The evil fire suppressed turned around looked at Gui Mei his eyes regained consciousness and said Miss please say Gui Mei smiled at Ling Yun

The intruder Jin Dynasty was a dynasty ruled by the royal family. The first four emperors of the Jin Dynasty were all talented and vigorous. They made great efforts to develop the Jin Dynasty into a country so powerful that all neighboring countries bowed their heads and bowed their heads. The five new emperors, Furui, did not inherit the fine traditions of the previous four emperors, and began to indulge in pleasure, indulge in singing and dancing every day, and few government officials built the Tianxiang Temple to collect beautiful women and all kinds of rare treasures from all over the world. If the ministers speak a little violently, they will be punished as a crime, and they will be demoted to the board. If they are serious, they will be beheaded at Caishikou, and the gate will be set up, which means the gate of the world.
And an organization that carries out assassinations when necessary, and everyone in the court is in danger for a while, even if they go to the court occasionally, they dare not greet each other casually on the road, for fear that if they are not careful, their heads will be separated from their bodies. Those neighboring countries that professed their vassals also secretly dissented, but fortunately, the solid foundation laid by the previous four emperors made the neighboring countries dare not really invade even though they had a peeping heart.
The relatively prosperous Meilin Town at that time may be the Emperor Shangao.
The villagers did not seem to be affected by the political situation at that time.
At this time, it was the rainy season, and the rice fields at the entrance of the village were green at a glance.
It’s almost noon when they are playing and playing.
The smoke gradually rises from the roofs of every household.
After returning home for dinner, a middle-aged man’s voice rang out. Following the prestige, a tall man with thick eyebrows, big eyes and a square face appeared in this group of people playing. The middle-aged man next to the child is called Ling Yu.
When he was young, he learned some martial arts from a martial arts master in Meilin Town. Afterwards, the fast nutrition of the body must keep up with this, so the cost is too high for a villager in a small mountain village, so that the family can’t afford it later, so they have to give up. It’s also not close, but I have to learn a craft so that I can make a living in the future. Later, I asked someone to find an accountant named Xiao Yi in the town to learn to calculate. The strange thing is that the accountant Xiao Yi doesn’t belong to any family or family. The yamen, but the yamen in the town, the family, the bank, the merchant, and anyone who needs to do accounts will go to him, and he will charge the relevant fees.
It turns out that Xiao Yi’s ability to settle accounts is the best in the town. I have never missed it, so more and more people come to him to settle accounts, so this year’s income is not worrying about food and clothing. In my spare time, I also thought about taking in an apprentice to help me take care of myself in the future, but there was no suitable candidate. It happened that Ling Yu came. After some tests, it was found that Ling Yu was more spiritual than the children introduced before, so he accepted it.
Every day, he taught words first, then arithmetic, and then taught abacus.
Fortunately, Ling Yu He is talented and intelligent, and ordinary people can barely master the knowledge points that take half a year.
He can learn it in just two months. He can learn it by heart in four months.
After less than three years, he can help Xiao Yi handle the accounts together, and he is organized and has never made any mistakes.
Xiao Yi also has Carefully cultivated him, and sometimes let him handle some accounts alone. After a few years, Ling Yu’s reputation faintly surpassed that of Xiao Yi. It is said that Xiao Yi, the accountant’s wife, died of exhaustion during childbirth. She left behind a daughter named Xiao Yuer, who was as beautiful as the name suggests.
At the age of twenty-eight, there was an endless stream of matchmakers. Ling Yu’s heart has already been secretly promised to Ling Yu. It’s no wonder that Ling Yu was also handsome when he was young, and he had learned martial arts. His temperament is even more outstanding. He looks heroic, extraordinary, smart, studious, and orderly. Which young woman doesn’t like it? And Ling Yu also has a good feeling for Xiao Yu’er.
She behaved generously and behaved dignifiedly, besides, Ling Yu often came and went to Xiao Yuer’s house, and both of them felt that the other was the best candidate for him, and Xiao Yi had already noticed all of this, and Ling Yu, his apprentice, was also very familiar with him, but his appearance, ability and character were all very different.
It’s good that my daughter won’t be wronged after following him, so when Ling Yu proposed marriage, she readily agreed, but Ling Yu didn’t have a house in the town, so they went back to live in a small mountain village after they got married.
Fortunately, the village is far from the town. If you walk not far away, you will arrive in half a day, so Ling Yu usually goes to the town after lunch to finish the bills and then comes back.
Counting from the ten years since marriage to now, Ling Yu is almost thirty-five this year. Ling Yu’s As soon as the words were finished, a crisp voice rang out. Good father, a boy among the group of children playing by the field turned around and replied, this boy is called Ling Yun, the only son of Ling Yu and Xiao Yuer, with beautiful features and two eyes like black gemstones. God Ling Yun has been very intelligent since he was a child.
At the age of three, he was able to help his father with some simple accounts. At the age of four, he was able to recognize all the commonly used characters.
At the age of five, Ling Yu began to teach him some basic boxing and kicks. An eight-year-old with a bright head and a lot of ideas, he is like the king of children in a small village. Over the years, Xiao Yi has often visited this precious grandson, and sometimes taught him some poems and articles. I like Ling Yun in my heart. I heard that I can eat, so I followed Ling Yu and went home. Before I reached the door, there was a smell of meat. It was the smell of chicken. Ling Yun shouted happily, yes, I bought it from Aunt Li at the entrance of the village this morning The chicken specially asked your mother to make it for you. After lunch, I will go to the back mountain with my father, and then my father will teach you some other kung fu.