The energy in the belly of the water slowed down Lei Dongbao shook his head then looked back at Xun Jianxiang he seemed to say

Zhang Peng, who was sleeping on the bed, opened his eyes.
The cold sweat on his forehead soaked the pillow. He struggled to push away the thighs that were pressing on his chest. Suddenly, he felt a new sense of relief, allowing him to breathe freely.
If so, his girlfriend crawled on him in the middle of the night. The weight on my body hit my heart, that’s why I dreamed that I was shot in the heart. Zhang Peng glanced sideways at his girlfriend who was taller than him. At this moment, she was making a thunderous purring sound, accompanied by the fan creaking.
The sound of ah, sleeping soundly and sweetly, Zhang Peng’s eyes flashed with sadness, leaving behind tears of happiness, looking at his sleeping girlfriend, Zhang Peng, fell into a deep daze, he looked up at the roof, that Zhila was spinning Fans are full of thoughts, my dream is getting more and more real, and even the time in the dream is getting longer and longer Name There are 160,000 people in the country who call this name. Maybe all fathers hope that their children will achieve in the future like a great roc spreading its wings and soaring to the sky when they name their children. But the reality is that Zhang Peng, who was born in 1988, was born in When I was growing up, I was very ordinary, I looked ordinary, I was neither tall nor short, I looked ordinary, my grades were mediocre, I went to a vocational school for three years, I finally went to work in a factory, I failed to start a business, I ended up struggling for more than ten years, I went on a blind date at the age of 33 Successfully spent more than ten thousand gifts to marry a beautiful wife. As for the beautiful wife, let’s not talk about it for the time being. Anyway, Zhang Peng feels that his life is still good now. His wife has parents who are still healthy and healthy. There is a three-story house in my hometown.
He is satisfied with this kind of life now.
As for what he can do if he is not satisfied, he has struggled, struggled and struggled, and finally went back and forth to return to his own life. But everyone has a shining point, such as Zhang. Peng likes to dream since he was a child. He dreams almost every night, and his life in the dream is colorful. Compared with the ordinary life in real life, he sometimes looks forward to the coming of every night because then he can go to another world to experience other things. It’s only been a week since I was born, but Zhang Peng has already felt the happiness of a middle-aged man. Zhang Peng used to love to dream, but that kind of dream is completely different from the current dream, and he doesn’t know how to express it. In short, the life he experiences in his dream every night seems to be like real life.
Perhaps it is the harmony of yin and yang, or it may be other reasons. Zhang Peng found that the dreams he had every night became more and more real. Even in the dream, he seemed to have passed It’s a good experience to experience other people’s lives all your life. He touched the phone on the pillow and checked the time. It was only two o’clock in the morning and there were still several hours before dawn. He didn’t know if he would have other dreams later. The ceiling fan on the ceiling, Zhang Peng, was obviously confused.
The snoring and the squeaking of the fan around him made his whole brain confused, and he didn’t know how long it took for his nerves to completely relax.
Eyelids completely sunk, silly Zhu, what are you doing stupidly? Zhang Peng’s consciousness slowly sobered, and he was still a little dazed.
This is a dream. There are slogans posted around the cafeteria. Looking at the slogans full of fighting spirit, the memory in my mind is instantly awakened.
This year is He Yuzhu. Scenes of He Yuzhu’s past emerged in his mind.
Originally, Zhang Peng’s consciousness was quickly washed away. For a while, the feeling of Zhuang Zhou’s dream of a butterfly hit him again. For a while, Zhang Peng couldn’t tell whether he was Zhang Peng or He Yuzhu.
In a dream, the name He Yuzhu is a little familiar to Shazhu, Shazhu, etc. Isn’t this a TV series I’ve watched before? Love Man Courtyard said it was Love Man Courtyard, in Zhang Peng’s view, it’s more like a group of blood-sucking worms full of all kinds of scheming Zhang Peng The remaining memory instantly recalled the plot of this TV series, an honest man who was tortured by a widow all his life, a sad hero, but now he is He Yuzhu, then help him go on with He Yuzhu’s life in the future, anyway, it’s just a man Dream but this dream is getting more and more real Zhang Peng should be called He Yuzhu now He is woken up by a man in blue overalls next to him Silly Zhu At noon the factory manager wants to entertain guests You prepare a table of good dishes so don’t delay, okay I know He Yuzhu shook his head, no matter what it is, just stay in this dream, every dream is a life experience, this feeling is very interesting, not to mention that the dream is becoming more and more real now, He Yuzhu feels very Interesting, I’m not right, I seem to be called Zhang Peng. Forget it.
Anyway, this dream is He Yuzhu, so I’m called He Yuzhu. He Yuzhu quickly picks up the kitchen knife in his hand.
A carrot is quickly shredded and cut in his hand without any pause.
A potato is cut quickly.
Why does Pi Zaiqie like the life in the dream? Because in addition to experiencing other people’s life experience, there is also the memory of the protagonist’s life in the dream.
I have completely inherited skills, such as He Yuzhu in this world.
He Yuzhu has excellent cooking skills.
I don’t have any I’m not used to holding a knife, but I feel that feeling coming back to me.
He Yuzhu cooks a small stove for the leader.
Usually, the factory cooks a big pot of rice. Usually, the apprentice does it for him by turning his hands back and forth. Wipe the oil on your hands, get seven vegetables, one soup, four meat and three vegetables, and live now.
Workers in this era have vegetables and steamed buns every day, but this kind of activity that factory leaders often open small stoves to treat guests has never stopped.