge. Since then, he has embarked on a path of no return as a professional killer.
After more than 20 years of bloody training, as the strongest killer, he finally waited An opportunity represents the world’s highest-level financial conference held in the corporate building that once belonged to his father. Plutocrats from all over the world gathered. His enemies, as members of the executive committee of the conference, also attended the conference. On the opening day, he was like a god of death.
It generally appears that under the global live broadcast of the media, he made the enemy’s evil deeds public, and then threw the enemy from the top floor of the 169th floor. Surrounded by countless security personnel on the top floor, he has no choice.
He smiled slightly. If there is an afterlife, I must change this world and change my life’s destiny, and then I also jumped off the roof. His body was destroyed, but his soul and his obsession still existed, and he was brought by a mysterious force to travel through time and space. During the Tianqi period of the Ming Dynasty, this young man named Yan Long was reborn. At the moment of waking up, Yan Long’s soul and memory from his previous life quickly merged into the young man’s body and obtained all the memories of the young man. Now It was Wei Zhongxian’s eunuch who ruled the court and harmed the world during the Ming Dynasty. His father was Yan Xue’an, the left deputy capital of the current dynasty. He was imprisoned for two years because of the crime of impeaching Wei Zhongxian, and he was in this hell with his family. I stayed for two years, because I couldn’t bear Jin Yiwei’s severe torture, coercion and temptation, I decided to join Jin Yiwei despite my parents’ objection, but what I didn’t expect was that I, a frail scholar, would be sent to die in a bloody gladiatorial match.
What is going on in the blood punishment school field today is the notorious bloody wrestling competition in the imperial prison. Death penalty and being able to join Jin Yiwei’s Blood Fiend, but my current body was stabbed three times shortly after the wrestling started and died on the spot, so my soul was able to be reborn on this corpse.
After confirming all the information, Yan Long Tiredly, he closed his eyes and the system confirmed that the host met the installation requirements.
The God-killing system began to install a machine. The indifferent sound of the machine rang in Yan Long’s mind.
Yan Long only felt that there was a mysterious and powerful force slowly taking root in his body. With this power, his own consciousness also floated to his own soul space, a white light flashed in his consciousness, Yan Long entered a space like a game interface, surrounded by blue, only a screen in front of him displayed various Various data and attributes Yan Long saw on the screen thirteen boxes marked with buttons, which were the host attribute, Possession, Killing Gods, Aids, Killing Gods, Kung Fu, Mysterious Strength, Pill Backpack, and four gray inactive buttons.
He clicked on them.
Open the Host Attributes button and look at a drop-down table that shows the various attributes of his current body. Yan Long looked at the abilities and attributes of these superb Xiaobai and couldn’t help shaking his head.
The level of force has no strength, movement skills, internal strength, mysterious power, no weapons, no martial skills, no internal force burst, and the system makes a sound. The host Yanlong welcomes you to the God-killing system. The task of dominating the rivers and lakes and taking over the world is now officially started. Yes, you To change the world change your own destiny