The flow came out Huang Si opened his mouth hugged Chen Jiao into his arms hugged him tightly could feel Chen Jiaos body trembling could

Introduction Legend has it that people who have been to that small mountain village in rainy days will die one after another When the truth is uncovered layer by layer, the cause and effect of human nature makes people sigh. Chapter 1: On a bumpy mountain road, a brand-new passenger car slowly drives away. It is already late at night. A group of young people in the car are sitting in chairs in twos, and the driver is already asleep.
Urgently get out of the car to relieve the breeze, the trees are rustling in the breeze, and there is a deep silence under the moonlight.
After a while, he sits in the driver’s seat and starts the car, but no matter how hard he tries, the car just won’t start.
At this time, the young man in the car has already been woken up. Xu Tao rubbed his bleary eyes and asked the master what was wrong, the driver spat out angrily, Mom’s car couldn’t move, wiped his sweat, took out the flashlight and got out of the car to check, the students all woke up, the female students muttered to vent their anger Sleeping on this chair is too uncomfortable, how can people live? Damn it is out of gas, Huang Si sitting in the car can only listen to the driver beating the car angrily.
Just reading with a book, Huang Si closed his eyes and meditated, and the same did not speak. Zhang Hang impatiently said, “Hey master, is there any gas in the trunk?” The driver is very upset at this moment. I knew this would happen. Why is the new car so fuel-intensive now? It’s Li Xinmin screaming.
What’s wrong? You, a driver, don’t even have a spare oil, so what should we do now? The driver hesitated and couldn’t speak.
What the hell are you doing doing things like this after taking our money? This is the son of a certain leader, with a high-spirited tone, his name is Guo Tongquan. The two youthful women in white short-sleeved sitting in the middle are not They were just looking at the mountains outside the window with a curious look.
The two men, one with a ponytail named Chen Jiao and one with draped hair named Lu Mengyan, sat at the back, a fat and a thin man in loose jerseys.
The fat one is called Liao Mingfa and the thin one is called Gao Yang Don’t listen to Liao Mingfa’s name, but his family is extremely rich, not only the people in his car are rich except for Huang Si, they are all wealthy second generations on summer vacation The nine people who came out to travel and the driver, a total of ten people, agreed that they should wait until dawn before making plans. It would be another kind of enjoyment for everyone to roll down the windows and listen to the insects and birds singing outside.
Looking at the empty fuel tank, the driver said, “Look, I’m not lying to you. It takes a whole day to walk here without going to the village or back to the shop.
Huang Si looked at the fuel tank and thought for a while. It’s impossible to ask for help from other vehicles in this barren mountain. Gao Yang and Liao Mingfa were listlessly sitting in the car and playing with their mobile phones, while Xu Tao and Zhang Hang went to survey the terrain.
Come and see, there is a stone tablet that says there is a village on the mountain. Why don’t we go in and see if we can’t reach the tourist area or the hill? See and experience in the village Living in the countryside is not bad, the voice came from a distance, Zhang Hang ran over, and the panting Taoist girls all ran over to look at the stone tablet covered with green moss, and they were also a little curious about what kind of village there was on the mountain.
They all echoed Zhang Hang’s opinion and ran to the car to take the backpack. Chen Jiao glanced at Huang Si who was still in a daze, and immediately called Huang Si to go. After the idiot finished talking, he played with the electric shock baton in his hand.
Lu Mengyan pointed at the electric shock baton in Guo Tongquan’s hand and accused Guo Tongquan, how can you play this? What if you hurt someone? If you come to defend yourself, you will be in danger.
Don’t ask me to save you. Xu Tao shouted at Guo Tongquan. What do you say? It’s because Xu Tao has been in the assessment state, so Xu Tao defends Lu Mengyan like this.
Chen Jiao casts a blank glance at Huang Si, who is walking at the end, and walks ahead, holding Lu Mengyan’s hand.
Cheerful birds jumping and chirping. Folding flowers on her head makes Lu Mengyan look even more beautiful.
The short jeans outline her upturned buttocks, making all the boys linger.
Seeing Xu Tao’s obsessed eyes, Li Xinmin can’t help muttering viciously.
Chen Jiao’s ears are sharp. It’s a pity that Li Xinmin cursed in a low voice and stared at you tit for tat. What are you talking about? It’s a pity that Xu Tao of your family simply dismisses you.
Poor Li Xinmin is speechless. Hello, you finally came out.
You are still arguing. Can you be quiet for a while? Zhang Hang smoothed things over while everyone was talking, but the sky became more and more gloomy It’s funny to see your timid looks. If you’re afraid, go down the mountain and hide in the car. After speaking, walk forward with your head held high. The girls hesitated with blank eyes. Looking at the weather, it looks like it’s about to rain.
How can it be possible to be alone? Dare to go down the mountain? Suddenly, Li Xinmin covered her eyes and pointed not far away, screaming. Everyone heard the sound full of fear. The hairs on their arms stood on end. Following the direction of Li Xinmin’s finger, a long bone was lying quietly.
Adding the gloomy sky and the blustery wind to a pile of dirt at this time is really weird and scary, what is that? Answer: Looking at the mountain and trail seriously, as if searching for something haha