The four of this black pyramid Each side of the cone represents a sense stripped away and the complete body is a pentagonal pyramid but

Sherlock’s straw The universe of different dimensions is like a locked box.
What Ling Yi is convinced at present is that he must rely on his survival instinct to constantly uncover and break through it. It’s all just for the free and bright starlight under the thick curtain of gray.
This is a steampunk machine battle with a strong personal style.
The Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
The prologue of the dark forest. The vast debris is as dazzling as fireworks.
The sparkling bright light only jumps for a few seconds, and the vitality is swallowed into the bottomless black mud. In the boundless background, a planet with a lifespan of about 100 million years was annihilated. The man took a deep breath, and his lungs were as uncomfortable as if they were filled with oil-stained smoke.
The scene in front of him also became blurred with the impact just now, and the squirming electronic numbers and curves on it were like musical notes that had been completely out of control on the dance floor.
The confused and violent man’s posture was somewhat distorted, like Like Jesus who was crucified on the cross, his arms were stretched out to the sides, and he was firmly fixed behind his head.
His lower body was soaked in some kind of viscous and hot body, his eyes were closed, his lips were tightly pressed, and his forehead could still be seen.
Beads of sweat are strung together to form a line.
Just looking at this picture, you might think it’s some kind of cult’s sacrificial ceremony.
His teammates often tease the position of the armor, saying that every time he enters the cabin, he suffers both physically and mentally like suffering. Tortured in the pose of Jesus, doing the work of a soldier, fighting a war that even God can’t help, this playful teammate died not far from him, a huge mech floating in the universe is just a drop in the ocean The head of the battle armor was completely unscrewed, only a few wires remained stubbornly connected to the neck, half of the body was flattened like a piece of paper, and the other half swelled up like a balloon, the whole body looked like a pair of deformed broken wires The good news is that the guy won’t have to endure any more torture. The bad news is that it’s the man’s last teammate. The man let out a wild howl that couldn’t be distinguished, whether it was a howl or a roar. The only answer to him was the dull echo inside the mech. If this assault doesn’t work Victory will destroy the mother planet.
Human beings want to take the first step of interstellar colonization, but they are like a fish that has just surfaced and has not had time to look at the sky and the beach.
How do you know when you are underwater? There are already a pile of fishing nets and fishermen waiting for a long time The war has continued until now Humanity has run out of ammunition and food The nightly prayers and hopes will be completely burnt to nothingness. The entire planet that was used as a shelter just now has been destroyed. There is no new shelter within an astronomical unit radius of this star market where the battle has been fought. Half of the stardust that exploded silently dispersed, and there was only a passionate distance between the man and the enemy.
On both ends of the chessboard, there were man’s mechs with fangs and sharp teeth. His limbs were long and slender.
Pulling on the energy shield whose spectrum is flickering in disorder On the other side of the shield are four battleships with huge light cannons aiming at the last soldier and hundreds of strange mechs, some as majestic as a titan, and some about the size of an ordinary human. Compared with the battle formation of ships, cannons, guns and swords, and the human mechs standing alone in the empty universe, they are like a black, chilling and desolate, so although there are tens of thousands of people, I go to the propulsion device, and the ferocious blue fire joints babble The giant sword wielding in the hands of the gears, the man was completely sunk in the endless blood mist and explosions, let the instinct of survival and killing rule his body, and the body of the mech was huddled together to minimize the area of ​​possible damage during the rapid advancement. The shield protects the whole body and forcibly blocks the first wave of barrage. The cannon on the battleship takes ten seconds to reload. The crazy mech looks like a bloody killer.
Whether the light bullets sprayed by the mech or the light slash it wields, it can’t get close to the man at all. It blocks thrusts, slashes, slashes and chops. The plasma laser giant sword is the endorsement of death in its hands.
The deep muzzle exposed below the left wrist of the mecha further strengthened its own firepower, and the desperate attacking detachment wiped out the enemy, broke into the mothership and interrupted the communication with the mothership.
Is the human being a monster? The man’s mecha from the first A warship was broken from the wreckage, and his body was bathed in engine oil and blood.
He replenished some weapons and energy.
He picked up a sniper gun that was half the length of a mech with both hands, and ruthlessly aimed at the command module of the second warship. I have already forgotten what it is that I want to protect, and I almost forgot who I am. The crystal eyes of the mech are about to shoot out fire. The mask-like baffle falls off, revealing the ferocious iron teeth.
He has almost forgotten the life on the home planet. The ones he loves and the energy bullets from the sniper guns accurately hit the huge recoil, causing him to fall back and slide slowly in a vacuum.
He almost forgot the purpose of the war.
The dead and the living were originally surrounded by the second ship. Enemy mechs from battleships swarmed in like wasps. He didn’t have time to adjust his posture, saw the tricks, grabbed a mecha and swung it half a circle, and the sound of clanging metal collisions bought him a few seconds of leisure.
It doesn’t matter whether a person’s battle will become a legend of the past or the shame of defeat. The only thing he still remembers is the dream of conquering the star sea and the obsession to live. He can see the starlight again.
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