The face behind her is indifferent except for Ling Yun she treats everyone with a supercilious look so arrogant that people dare not approach him

Chapter 1 Desperate Tears Ling Yun won’t pay the fee before leaving work in the afternoon, the hospital can only give your father off the drug Ling Yun walked out of the hospital helplessly and sat on the side of the road worrying one after another, smoking one hundred thousand and one hundred thousand, where did he get so much money? His adoptive father and mother were farmers who worked hard to pull him and his sister to pay for their education. Three years ago, her adoptive father was diagnosed with lung cancer.
In order to raise the cost of treatment, Ling Yun tried everything he could, even gave up his dignity, married into the Leng family, became a door-to-door son-in-law, suffered all kinds of humiliation and abuse, and only got 200,000 yuan.
However, cancer chemotherapy is a bottomless pit, and the money will soon be used up.
He still owes the hospital 100,000.
Today, Ling Yun is at the end of his rope.
The 100,000 figure is like a mountain. Ling Yun can’t breathe, but no matter how hard it is, he can’t give up. When he was just born, he was thrown into the snowdrift by his biological parents. He was a foster parent. Saved him and brought him up.
The grace of life-saving and nurturing will be repaid even if I smashed my head. I will borrow the money to fuck your dignity. Ling Yun took out his mobile phone and called his wife Leng Qingxue, but he heard him Borrowing money, Leng Qingxue hung up the phone immediately, and then Ling Yun came to the uncle’s house. At this time, a brand new Audi was parked at the gate of the uncle’s house.
The villagers in the house boasted about the price and performance of the car. Ling Yun saw Ling Yun coming. Auntie immediately put on a straight face and asked, are you not serving your dad in the hospital? Why did you come to my house? The new car is here to give a gift, my aunt asked with bright eyes, how much money are you going to give? Ling Yun hurriedly explained that I am not here to give a gift, I am here, and my aunt suddenly looked disgusted and didn’t give a gift.
Why are you here? Hurry up and leave our house. Spit is really unlucky Originally, Xiaofeng bought a new car, I was in a good mood, I was disturbed by you, Ling Yun held back his anger, bit the bullet, and said to my uncle and aunt, the hospital urged me to pay the medical bills, if I don’t pay the hospital today, then nothing will happen, your family will all die It has nothing to do with our family, the aunt said impatiently, get out of here quickly, and when she saw you, she became angry, the uncle said disgustedly, at this time, the cousin Ling Feng said in a strange way, Xiaoyun, aren’t you the son-in-law of Leng’s family? Do your best to serve your wife at night.
She just throws you some pocket money and it’s enough for you to pay your medical bills Shit Leng Qingxue hasn’t let him touch her since she got married No wonder you were abandoned by your biological parents when you were just born, mom, you don’t know.
According to my guess, Ling Yun’s biological mother is a young lady. His mother doesn’t even know who Ling Yun’s biological father is, so she put it He threw it away and saw Ling Feng’s family of three unscrupulously taunting Ling Yun’s neighbors.
The villagers couldn’t stand it anymore. When it was the eldest lady of the Leng family, the three members of Ling Feng’s family went to Ling Yun’s house for fun every day, but knowing that the pigs and dogs that Ling Yun lived in Leng’s house were not as good as Ling Feng’s family of three, they never went to Ling Yun’s house again, and even sent them to Ling Yun’s house before.
The gift has to be returned and this matter has become the laughing stock of the village.
Now Ling Yun’s father is seriously ill.
It’s fine if Ling Feng’s family doesn’t help, but humiliating Ling Yun in public.
Ling Feng’s mother, you don’t lend Ling Yun money.
Aunt said, Xiaolong, you don’t know, don’t you see that Lingyun is honest and honest on the surface, but in reality he has too many intentions? He just wants to take advantage of my second brother’s serious illness to cheat some money and run away with the money. Auntie swears that Lingyun is a bastard.
Xing, my second brother’s illness was caused by him.
Without him, my second brother would not have cancer. Uncle cursed, Dao Lingyun was about to explode in anger, but he had to bear with it and said, uncles and aunts, you are afraid that I will run away with money, you can just send the money to the Hospital, we are so busy every day that our heads are like loofahs, how can we have that free time? The new car, our family has no money, the uncle said coldly, even if he had money, he would not lend money to your family, what is the difference between throwing it on the street, the aunt said viciously, Ling Yun said anxiously, I will pay you back, my aunt doesn’t care what you give back to your father What’s more, you’re terminally ill and you can’t live for a few days. You can’t earn a penny, just rely on your mother’s monthly salary of 2,000 yuan? Parents, why are you talking so much to a bastard? Tell him to get out of here quickly Ling Feng Impatiently said that if you don’t get out, I’ll let the dog go.
Aunt stared at Ling Yun and shouted.
You think our family is stuck in this quagmire and can’t get up again, can you get up? Ling Feng sneered at Ling Yun today Let me put it this way, even if you become prosperous in the future, our family will never be greedy, let alone rub against your house. Aunt sneered and said that Ling Yun will never get up in this life.
Ling Yun gritted his teeth, let me go, thank you for your indifference He Wuqing Next, Ling Yun non-stop went to other relatives to borrow money, but borrowed all relatives, except for the uncle who gave 500 yuan, the other relatives all found various reasons not to borrow money, Ling Yun’s heart was broken, and Ling Yun walked on the road in despair The hospital stopped the drug and even forced the adoptive father to leave the hospital.
The thought of his adoptive father waiting to die in torment broke Ling Yun’s heart, tears blurred his eyes.
The moment the ring on his finger touched the tears, it suddenly shone brightly.
The son-in-law was the head of the family. Chapter 1 The adoptive mother was beaten. What happened? Ling Yun looked at the ring on his hand in shock.