The flight to the capital was in danger his hand shook he quickly took out his mobile phone to look at it and his face

The first chapter of the main text is a new type of mobile phone fraud.
Yesterday’s gentle and lovely person has become someone else’s girlfriend in the blink of an eye.
It is a shame to lie on someone else’s bed and pant.
It is simply unbearable for a man. Jiang Hao has encountered such a cheating father. Looking at my girlfriend Qin Fang who was standing in front of me, just got off the Mercedes-Benz off-road, her clothes were still a little messy, and the button on her chest was only buttoned with a flushed face, and she said to herself, don’t contact me in the future, let’s just be passers-by. The other person in the car is Ou Long, a well-known playboy in the school.
Jiang Hao never thought that his girlfriend of two years would be such a person.
Came over and couldn’t dodge, leaving a few deep teeth marks on the calf, dripping with blood, the other party’s wild laughter interspersed with a few coquettish, Mercedes-Benz slowly walked away in the night, only Jiang Hao was left standing alone by the river with his injured leg Not to mention that today’s night is extraordinarily beautiful, even if you look closely, there are countless stars hanging in the sky, as if covering the entire sky without leaking a single drop.
This kind of night is not seen at all in the capital, but it is here But today it happened, this should be God mocking him for being blind, isn’t that enough? A meteor also suddenly fell from the sky at this moment It’s all bitter. It’s really time for the meteor to appear.
Ding, the system upgrade seems to be a coincidence. At the moment when the meteor fell, Jiang Hao’s mobile phone suddenly rang, but the sound made him a little confused.
Under the circumstances, the system can be upgraded. He subconsciously took out the mobile phone from his pocket, and he was really shocked. What happened? How did his mobile phone become like this? On the black mobile phone body, there is a Tai Chi gossip in the center of the screen. Spinning wildly, there is another reading article under the rapid growth. Jiang Hao is stunned.
The system upgrade is successfully installed. The installation is completed. What is the installation completed? At that time, the Tai Chi image in the center of the phone screen suddenly stopped spinning, and a huge WeChat icon that occupied the entire screen appeared, but turned into a yin-yang fish, and then shrunk to the size of a ping-pong ball. In addition, there was nothing on the entire screen. If you look closely at the bustling starry sky, it looks exactly like the night sky tonight There is an icon of searching for friends at the bottom of the screen. What the hell is going on? Has my phone mutated? What kind of version of WeChat searching for friends should it be poisoned? It must be some new type of deception.
It must be Jiang Hao nodded and pondered for a while Anyway, this old mobile phone should also be eliminated from poisoning Just be poisoned, I want to see what kind of new scam this is.
With this mentality, Jiang Hao clicked on the friend search icon. The Tai Chi gossip map began to spin rapidly, and all kinds of changes evolved.
It took more than ten seconds to watch a movie.
After that, Taijitu suddenly stopped and searched to see if the Beast God had been added as a friend. Wucao, what is the situation? Immediately, a beast god appeared in the friend list, and then the chat interface also rang, and it was the beast god who was speaking.
Where is this? Who brought this god here? You almost made me laugh. Unmoved in the slightest, I even wanted to laugh at the aura so strong in this place.
I don’t know which great god brought the little god here, and asked for a piece of clothing that allowed the little god to express his feelings.
The big god and the little god Jiang Hao sneered in his heart, but he wanted to see how this liar cheated money.
This domain was built by the deity, which took millions of years to build, and cost countless rare materials and painstaking efforts. The first time you use it, you can accidentally substitute me in it. Destiny is a fate that honors the gods with such great love but does not know why he repays them. The beast god continues to open his mouth to despise the other party. Why don’t you think that you have repaid him? Then it’s time to talk about money.
Of course, you can’t speak so vulgarly and type it out again.
It took a lot of effort to create this domain deity, but since you are destined to come in and express it at will, a few seconds later, the Taiji map on the phone began to rotate, and a line appeared prompting whether the gift from the beast god is acceptable or not, you must accept Jiang Hao’s point without hesitation Accept this funny comparison. Is it really a red envelope? After being bitten by a dog because of looking at this phone, this guy forgets his injury, and he loses too much blood. I feel a little dizzy. I should go to a clinic to bandage and get vaccinated.
Putting it in his pocket, the moment he stood up from the ground, his eyes were black and his head fell to the ground.
I don’t know how long it had passed. After Jiang Hao woke up from a coma, he found himself lying on the bed with a hanging bottle hanging on his arm. A faint smell of medicine flowed down. When the nose came in, it was either a clinic or a hospital. There was a tingling sensation in the legs, and then there was a voice.
Don’t move around.
I’ll bandage you.
I raised my head slightly, and I can see two nurses who are busy and will recover soon.
The injury is not very serious. Seriously, wrap a circle of gauze around the bitten place.
The older nurse turned her head and couldn’t help scolding such a big guy.
If he was bitten by a dog, why don’t you hurry up and get vaccinated? Did you come to get the vaccine or was it caused by that mobile phone?