The faces in the halo are young and youthful

I thought that college life would pass by like this, until that day a certain infected classmate rushed into the examination room, the zombie virus spread like flying, and all communications were interrupted.
The campus turned into hell.
No one knew what the outside world had become.
People know whether they should stand by for help or stand out from the siege. Song Fei chose the latter.
Qi Yan became a comrade-in-arms. Without the ability to kill all directions and the physique of a martial arts master, they could only rely on their own wisdom and tenacity in the campus they were most familiar with in the past.
Fighting for Survival In summary, this is a motherland that started fighting zombies while studying in college Content Labels Joyful Enemy Doomsday Protagonist Song Fei Qi Yan Supporting Actor Wang Qingyuan Qiao Siqi Luo Geng Zhou Lulin Dilei Li Jingyu Zhao He Huang Mo He Zhiwen Feng Qibai Fu Xiyuan Wuzhou Ma Weisen Comments on Kuang Ye’s works.
Song Fei’s ordinary college life was completely changed on the day of the fourth-level exam. Survive with strong materials Fortunately, he is not fighting alone Ex-boyfriend, roommate, surviving partners from other departments, more and more comrades-in-arms, the future is brighter My campus life is delicate, realistic, and highly immersive This campus has experienced a post-apocalyptic adventure.
Chapter 1 Assault to check the dormitory. In the dimly lit hall, there are neat rows of computer screens, only a few here and there emitting dazzling light.
The faces in the halo are young and youthful, but most of them are at this moment.
An atmosphere of decay and dying makes them spontaneously have a kind of elegance and deepness that does not match their age. Song Fei is one of them, but he insists that the result of this completely contrary to the temperament of socialist successors is the result of this family. The mottled leather surface of the internet cafe, the peeling off sofa, the original color of the computer table, the black keyboard that hides dirt in the gaps, the sliding of the black keyboard is not smooth at all, the wired mouse, and the extremely faint shit yellow overhead light. The divine assist is Pan An’s rebirth Sitting here is absolutely dead-end. In the post-Internet cafe era where smartphones are everywhere, this store still proudly stands upright at the beginning of the millennium. Every time Song Fei steps in, he has the illusion of going back in time, as if he was back in time. In the third grade of primary school, the glory days of sneaking away to play games in Internet cafes while parents were asleep at night, of course, that glorious period ended with a beating by a loving father, but to be honest, the decoration of the Internet cafes back then was even more avant-garde than the current one Nowadays, not many people come to the Internet cafe.
Song Fei thinks that this shop can last until now, thanks to their school’s lights out. Although the Internet system can still connect to the data after the power is cut off, the mobile phone can still connect to the data, but as a reminder every time I see the suggestion, please browse the local tyrants freely under the circumstances. People with high self-discipline who want to watch a live game in the middle of the night can only ask for help. This is the only Internet cafe within a ten-mile radius Han Ye often dreamed of you with white hair and childish face, who has been here for thousands of years, who will accompany you all the way to the west, and sing along all the way.
The desolate and rough rock male voice suddenly sounded, which seemed particularly abrupt in the quiet hall with few people. Although it is My cell phone rings, but Song Fei is still taken aback.
The caller ID is Wang Qingyuan.
What’s wrong? He is a roommate and a buddy.
Song Fei knows that with the other party’s personality, he will not be fine to call and harass him.
Hurry back and check the dormitory. Wang Qingyuan’s words are concise and to the point.
Fei’s first reaction was to see that the time on the monitor was more than 10 o’clock, so it was just right to check it. Those who didn’t come back were 100% missing. What age did they check the time? And this is really Song Fei’s first semester this semester.
Once out, night aiming is not so accurate for a second, dare not delay Song Fei, decisively quit the machine, live broadcast the game, sincerity is precious, the comprehensive test score is higher, if the counselor remembers, you will have nowhere to go to Song Fei if you want to cry in the next few years The university is located on the outskirts of the city, 20 to 30 miles away from the city center. Originally, it was a large area of ​​barren mountains and ridges in a county. In the past two years, with the expansion of the city, it has transformed into a new campus of many universities in the city. The supporting facilities have not yet been provided, especially Song Fei’s school is the innermost part of a new campus, and then it is completely deserted. Going back, the nearest friend school is four stops away. The school faces north and south, and there are some shops across the road from the main road at the south main entrance. From the other three sides, the pastoral scenery makes the students feel irresistible. Song Fei Baoye’s Internet cafe is also in this location, so after coming out, he crossed the road and flashed into the school gate, but the long journey has just begun. The city center is very expensive, so the old campus It always seems cramped, but the new campus does not have such troubles at all. Do you want to go for a long-distance run? Song Fei, who is the god deer, continues to run wildly through the night while taking out his mobile phone to read the voice message, or where is Wang Qingyuan? We have already found our level.
After passing the physics building, sneeze and help me take a cover.
Let go of your thumb every minute.
The message is sent successfully. Song Fei hurriedly put the phone back and let it fly even harder. Seven minutes later, the male dormitory finally waited for his wanderer, but foreign aggressors have already invaded.
The wanderer is rushing into someone’s arms Song Fei is back haha