The first record is 14 consecutive kills Fengyun Wuzong the second place 13 consecutive kills a lonely handsome man the third place is also 13

A law of survival, superb operation, famous professional arena, the entertainment circle, the age of young meat rampant, Internet addicted boy turned out of the sky Chapter traversal, starting from being arrested, tracing notice The person in charge has a round face, small eyes, and simple face.
There is no need to disconnect before seven hours. If you have any news, please call.
Thank you very much.
I hope anyone who knows can contact us as soon as possible.
We have been out of contact for seven hours and one minute. All the staff in our studio I’m very worried that his unscrupulous boss hasn’t paid his salary this month. The wide and flat road in Zhongzhou city is full of traffic. A police car is driving steadily. The unscrupulous boss Lin Fengxiao is in it.
On the left and right sides of it sat a policeman, even though he was handcuffed, one of them locked his arms tightly. In the front row, the same two policemen kept their eyes on each other, their expressions were a little stiff, Lin Fengxiao looked bewildered. Didn’t he just stay up all night? Even if he secretly watched a movie, it wouldn’t be such a big battle to catch him, right? He was still at home before going to bed, and when he woke up, he somehow ran to the police car.
Even if he was caught, he wouldn’t be caught. You have changed your face. Looking at the bridge of the nose in the rearview mirror, the bridge of the nose is upturned, the lips are full, the eyes are big and energetic, the skin is white and ruddy, the face looks like a knife-cut water chestnut, no matter from which angle you look at it, it looks so handsome.
Feng Xiao fell into deep contemplation. Who can tell him what happened? It’s impossible in a dream.
The touch on the dreaming wrist is clear. Everything in front of him is definitely real.
But if it is reality, how did he become what he is now? Could it be that his soul went out of his body unintentionally and found the wrong door, attached to the wrong body, and indirectly seized his body? Although it is very strange, he can be absolutely sure that this 360-degree handsome face with no dead ends is on his head. Because he laughed, the face in the rearview mirror also smiled, he cried, he cried, he frowned, he frowned, he curled his lips, and he curled his lips, the boss, I’m afraid this kid is not crazy, right? After closing his eyes, he frowned, boy, be more honest, don’t think that pretending to be crazy can get you through the test Could you please tell me what I did to trouble you all to arrest me at the same time? Lin Bin sneered twice and pretended to be stupid.
I don’t think you’re going to cry when you see the coffin, but it doesn’t matter.
Open your mouth and throw it into the prison for a while, let you calm down, and when you figure it out, you will know what you have done. The interrogation room is surrounded by darkness, leaving only a small window in front of the door to shine in a beam of light.
What a coincidence. It just happened to be on Lin Fengxiao’s head.
He had already been thrown in and forced to calm down for ten minutes. His hands were still in handcuffs, and a steel plate on his chest locked him firmly on the chair, so he couldn’t move.
Huss After thinking about it so much, did he really commit some serious crime? Before he seized his home, he was so ugly that he lived for twenty-six years without achieving anything.
In time to experience life again? In a blink of an eye, he will be thrown into prison again. Just by his current face, he knows what kind of cruel and inhuman experience he is about to face.
Could it be so unlucky? I used to be an orphan without father and mother. I grew up in an orphanage.
Because of my ugliness, I came and went. Countless caring people who want to adopt children don’t even look at him. The friends around me were adopted one by one, but he was the only one who didn’t care about him, and finally became a stupefied household in the orphanage. Even if he entered the society, he still bumped into walls everywhere, carried plates, moved bricks, suffered from the cold and warm of the world, enough to eat the cold and cold of the world, and finally became fascinated. It’s a pity to play a certain large-scale mutual online game.
Seeing that he still has a bit of talent, he accidentally mixed in and became a professional player.
He turned into an e-sports practitioner, but his talent was limited.
After four years of playing, he was a regular substitute I haven’t played the game, but because I have no grades and I’m getting older, the Dalian team doesn’t even have a substitute. He doesn’t want to ask for help. He doesn’t want to just retire and start a studio. I have lived and lived for twenty-six years and basically achieved nothing, let alone a girlfriend. He has never even touched a girl’s hand.
Others can’t find a girlfriend.
The reasons are generally three points: they are either poor, ugly, or have bad kidneys, but he is very different. Coincidentally, he has all three of these items.
Yes, he will go to prison to be raped by the showdown. He has nothing to hide.
He just has a bad kidney, but it can’t be blamed on him. Kidney is really a congenital disease, although it has not yet reached the stage of kidney replacement, but there are some joys in life that are doomed to miss him since birth. Maybe this is one of the reasons why he was abandoned. In short, he is determined not to Admitting that he was abandoned because of his ugliness, this is his last stubbornness.
Once upon a time, he was also a young man with a dream, and the dream was very great. Who can say that the wife and children live comfortably on the bed? This dream is not great. If there is Then he has to have a good fight with him. Just pick out the word “day” and look at it. “Day” is a simple word, but it contains a huge philosophy of life, and a simple analysis can give you a concise point.
The two happiest things in life are revealed, and the ultimate proposition of how people come and where they are going is explained in detail Is it