The girl begged for mercy before letting her go And Ren Yumei who sees all this in her eyes is in a broken mood at this

In the world of monsters, the autumn wind is pleasant in September, without the heat of summer. At this time, the sun shines through the gaps between the maple leaves, and it looks very soft. The red leaves flutter with the wind and fall under the tree to enjoy the shade. On the head of the animal, this is a gray-black earth dog.
From his dull fur and cloudy pupils, it can be seen that it is not young anymore, and without the care and feeding of its owner, its condition is a bit bad at this time, and its bleeding front legs have seriously affected its predation ability. I haven’t eaten a full meal for two full days, let alone meat, so when a scent wafts into the nose of the earth dog, a gleam of food bursts out of its cloudy pupils. This old-looking earth dog The dog ran towards the place where the scent was coming from at a speed no slower than that of its mature counterparts.
It is hard to imagine how fast it could run when it was healthy.
Finally, it saw something that was emitting a scent. It was a piece of sauce made by humans.
The meaty bone was quietly placed not far in front of it. The earth dog was very hungry. It had been a long time since the foreleg was injured. But more than ten years of hunting experience told it that it was a trap meat.
The land around the bone has obviously been plowed, and the weeds on it are also man-made. This is a young hunter’s trap.
The earth dog’s eyes glow with human wisdom. This kind of trap made by a novice hunter is really its best. I saw the source of my favorite food. I saw it cautiously wandering around for a few laps, and then jumped over the trap area with a sudden dash.
The smell of sauce has a few shreds of meat on it, which is a meal for the injured. Rare and delicious. The sharp canine teeth bit the bone and it took a short while to swallow the bone into the stomach without any waste.
It was too little to make it full, but it was also It can’t expect too much, and it has to leave the trap area quickly before the hunter returns. After jumping out again, it will return to the tree hole where it hides at a walking speed. It needs to conserve energy to look forward to the next hunt. As soon as it got back to the kennel, it heard a bang behind it, and it was dark all around.
Its kennel was blocked by someone outside, bared its teeth fiercely, and then let out a barking sound. This is a conspiracy, a hunter targeted Its conspiracy The reason why it didn’t smell that outsiders had come to its lair was because the sauce bone contained some spices that interfered with its sense of smell Now what awaits it will be the earth dog in the tree hole, annoyed by his own carelessness At this time, in the dry place above the kennel, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy was sitting there, smiling happily. He was holding a fist-sized stone in his hand, and beside him was a large basket of the same stones. After three days, I finally caught you, a cunning guy. If you hadn’t been hurt by the skeleton at the front of the village, I really couldn’t do anything about you. The half-remnant yellow blood strip fell off a little, and the smile on his face became more intense.
All the powerful monsters were blocked by the barrier of Lord Alchemist. In the barrier, this earth dog can Said to be the most powerful group, the boy dared to move his mind only because he was injured a few days ago. This is also the first time he has hunted a monster boy with a yellow guard.
His name is Lu Yu, and he may be fifteen years old this year.
Lu Yu himself I don’t know how much time has passed since he opened his eyes. The farming couple who adopted him said that he was fifteen years old, and that’s what he counted. Lu Yu obviously just lay on the bed and read novels, neither imitation switches nor heroic rescues, but he just closed his eyes and then opened them, he passed through in a daze, and came to a very scientific world, looking at the tree hole The earth dog’s empty blood vessels and dying appearance Lu Yu casually threw all the ammunition in the basket at it, sting and kill the old forest ranger. Please use the balance as soon as possible to improve your ability. Lu Yu ignored the notification sounds from the two guards above his head.
He wasted so much effort to kill this dog. It was not for this bit of killing experience compared to those incidental killing experience. This dog itself is The highlight of the show is carefully climbing down from the tree and using the dagger at his waist to cut through the sand Daizi who he used to block the door. Hearing the sound of sand flowing out of the sack, Lu Yu began to think about how much money he could make this trip.
Bones, skins, and skulls are easy to store. Take it back and sell it to the caravan.
The claws and teeth can be sold to the weapon shop. If you want to come to Murong, that guy can ask his father for high-priced offal and offal to take home for the cheap parents. The little killing experience I saved was exhausted. As for Lu Yu, who looked at the big lump under the mountain dog, he was lost in thought. To be reasonable, this mountain dog is a monster with a yellow guard. Although the level is a little lower, the lump of meat on its lower body But the good thing is, I don’t know how many middle-aged men who are elderly but have some spare money want to buy this piece of meat back to make wine or something, but now Lu Yu is in trouble Lu Yu is a time traveler and an adopted child, but this does not mean that He is an only son, and on top of him is an older brother who was born to his cheap parents, and that older brother will follow the caravan out of the alchemist’s barrier in a few days and go to the distant Alchemist Academy to study, Lu Yu thought. If you don’t give this thing to him, let him give it as a gift to future teachers In the scene of Qiu Kou, apart from the necessary resource allocation problem, this is not to say that the two well-meaning couples who adopted him lost his food and clothing. In this regard, what his cheap parents did made Lu Yu quite moved.