The full little finger pointed to the rice bowl on the table and shouted that Caroline put her on her lap took her rice bowl

Injured people. The golden sunset casts into the room through the narrow windows. After being filtered by the blue glass, the sunlight turns into a miserable green color. In the beams of light formed by the sunlight, countless dust particles can be seen churning up and down. The most conspicuous thing in the room is It belongs to a huge log bookshelf.
The bookshelf is full of various books of different sizes, which seems a bit disorganized. A violin case hangs on the side of the bookshelf.
Next to it, there are two slender cloth bags revealing a dozen or so green or green leaves. A golden bamboo flute is placed in front of the bookshelf. A very simple plank bed is placed. One side of the bed faces the desk under the bookshelf. You can sit directly beside the bed and write on the desk.
The other side faces two elegantly shaped beds.
The sofa is in the middle of the sofa and there is a beautifully crafted small table that looks like it has a long history. There are seven or eight wooden boxes and cardboard boxes piled up in the corner of the sofa. The wooden boxes are all kinds of shell boxes and bullet boxes, which look very strong. One of the cartons was left unsealed, exposing the pickled hind leg of an unknown animal, filling the room with the scent of a food scent. The bed was covered with reed mats woven from watercandelilla, and a green sackcloth quilt was spread on it.
There lay a young man with a thick bandage on his head.
Under the thick gauze, blood was still slowly leaking out, soaking the bandage and pillow. His body also twitched from time to time in his head because of the pain. On the head of the bed below lies a ferocious big wolfdog, but like its owner, its leg is also wrapped up heavily. Its eyes have been staring at the owner on the bed, showing confusion and gentleness. It seems to know its owner clearly. The outside door of the seriously injured room is facing a long corridor.
On both sides of the corridor, there are eight rooms facing each other.
Until the end of the stairs, there is a small living room that occupies about one room. Next to the stairs, there are two rows of chairs with backrests. In the middle of the opposite row of chairs is a long log table about five or six meters long.
On the benches on both sides of the long table, two middle-aged women over forty years old sit on the middle table.
There was a mess of thread ends on the table, and they deftly twisted the thin threads into a thick thread and threaded them through the ring behind the whistle and tied a knot in the basket next to it.
There was already half a basket in the whistle, but they were busy Josephine heard that your Fabian was promoted to a sergeant, and a thin woman with a gloomy expression said, “I would rather he hadn’t been promoted.
It is said that the Third Army will be transferred to the East.” Those Tsarist Russians on the battlefield are not easy to deal with. I don’t want him to leave me behind like his father. The other woman is obviously much more beautiful. At this moment, her beautiful lips are tightly pursed for a while.
Danger is everywhere.
Living in this era can only be our sorrow. Josephine looked around and said in a low voice, Dieterlind. Don’t talk nonsense.
The secret police will send you to the battlefield to disturb the morale of the army. Dieterinde knows The other party smiled wryly for his own sake, shook his head and didn’t continue. But Josephine herself couldn’t help saying that even the rear is not safe, don’t you see that Jonas is lying in his room now? I just hope that the war can pass sooner Dietlinde sighed and said that the Netherlands is still Well, Jonas was unlucky this time and drove over a mine planted by the resistance organization. I hope he can recover as soon as possible.
He will be fine. At this time, a tall and strong woman walked up the wooden stairs to her.
She is over 1.
8 meters tall and weighs more than 200 catties. The bucket made of wooden hoops in her hand contains a bucket of hot water, but it doesn’t seem to weigh a bit to her.
Compared to her size, the big wooden bucket is like a toy bucket Dee. Telinde, you have learned nursing, can you help me? Dietlinde put down the whistle and stood up. Of course I would be happy.
Take the changed clothes and wash Kelly, how is he feeling? You know what I’m most afraid of. His stern face is not bad, right? It is said that he caught the group of resistance elements who planted landmines.
She sighed and turned to the corridor.
Walking to the other end, the lying big wolfhound heard the movement and struggled to stand up on three legs, making a whining sound as if to express welcome. Kelly put down the bucket and touched its head, and it was satisfied. After returning to his simple kennel, he still looked up and watched the two women take off the master’s clothes and help him scrub his body.
Kelly Jonas’s skin is really enviable. Do people of yellow race have such delicate skin? Me neither Know he’s the only yellow guy I’ve ever seen Take your hands away He’s a kid Watching Kelly scrub every part of Jonas’s body without shame Dee holding Jonas’ head Telinde withdrew her hand on his chest and said with a giggle that he is also twenty-one years old, and only you still treat him as a child.
If the Germans are fighting the enemy bravely on the battlefield now, they are all four. The teenager is also as old as Jonas, so there is not much taboo.
Kelly washed Jonas and helped him change his clothes again. He checked the wounds on his neck and the back of his head and wiped him off. He put it back in the original place, because his injury was in the back of the head, so he could only sleep on his stomach. Kelly sat beside him and took care of him.
From time to time, he looked at the wall clock on the wall. Kelly didn’t have to worry. The back of the head will recover soon.
What doctor? That’s just a veterinarian. Mr. Hoffman went to the barracks to find a real doctor.
He should be back. Ditlinde packed the bucket and dirty clothes and was about to leave. A tall man hurried. Come here he is about forty years old