The equipment and equipment are divided into white board fine iron bronze silver gold dark gold ghost weapon fairy weapon magic weapon artifact inheritance artifact

Works Related Book Race Occupation and Author Introduction The word count of this chapter is the latest update time Race will appear one by one in the future. I will not explain the occupation.
I have explained it in the previous article. There are also hidden occupations. Hey, Xingtian will change jobs soon. It will appear in a later article, although the small writing is not good, but I am determined to seek a famous teacher.
Someone who knows the great god can chat with me privately. Write a lot of urban texts, except when the heroine is overthrown, the protagonist will not be surrounded by many female characters. The equipment and equipment are divided into white board, fine iron, bronze, silver, gold, dark gold, ghost weapon, fairy weapon, magic weapon, artifact inheritance artifact, special inheritance artifact soul binding Can grow together with the player Calculation method One point of power is equal to one point of physical attack One point of intelligence is equal to one point of magic attack One point of stamina is equal to point of blood volume One point of defense and affects the automatic recovery speed of blood volume One point of spirit is equal to magic power and affects the automatic recovery speed of magic power One point of agility equals one point of speed and Affects attack release speed with one point of magic attack, one point of stamina is equal to one point of blood volume, one point of defense affects the automatic recovery speed of blood volume, one point of spirit is equal to magic power and affects the automatic recovery speed of magic power, one point of agility is equal to one point of speed and affects the attack release speed occupation is divided into warrior mage thief spirit Warriors are divided into berserkers, shield warriors, mages, warlocks, elements, thieves, assassins, thieves, spirits, beast masters, priests, berserkers, strong attack power, shield warriors, strong defenses, warlocks, assistants, weakened state as the main element, mages, intelligence, proficiency in four elements of magic Wind, Fire, Ice, and Earth Rogue master has strong speed, survival ability, and life-saving.
Assassin master has strong speed and explosive power. Sneak attack is the kingly way. Beast master master spirit uses beast master as the main attack method. Priest master spirit has recovered.
Backing Each person is born with two rings, a space, a necklace, a breastplate, a pair of trousers and leggings, a pair of shoes, a pair of gauntlets and gloves, a main weapon, a secondary weapon, a belt, a helmet, a bracelet, a pair of twelve equipment slots, volume one, initial one Chapter Duanyue The word count of this chapter is the latest update time. There are many newcomers and new books. Please forgive me. Please read it patiently.
This book will definitely give you unexpected surprises.
What should I do? He is a killer, a killer who can only hide in the dark and make a living by killing.
There are not a few people who end their lives in his hands.
Among them are government personnel, senior officials, entrepreneurs, etc. There are countless people from all walks of life.
He used to be a powerful man.
Not a strong killer, but because of his outstanding endurance ability, he has always been in the upper reaches of those killers. Now he is just a vagrant living under a big tree.
Why he became a vagrant depends on what the killer organization once said The cause was the establishment of the Killer Organization At that time, the principle was not to kill, but to kill, to kill only those who deserved to be killed, as long as there was enough money, these three things were the original purpose, but now it has become that if you want to kill, you can kill if you have money. The change of principles led to offending someone who couldn’t be offended, so he was hunted down and exterminated. In the end, Xing Tian’s master sent Xing Tian out with all his might.
Xing Tian didn’t know his master’s name, not because he never asked but because his master never I told him that Xing Tian always told him the old man, the old man could have escaped by himself, but he died in order to send me away.
When Xing Tian thought of this, tears flowed down his eyes, he picked up the beer and took a sip, feeling a burning pain in his heart. I still remember the last sentence the old man said to him, let’s live. After finishing speaking, he took out a bank card and handed it to Xing Tian, ​​and said the password was your birthday, and then he passed away. After that, Xing Tian’s heart was completely closed, his sole purpose of living It was revenge for Master Xing Tian frantically inquired about who was the one who killed him, and finally spent almost all his money to find out that that person was the second son of the Zhao Group. As for the specific reason, it is not clear, but at least he knows The name of the enemy also gave him a target for revenge, and recently heard that the Zhao Group was going to enter the virtual industry, he thought of this place, stood up, walked towards a house he bought in the suburbs of the city for more than a hundred thousand Huaxia coins, and when he got home, Xing Tian took off his clothes and walked to the bathroom. Ten minutes later, Xing Tian returned to his room wet, sat on the bedside and logged in to the computer.
After logging in to the account, Xing Tian quickly entered the latest, hottest and best prospect online game on the computer.
After a while, a message popped up on the computer. In this era where virtual games are rampant, various game companies, large and small, emerge in endlessly. Various games have also dazzled many game fans, and the largest game company in it, Tamron, is because it has obtained a star that fell from the sky. Meteorite and used this meteorite to make the world’s largest core processor. Meteorite is said to have the shadow of a country behind this company. Specifically, why there is a country and many people in the industry, that is, those brick-and-mortar experts speculate that it is because of various countries in the world now.
This kind of crime happens on a regular basis. In order to reduce the occurrence of crimes in reality, the country invests in the research of this game. Now it is this Tamron company that released their first game since they researched Meteor. The description of the game is not outstanding.
In a simple sentence, this is a free world with all your unexpected things.
Here you can be the king of the whole world, but there are still many people who are ready to go in and have a look. When he entered the official website, he saw a huge slogan Swearing to the sky, the family turned to the broken moon