The eagles beak eagle claws and eagles eyes are all purple and there is a lightninglike mark between the eyebrows Judging the golden feather Super

Energy cultivator, I will protect all the fighting spirit of the mage. Practitioner recasts the glory of the warrior.
It is my duty, Yin Baichuan. If you hit me, you will succeed if you don’t lose blood. Sitting cross-legged, this man can’t see clearly, wearing a golden crown on his head, a golden armor with a mysterious pattern that fits very well, and two golden pistols hanging from his waist As if he was going to suck his soul into it, he looked at a huge giant egg in the distance and smiled. The world he created finally took shape.
The man in the golden armor was very happy and muttered to himself, oh, the man in the golden armor touched his chin to commemorate the formation of the heavenly world. The first one to come here will give you a bonus, let’s see who is so lucky The sound echoed in the universe, and a golden bullet flew out directly and turned into a long rainbow.
The speed was extremely fast, and the distance of several light years was instantly crossed. The bullet directly hit the giant egg, and the hit point burst out with a strong light. A complicated formation It was branded on the giant egg, and then a colored beam of light erupted from the formation, pierced through the void and connected to a blue planet.
About two seconds later, two human figures came to the top of the giant egg through the colored beam of light.
He passed out in a small space. Hey, the man in golden armor showed surprise. How could two people come at the same time? This is troublesome. The man in golden armor looked back and forth between the two figures.
Both of them are men, just from their appearance.
I can’t tell the difference.
In the end, the golden armor man’s eyes fell on a young man casually.
If he is interested, choose you. Good luck, the golden armor man appeared in front of the young man in a flash.
He waved his hand, and the young man woke up. After waking up, I rubbed my head and saw the man in golden armor frowned.
Who are you? He knew that he was dead just now and was killed by an enemy with him, but now he woke up and remembered that he often read novels. Did he also catch up with the trend? Congratulations! When you come to Paradise World, you are the first outsider to come here, and I will give you a surprise.
The man in golden armor said with a smile on his face. The young man’s pupils shrank suddenly, and his eyeballs turned slightly, revealing an ecstatic look. Hahaha, I am actually The protagonist also met Goldfinger. Not bad.
The golden armored man smiled with his hands behind his back.
He enjoys the feeling of giving people something, and then others appreciate and worship you. Are you only left with a soul? The young man’s eyes flickered and he asked the golden armored man.
Touching his chin and nodding, it’s okay. My soul is the supreme god, and my body is made of pure soul and divine power, so it’s only my soul left, but I don’t need a physical body.
Come on, what do you want me to do for you? Hurry up and give me the golden finger, some god-level skills, and the armor on your body. It’s not bad.
Give it to me too. I’ll be stronger in the future. Maybe it will revive you, the young man said so, but he was still extremely nervous because he used to read novels where the protagonists all started with hanging silk, but for the soul of a strong man in the system, any goldfinger would be jealous The kind of old man will appreciate the true temperament and work harder to teach him in the future, but the strong soul has something to do, so he can bargain and squeeze out all the benefits of the strong soul, so the young man thinks that he will do so Get more benefits The man in golden armor raised his eyebrows and asked with great interest why do you think I will give you the young man Seeing that the man in golden armor is not angry, he immediately thinks his thoughts are right, of course if the man in golden armor is angry I will immediately apologize.
After all, the golden finger can change fate.
It is an invincible artifact. I must do everything possible to obtain the lifespan of ordinary human beings at most a hundred years and remain unknown for a lifetime. I am willing to let the protagonist do whatever I want. This is the truth that the author instilled in him. Humph, the young man sneered. You must be trapped or ask me for something.
You can’t use anything with your soul.
Don’t leave it to me.
You keep it moldy.
It seems that you are not suitable.
The man in golden armor was expressionless, and the eyes lighted up slightly.
The young man was stunned when he saw his hands, arms, legs, and body turned into pieces, dissipating like sand and dust. If you have any requirements, just tell me, I promise to finish this moment. He hates those authors to death.
Why can your protagonist be subdued by Goldfinger and Goldfinger? All dissipated and indifferent, I hate these people who can’t see the form the most. I have been respectful to the strong all the way, and I respect what I should do. One space, if the other can’t see the form clearly, then the benefit will not be given to the other person, who is slightly stronger.
After waking up, he saw a white space with nothing, and in the middle of the air in front of him, there was a man in golden armor who was stunned.
This is what the strong young man murmured, and there was a terrible wave in his heart, could it be that this is the dead world, this is the world I created, you can call it heaven or hell, an indifferent voice entered the young and strong man In the ears of heaven and hell, the strong young man repeated in a daze for a long time before he realized that he looked at the man in golden armor with a look of horror in his eyes and asked, are you