The general manager of the Lin Group wants to talk to you in person dont blame me for not reminding you that the identity of

The reborn boy buzzed and his phone vibrated, and Lin Hao suddenly woke up from his sleep. Didn’t I already die? This is looking at everything that is familiar in front of me.
Lin Hao quickly came to an exciting conclusion that he was not dead, and he traveled back.
When I was young, this year was the year when the Lin family gradually declined. It was also the year when Lin Hao was oppressed and could no longer hold his head up.
If it wasn’t for Lin Hao’s downfall, he was accidentally involved in the space vortex and was killed. Teleported to the Three Thousand Great World of Comprehension, maybe he has already become an ordinary dust in the thousands of worlds, and there will be no existence of Lin Hao who will later become famous in the entire Three Thousand Worlds hahaha It seems that God really cares for me Lin Hao, but right now is not a happy time.
In his memory, Lin Hao remembers that this year was the year of the decline of the Lin family, and the culprit behind the decline of the Lin family was Li Zhendong, the fifteenth richest man in Jintai City.
When he thought of Li Zhendong, Lin Hao In the last life, Li Zhendong killed Lin Hao’s family, and in this life, Lin Hao vowed to protect the Lin family.
If anyone dares to touch a hair of the Lin family, he will make the other party suffer ten times, a hundred times, and a thousand times.
What time is it and if you don’t get up for school, you’ll be late.
Just as you’re thinking about it, there’s a sudden sound of complaints outside the door.
The person who spoke was none other than Lin Hao’s mother. Lin Hao’s mother’s names are Ouyang Lan and Lin Hao.
Lin Junxi’s father, Lin Junxi, is also an out-and-out farmer. Although Lin Junxi and his wife came from a humble background, they have come to where they are today step by step.
The Lin Group founded by the couple is also a very famous catering company in Jintai City.
The output value and net profit are around 20 million. If it wasn’t for Li Zhendong’s persecution, perhaps Lin Hao could have been his rich young master until the end of his life. Mom, you would call me in the morning, baby son, are you tired? Lin Hao jumped off the bed without even wearing shoes.
He walked to the door of the room, opened the door, and then smiled and said to Ouyang Lan, what else can you do, you brat, besides bickering with my mother. Ouyang Lan is wearing a black professional attire today.
As the second in command of the Lin Group, Ouyang Lan’s methods are not because of his outstanding ability, not to mention many things that Lin Junxi can’t do.
Being seen through by my mother, I admit defeat and feel the long-lost family love. Lin Hao feels very comfortable and cherishes and feels guilty, so he will never repeat the same mistakes and see his relatives die unwillingly in front of him.
Brat, wash up and eat quickly. Waiting for you in a while, Mom, I still have some important things to do. Seeing Lin Haoyi smirking at the door, Ouyang Lan immediately rolled her eyes.
By the way, today, Mom seems to be looking for Datang Group to discuss financing.
Lin Hao suddenly remembered that today seemed to be the day when Ouyang Lan went to find Tang Zhenshan, the chairman of Datang Group. Tang Zhenshan was 68 years old. Ranked tenth on the list of the richest people in Jintai City, he is honest and honest.
At the beginning, Ouyang Lan had already negotiated with Tang Zhenshan about the financing, but the day before signing the contract, Tang Zhenshan suddenly died of illness.
Later, after Tang Zhenshan’s eldest son, Tang Jianxian, took over the Datang Group, he said nothing. Negating the financing of the Lin Group, which also hastened the demise of the Lin Group, Lin Hao felt angry when he thought of these things, but Lin Hao still respects Tang Zhenshan because Tang Zhenshan was still interested when Ouyang Lan went to Tang Zhenshan to discuss cooperation. Tang Zhenshan matched up his illegitimate son’s daughter with Lin Hao, but Tang Zhenshan didn’t know that his illegitimate son’s daughter was already Lin Hao’s girlfriend, and the two of them were hiding things well. No one knew about it except themselves. Later, Tang Zhenshan’s death caused fatal harm to both parties. Lin’s group perishes, Lin Haoyu is depressed, and Lin Hao’s girlfriend Tang Xiaoyun’s family is also persecuted by Tang Zhenshan’s eldest son, Tang Jianxian. I’m not too young, why don’t you take me and your future daughter-in-law out today to see what’s going on in the world? Lin Hao didn’t want to continue, so he didn’t want to hide his relationship with Tang Xiaoyun, Xiaohao, when did you suddenly jump? Come out and have a girlfriend, tell mom about it. When I heard that my son suddenly made a girlfriend, Ouyang Lan became excited. Although she is a rich businessman and a strong woman, she is an out-and-out farmer. In essence, she still has reservations.
With the unique simplicity of rural people, we have been dating for a while. Lin Hao smirked for a while, you bastard, you made a girlfriend without saying a word, and you didn’t bring it home to meet your mother and father. Why are you still afraid of being old? Mom and dad are opposed to you being together, Ouyang Lan looked at her precious son complainingly, but with a kind smile on her face, how could this not have never found a chance? Lin Hao patted her head in embarrassment, mom How about taking me and your unmarried daughter-in-law out to see the world today, so that your daughter-in-law can get to know you, a powerful mother-in-law? The man is Tang Zhenshan, the chairman of the Datang Group, who ranks tenth on the richest list in Jintai City.
Mr. Tang took your two children there to prevent Mr. Tang from making fun of him. Ouyang Lan rolled his eyes, but he laughed when he thought of his daughter-in-law. Dao Xiaohao’s mother is not free today, so why don’t you bring my daughter-in-law home tomorrow, let’s sit together and have a meal so that your mother can get to know each other, well, Ouyang Lan said so, Lin Hao didn’t either The only way is to promise, but the promise is the promise