The eyes without the slightest emotion are full of fighting spirit Han Chunhua cant stand still how did the Han family become like this looking

Lin Qing stood in a daze among the traffic of Ninghai Bridge. It was the evening rush hour of traffic jam in Ninghai City at this moment, but he still remembered the position of every car here, ignoring the swearing and piercing siren ringing in his ears, Lin Qing felt in his heart In his previous life, he was a complete gambler.
Not only did he lose all his family property, he borrowed money from outsiders and owed a huge amount of gambling debts. He even used the money for his sister’s surgery on the gambling table. As a result, her sister became disabled and his wife Ye Shihan was completely disappointed. She jumped into the turbulent Ningjiang River. He committed suicide, hugging his wife’s corpse, regretting that when he wanted to die for love, the family heirloom jade pendant on his chest shined brightly and bestowed on him the immortal doctor’s inheritance.
Afterwards, Lin Qing practiced painstakingly on the earth for a hundred years to build a foundation, and was brought to purple by a master of heavenly medicine who traveled in this world.
MSI practiced for 900 years, and then he came to Mahayana to become a holy doctor of heavenly medicine. He still regretted the death of his wife Ye Shihan, which even became his inner demon on the way of cultivation.
In the end, the witch Su Hongli found the loophole and took advantage of him to save the doctor.
A surprise attack from time to time, but I didn’t want to be reborn back to the earth without dying, feeling the surging cultivation in my body that could move mountains, fill seas, and even destroy a planet, vanished, replaced by the empty dantian and the barren aura of the earth, Lin Qing couldn’t help but smile wryly at this moment with her own physique I’m afraid it’s no different from ordinary people, subconsciously glanced at the electronic watch, at the time of year, month, day, suddenly Lin Qing seemed to have thought of something, as if struck by lightning, it’s not good at this time, I have to hurry to save Shihan, he clearly remembers that his wife in his previous life was here Time chooses to commit suicide Lin Qing runs towards the bridge railing and looks at the small black dot on the far bank that enters the sea resolutely jumps over the multi-meter-high bridge and jumps down, splashing huge splashes on the water Lin Qing only feels as if he has been photographed After falling apart, she still swam in Ye Shihan’s direction without hesitation.
Lin Qing finally got close to Ye Shihan, who was almost drowning, and desperately lifted her head to the water surface.
Ye Shihan looked at all this in disbelief.
She struggled desperately, but Lin Qing didn’t let go, just kept holding Ye Shihan up to prevent Ye Shihan from drowning for a minute and a second until she saw the rescue team at the beach approaching quickly. Now I don’t understand why Lin Qing gave up his life to save him at the last moment.
Lin Qing also coughed up a few mouthfuls of water violently. Although he almost became the first Mahayana monk in history to drown in the shallow sea, luckily Ye Shihan I saved Shihan, it’s great to see you are still alive, Lin Qing couldn’t help but murmured in a low voice, and hugged Ye Shihan emotionally, the indescribable joy and excitement in his arms hugged his lost wife, Lin Qing, her heart became more and more determined, Su Hongli never thought that you would harm me But it caused me to be reborn in this life, I regret that I can make up for my heart, and if there is no incompleteness, I will start from scratch step by step to seek your revenge, but Ye Shihan doesn’t know his excitement, but instead desperately breaks away from Lin Qing’s ashen face, sobbing, “What are you saving me for all these years? Gambling has caused us to have a family that was ruined to what it is now, even the money for Xinxin’s medical treatment you stole to the gambling table to gamble with Lin Qing I regret that I chose to break up with the family and marry you After being ridiculed all the time, I never thought that death would be my only relief in the end.
Ye Shihan gritted her teeth as if to pour out all the grievances in her heart. At this moment, her emotions broke down and she couldn’t cry. Li Shihan, you gave me one last chance, I swear I will never let you down again this time, I will definitely change my past, if I don’t let you and Xinxin live a good life in this life, Lin Qing will not be reconciled to death, just believe me in the end How about once? Lin Qing’s tone at this moment is resolute and earnest.
He has stepped into hell with one foot. Now he is naturally sincerely repenting.
Ye Shihan looked at Lin Qing. After all, the scene of him risking his life to save himself is still vivid in his mind.
Perhaps he has experienced life and death. This gambler is really a prodigal son. He turned his head and met Lin Qing’s pleading eyes. Ye Shihan finally softened his heart and responded silently.
Going crazy and walking poetry, let’s go home far away from the suburbs of Ninghai City. Among the dilapidated and dilapidated houses on the wooden bed, a girl about 17 or 18 years old, Lin Xinxin pushed herself out of the bed and was dragging her unconscious right hand. Legs crawled to the door with difficulty, Ye Shihan’s fatal letter was pressed under the pillow, Xinxin, don’t blame sister-in-law, I still can’t hold on after all, sorry, the short sentence is full of despair and death, obviously sister-in-law has suicidal thoughts Pengpeng’s sudden knock on the door made Lin Xinxin excited like a drowning man grabbing the last straw.
She thought it was Lin Qing who had come back, so she opened the door and hurriedly shouted, Brother Dao, are you back? You hurry to save her. Sister-in-law, before she could finish her sentence, she rushed in. A group of vicious hooligans, who are you? You are Lin Qing’s younger sister.
There is a gangster with dyed yellow hair next to him, who immediately looked at Lin Xinxin and stepped forward to Brother Biao. Although this little girl is crippled, she is quite beautiful, especially her cute and pitiful appearance, which really makes people feel distressed. Well, Zhang Biao spat on the floor, your brother next door owes us 10,000 yuan, since you can’t find him today, you can pay the debt for your brother, let’s do it together, she will take a few photos and send them to Lin Qing, I want to see this How long can a gambling dog be a shrinking tortoise? Zhang Biao raised his hand, and the gangsters immediately looked sullen and rushed towards Lin Xinxin with a lustful expression. How can I escape from the claws of this group of people? I was held down by my wrist for a while, and I was about to be stained. At this moment, Lin Qing’s furious figure appeared a few steps ahead of the door.