The existence of the divine body he then used the Great Destruction Technique to annihilate the obviously stronger one but the weak one also lost

Chapter 1 First Grade Contractor Xiao Bai, don’t be too polite I have already told you that I tested the talent of a contractor in Jiulian Peak yesterday, and today I am here to ask Elder Lei for advice, and Su Xiaobai made another salute, I have already prepared, Xiaobai, come with me Elder Lei seems to be a person who doesn’t talk much, so he directly entered the topic. Su Xiaobai followed Elder Lei out of the Soul Beast Pavilion and came to an open space. There were a few disciples of the same school who were about six or seven years old. Beside him is a half-meter-tall bear with a fiery red body and a black one-horned bear on its head. They seem to be playing together.
After seeing Elder Lei, these disciples stepped forward to salute Elder Lei.
Elder Lei just smiled at everyone.
After laughing, he dispersed the others, leaving behind only a somewhat burly disciple and a unicorn bear, Xiaobai, this son is an outer disciple of our sect, Liu Wenhai, who came to Soul Beast Peak to choose his first one. He is a soul beast who started a year earlier than you.
Elder Lei pointed to Liu Wenhai. This is Su Xiaobai, the direct disciple of Elder Luo in Bogu Peak.
You can get to know Brother Liu. Su Xiaobai bowed to Liu Wenhai after listening to Elder Lei’s introduction. Dare you, Junior Brother Su? Liu Wenhai looked very nervous at this moment, bowed at a standard ninety degrees to Su Xiaobai, Su Xiaobai quickly helped him up, let me go, my personal disciple status is quite useful, Liu Wenhai Don’t be nervous. I brought Xiaobai here today to sign a basic contract for you.
He is currently training as a contract master talent. Elder Lei explained and pointed to the unicorn bear next to him. The Lei Huo Horn Bear, the second-grade soul beast, is still in its infancy, and its intelligence is not very high. Liu Wenhai has also played with it for a few days, and I believe they already have some feelings for each other. It should not be a problem to conclude a basic contract, so there is Junior Brother Laosu.
Liu Wenhai was still very nervous and bowed to Su Xiaobai to be polite. It was I who troubled Senior Brother Liu to return the gift to Su Xiaobai.
Come, Liu Wenhai, you stand here, Elder Lei, point to the center of the open space, and wait for Liu Wenhai to stand still. Lead the Leihuojiao bear to about one meter away from Liu Wenhai, and then make him sit on the spot, Xiaobai, you are standing in front of the two of them, Su Xiaobai followed the instructions of Elder Lei, stood in front of this person and the bear, and found himself It formed an equilateral triangle with their positions, and the two little guys were lying on one side of the open space, staring at Su Xiaobai’s direction.
Basic Contract Elder Lei, I remember seeing someone use the so-called contract stone to conclude a contract with mine.
Can contract masters make contract stones even after they have completed a small training? All contract stones can only conclude basic contracts. High-level contracts must be concluded by the contractor on the spot.
The so-called contract stones are just some stuck in the second-rank contractor and cannot be promoted. It’s a joke made by someone from the outside world. This thing is full of basic contracts. The success rate of signing basic contracts is not high. It’s worthless at all.
Xiaobai let go of his thoughts and concentrate, just like yesterday when you were at Jiulian Peak, you merged the two soul spells needed by the contractor in your body, but these two soul spells are all on your body, that’s all, it’s easier than that, Elder Lei’s expression became serious Su Xiaobai submerged his consciousness into his body and started to activate the Nine Refinements of Creation and Soul Rescue at the same time.
Two looming balls of light also began to appear beside him, just like yesterday, they kept spinning and approaching, and finally merged into one. Floating in front of Su Xiaobai, right in the middle of two people, a beast, and himself, so Xiaobai wants to hold on to Elder Lei, his eyes widen, and he looks very excited. Liu Wenhai and Xiaoxiong let go of your thoughts and souls and leave them to Xiaobai for the time being.
To control Xiaobai, now you need to extend this new fusion power into their souls at the same time, take off a strand of their souls, and then exchange them. Elder Lei’s voice is extremely serious. The ball of light in the center of the man and the beast gradually became brighter, enveloping the two and the beast. At the same time, a phantom of a man and a beast appeared in his consciousness. This is their souls slowly controlling the newly fused power. From each of the two souls, a trace was taken out to guide the other’s soul, Su Xiaobai was sweating profusely at this moment, his body also began to tremble, and it was obvious that he had almost reached the limit of his patience, Elder Lei on the side also clenched his hand tightly.
But the fist didn’t dare to make a sound, for fear that it would affect him at this most critical moment.
After about five more minutes, each man and beast’s individual souls finally came into place. The surrounding light disappeared instantly, and Su Xiaobai collapsed directly. Being supported by Elder Lei once succeeded like never before. Congratulations, Xiaobai, now that you are a first-grade contractor, the two little guys also came up to lean against him.
Su Xiaobai breathed a sigh of relief, Elder Lei, I am too tired, let me rest a little After a while, he fell into a coma and fell into a daze.
The voice of Elder Lei came from his ear. You can last until now. You have made history.
You have worked so hard.
Rest now. When Su Xiaobai woke up again, he found that he had returned to Bogu Peak and was lying on his bed.
The two little guys on the bed were also lying on his bedside, but they obviously woke up early.
When Su Xiaobai woke up, he leaned on his body and started to comfort the two little guys. Su Xiaobai walked out of the bamboo building and looked at I’m going to the sky, it’s already morning, I’ve been sleeping since yesterday afternoon until this morning, a basic contract consumption is actually so big Junior brother woke up, come and have breakfast, Yu Siqing is in a gazebo outside the house