The feeling filled his chest you don’t need to go he will die Nangong Xiaoyan finally understands at this moment why Ming Shiqi can say

Colorful dragon boats, azure blue, jewels, crescent moons like hooks, a few old crows pick up all the cold branches and refuse to live in the night, wailing in horror, mass graves, a pair of thin figures move between the simple graves piled up with loess, a boy in ragged clothes is carrying a suitcase on his back The young girl lying on the back of the girl’s face is yellow and hunger and cold, but only those eyes still have a bit of aura left.
The boy carrying the girl on his back looks worried. His hands try not to touch the girl’s thigh bitten by wild dogs.
Both he and she are beggars dozens of miles away. During the day, they beg along the road.
At night, they rely on offerings from graves to satisfy their hunger.
In the middle of Sichuan, there is a custom of putting some steamed buns and pastries on the grave on the day of burial. The second is to buy the wandering ghosts nearby, not to embarrass the living souls of the buried ones. The people’s suffering has turned into soil, and the people’s suffering has turned into soil because they are in the midst of many barren graves. The girl can only use her voice to embolden her. Her face is pale, but her voice is extremely light.
She occasionally heard something spit out from the mouth of a scholar. She sang it with a unique waxy and soft accent when she moved it. The truth is just a random mix of the hearsay Lishan nostalgia and Zhang Yanghao’s hillside offal. Singing it from her immature mouth, if it can be heard in the ears of someone who cares, it must have a bitter taste.
The boy who has carried the girl on his back for a long time has His eyes were blurred by sweat, and the ghostly aura permeating the wild graves and mounds also made his hair stand on end, but he didn’t even dare to take a breath to hide his fear and fatigue to the greatest extent, but this girl got along with him day and night, and she was smart and smart. Knowing his thoughts, he gently wiped off his sweat, looked at the mass grave in front of him, and the girl couldn’t help but asked quietly, “Are we going to die too?” The boy squeezed out a smiling face to comfort the girl. Death is inevitable.
Grandpa Wu also died. The girl said sadly that she was a very smart child. Although she couldn’t touch the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting like the children of rich families, she could catch up with the poems she had only heard once.
The grandpa Wu she said was a fortune teller.
After spending some time with them, the old man talked about gods and ghosts, or taught the girl some lyrics and songs of Zhang Guanli and Li Dai, and finally froze to death on a snowy night, which made the girl have an unforgettable taboo against death.
His mouth was dry and cracked, and blood spewed out.
He quietly licked off the blood.
He had a mouthful of snow-white teeth, which contrasted sharply with that dark face.
He hugged the girl tightly and looked at the dark mountains in the distance.
Grandpa Wu said that there are gods waiting for you to recover I’ll take you to the mountains over there. Maybe we won’t die if we meet a fairy.
If you meet a fairy, you can’t die. These few words are easy to say, but they are more than a thousand times more difficult than the road of Shu.
Maybe the old man just said casually to satisfy the two children. Curious, for poor people, those who seek immortality and practice Taoism are still unattainable, not to mention the illusory fairy gods found. Suddenly, the boy’s eyes lit up. After searching for sacrifices for half the night, the boy finally saw a bowl of pastries placed on a new grave. bowl The broken bowl of pastry is also doomed to be cold and stiff, but in his eyes, it is more precious than anything else, because he is not sure if she will be able to continue to carry her on his back after starving, carefully put her down and find a piece far away from the new grave. Lay some hay on the rocks and let her sit on it and walk staggeringly, because the old saying is that stealing food for the soul is a very bad thing, and it is a young man who will lose his life.
So he kowtowed firmly on the grave nine times, as if he felt that it was not enough, he kowtowed nine more, then took out the steamed buns from the bowl and turned his head to look at the girl who secretly gnawed on four or five steamed buns, murmuring Said to himself that this steamed bun is mine. Demons and ghosts.
If you want to find it, look for me alone. I have bitten it. It’s mine. If you lose your life, you run back to the girl and squat down.
He handed all the steamed buns into her hands.
There are four girls. Leaping, she handed the three back to the young man, leaving a smiling face as bright as a summer flower.
My appetite is full of snacks. You eat two, and we keep the other one for the road.
Watching the girl stuff the cold steamed buns into his hands, the young man It’s like holding the rarest delicacy in the world, eat it quickly, the girl bites the steamed bun in small bites, looks at the stupid and unmoving boy, poofs and laughs, the boy is already very hungry, looking at the girl’s smiling face, he purposely takes a big bite He took a big bite on the steamed bun and took a slow bite. Although he hadn’t swallowed his stomach yet, his hungry stomach seemed to feel a lot better. When he raised his head and was about to smile at the girl, the boy’s eyes froze.
He opened his eyes wide all of a sudden, and suddenly he saw a colorful light flying from the distant sky, which looked like a shooting star from a distance, but in a short while, he was much closer to where the boy and girl were, and the closer he was to the colorful light. The brighter the brilliance, even the girl with her back to the brilliance discovered what it was. The girl stretched out her fingers in shock, and then she covered her mouth in disbelief. Both she and the boy saw the colorful ray The brilliance turned out to be a colorful dragon boat flying in the air.
The whole body of the dragon boat looked like it was carved from purple jade, and it exuded a soft purple luster. The colorful brilliance inlaid with gems of various colors is the extremely gorgeous colorful dragon boats flying through the air from these gems.
The boy and the girl have never seen such a scene. Looking at it for a while, they couldn’t help but stop breathing, but it made the two of them even more stunned. What shocked me was that there was still a woman standing on the seven-color Huaguang dragon boat, the one on the left was wearing a purple palace dress with a green hairpin on her head, her skin was more snowy than the snow, and the one on the right was wearing a goose yellow palace dress with a little bit between her eyebrows Flowers and yellows are bright eyes and bright teeth