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He volunteered himself as a little book boy in the house of a wealthy businessman, and his little master suffered all kinds of oppression and bullying, and he was also miserable. Adding bricks and tiles to the industry Notes are for content tags Zhai Dou Gong Dou search keywords protagonist supporting role other cannon fodder When Wang Zhengmao woke up, he felt that his whole body was hot as if on fire, and his bottom was hard and painful. He raised his head with difficulty and found that the upright pillar was being tied up The purplish bell mouth is wet and lustrous in the dim candlelight. A fat and bloated old man with long gray hair is holding a jade cylinder behind it and repeatedly going in and out. His salivating and greedy appearance is creepy.
Wang Zhengmao Recalling that I met the school girl by chance outside the school and found out that although she had an open relationship with the school girl, she secretly hooked up with other women. He had been secretly in love with the school girl for several months and had been chasing the famous girl. Seeing that this girly girl didn’t know how to cherish her, he immediately became angry and angry. Hongyan fought with him, he had gained the upper hand, but suddenly he was slapped on the head by a brick, and soon lost consciousness in the light of blood, he couldn’t understand why he was not lying in the hospital, but in the current tortured state There was a loud bang, and the carved door with long wooden bolts was kicked open. A group of men with tufted hair and black clothes broke into the house and put sharp sabers on the necks of the old man and Wang Zhengmao.
A man with a stern face walked quickly to the bed, stared at the pale old man with blazing eyes, and sternly shouted, Mr. Fan, you are hiding an uncastrated man for filth and messing up the palace. The crime is unforgivable. There was a bang, and the whole body was struck by lightning. He passed through.
Wang Zhengmao was beaten with a cane.
From the waist down, his flesh was bloody. His mind gradually cleared up, he began to eat bad food and drink bad water, and drew straight letters on the wall to count the days. He was a good socialist young man, except for the occasional truancy and fight. He always obeyed the law.
He came here to experience the suffering in the world, but it was so painful that he almost lost his life.
Wang Zhengmao is an optimist who disdains hurting spring and autumn. One day a month later, Wang Zhengmao woke up and found himself lying in a dilapidated temple with a hole in the roof and drafts on all sides.
The piercing chill Wang Zhengmao curled up into a ball, his teeth were chattering from the cold, he didn’t understand how he left the cell inexplicably, he didn’t know if what he was about to face was deeper suffering, suddenly he was very homesick, he missed his serious grandpa and kind grandma Nagging mother even misses dad who always leash his ass cuddly he misses The duvet on the bed misses the down jacket in the closet misses the braised pork in the pot misses the white rice in the bowl if God gives him a chance to do it all over again he will never fall in love with any schoolgirl again he will never fight for her impulsively he will Study hard, respect your elders, and do housework diligently. It’s a pity that there is no if in this world, only the cruel reality. Wang Zhengmao felt his body was about to freeze and forced himself to get up and move around.
He moved tremblingly to the entrance of the ruined temple. A thick layer of snow quickly shrank back. He walked to an old man who was huddled in the corner, wanting to get some heat. Seeing the old man turned his cloudy eyes to himself, he was a little embarrassed and hurriedly said hello, old man, where are you from? Ah, why are you here? The old man cleared his throat and responded with a dry and hoarse voice. I am home in Haozhou. There was a flood and a famine, and the whole village came out to flee.
Hearing that there are rich people in Chuzhou who donate porridge, Wang Zhengmao came here. Hearing this, I immediately became more energetic.
Do rich people still give porridge now? The old man shook his head and sighed.
There are too many refugees.
The rich can’t handle it.
His feet in worn-out sandals lightly tapped a broken bowl on the ground. Wang Zhengmao understood that it meant begging. If he was old enough to beg, it was reasonable. How could he be a beggar at such a young age? Huddled next to the old man, looking at the mottled spots of light on the mud floor in a daze, Wang Zhengmao’s current body is as thin as bean sprouts, and looks about eight or nine years old, but since the lower body can harden under the action of drugs, his actual age should be more than ten years old.
The 20-year-old is probably because he has suffered a lot since he was a child.
His vitality is indeed comparable to that of Xiaoqiang. After suffering such torture, he did not lose his disability.
His legs and feet are still agile, but he just wants to find a job with such a small body. I am afraid it will be difficult for him to do physical work. What about mental work? Although he is very active and playful, he still stumbled under the belt of his father and was admitted to a key university to study marketing. Because his father is a teacher of the Chinese Department, he was forced to recite classics and history since he was a child. Practicing calligraphy is just that when he grew up, he almost forgot those things More and more of them are ragged and haggard.
Wang Zhengmao secretly sighs, thinking about the years when he often donated money to disaster-stricken areas such as the Hope Project. Now that he has fallen to this point, who will lend a helping hand to him? Is the kindness he did in his previous life not enough?