The former scolded Dao Xiner in a low voice what are you messing around with The teacher has her own opinion Shen Xin is still

Damn trash dares to steal my things, stop me for a few disgusting curses came from the depths of the forest, startled the sleeping birds in the forest and fluttered to the sky. The children in brocade clothes held wooden sticks and pinched stones while chasing forward while spitting out extremely vicious words.
Everyone’s breathing was not the slightest scattered while running, and there was about eleven or twelve children in front of this group of children. The 20-year-old boy is fleeing into the depths of the forest with a flustered face.
Compared with the children behind him, this child is not only in ragged clothes, but also in a mess from head to toe. At first glance, he is clearly a poor street beggar.
Guaranteed not to kill you, chasing the leader of one side, the boy shouted with unkindness and anger in his words, the boy known as Lin Mian fled to the shadows of the forest, turned his head and sneered, and said foolishly, Wang Chuan has the guts to come after me, as he was talking At Lin Mian’s feet, he accidentally tripped over a vine that grew out of nowhere, lost his balance because of his speed, and fell a few feet away with a loud bang.
Taking advantage of this moment, Wang Chuan and others had already chased after him. Wang Chuan stepped on Lin Mian’s back with such force that Lin Mian had to lie on the ground with his face close to the ground, but he still continued to mock Wang Chuan, hey, I’m unlucky today, I want to kill or cut as you like, but I’m still If you want to say fuck your sister haha ​​bang, the trash who can’t even step into the second level of body training realm dares to fight against me Wang Chuan is tired of living, right? Wang Chuan kicked Lin Mian’s waist heavily and directly kicked Lin Mian away The severe pain from his waist made Lin Mian grit his teeth suddenly, but he held back and didn’t call out.
A young man who was following Wang Chuan approached Wang Chuan and asked flatteringly how the boss dealt with him. Wang Chuan’s mouth twitched. After a vicious smile, he said in a cold voice, give me a shot at him, anyway, he, a waste of the first level of body training, can’t make any waves. All of a sudden, except for Wang Chuan, the other teenagers all rushed up and lay on the ground.
Lin Mian punched and kicked Lin Mian so hard that he seemed to be punishing someone who had revenge on him for killing his father.
Lin Mian buried his head deep in his arms and clenched his fists tightly, letting these teenagers’ fists and feet rain like raindrops.
There was a bitter and tasteless smile on the corner of the mouth that fell on him like blood.
Once upon a time, they were lying on the ground without dignity like themselves now and let themselves be trampled on. Now these teenagers who have been trampled by themselves have already trampled on themselves.
Their strength and status have been reversed.
The humiliation they suffered in the past is now repaid a hundred times on their own. After a while of beatings, these teenagers were also tired. They all spit on Lin Mian and mocked the trash that fell in the Taoist way. How dare you provoke Brother Chuan to seek death? Let’s go, don’t waste time on this waste.
Wang Chuan left the forest glade with a group of younger brothers.
After a while, Lin Mian slowly got up from the ground and laughed at himself, saying that old wounds have not healed and new wounds are enough. Knowing that Lin Mian is not from this Destiny Continent, his soul comes from another world. This piece of space occupied the body of the original guy named Lin Mian, and the original Lin Mian was an ignorant rich man who used his status as the young master of the Lin family in Fenglu Town to run rampant in Fenglu Town.
It’s just the first level of the body refining state. Anyone who cultivates in the Destiny Continent has to start from the body refining state to temper the flesh and strengthen the bones to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent three spirits. After entering the Spiritual Realm, he can capture the spiritual power between heaven and earth at will and use it for himself. He can release powerful martial arts to consume the enemy at will. A strong man of this level is at least the lord of a third-level city. The strongest person in Fenglu Town is only It’s just a psychic realm, and the Spiritual Realm has never appeared since the establishment of Fenglu Town. As for the big shots after the Spiritual Realm, they are not easily accessible by people in Fenglu Town. In this destiny continent, the strong are respected and the weak Destined to be eliminated by the rules, but there are exceptions, Lin Mian is this exception, because the Lin family is too pampered, which makes Lin Mian even more unscrupulous, and finally caused a catastrophe.
The Lin family was wiped out overnight and only Lin Mian survived. Now This Lin Mian’s soul was at that time when he traveled through time and was chased and fell off the cliff. Lin Mian’s soul just squeezed into this dying body and survived with tenacious willpower in a part of the memory that Lin Mian obtained. I can only vaguely remember that the clothes of the enemies who killed their parents have a golden dragon pattern on their clothes. The dragon pattern is soaked in the blood of the Lin family.
Under the moonlight, it reflects a breathtaking scarlet luster. In addition, Lin Mian is almost I can’t remember anything, I just know that everyone in Fenglu Town hates me so much that everyone shouts and beats me. Without the support of the Lin family, Lin Mian has become just a few ordinary servants at the first level of body training, who can do whatever they want. The crushed little ant, but gradually the people in Fenglu town no longer paid attention to Lin Mian, it seemed that even looking at him was extremely annoying, so they simply ignored him. For a year, Lin Mian never gave up the idea of ​​cultivation. The world is here to abuse people, not to be abused. Although he has a stubborn temper, but without the rich resources of the Lin family, Lin Mian’s realm has always remained in the body training state. The rare medicinal materials of Chongfeng Lu Town have never been sold to him, even if Lin Mian was born. At double the price, no one took a look at him.
In the end, he was almost thrown out of the shop. The super monster guard, with his strength in the first level of body training, is not even enough to plug the teeth of those monsters.
However, Lin Mian never gave up even in the face of difficulties. He firmly believes that as long as he is not dead, Xianyu will turn around and only live.