The door of a private room next to it was pushed open and a wretched man in silk and satin blinked a pair of peach

No matter how magnificent you are, you will crown the world in the end, and you will end up as a pink skeleton. No matter how proud you are, sitting on thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, you will eventually turn into loess.
Immortality is what everyone desires. No one can escape birth, old age, sickness and death. No one can live forever in this world. However, the legend about immortality has always been passed down to the world. It is not absolutely absurd that people believe in immortality, some people can reach that realm, but time is the most ruthless.
As time goes by, the legend of immortality gradually fades away in the long river of time, until the miracle breaks out again in the ordinary after endless years of silence. On the night of the 15th full moon, Lannuo, a generation of proud goddesses, will cut off the mortal relationship and shatter the void on the Kunlun Red Dust Peak.
The cultivators of the world will be shocked that the theory of longevity will become a hot topic again. Down to the traffickers and pawns, all three religions and nine streams, they all have the same purpose, and they are about to witness a rare miracle through the ages. Finally, on the day of the full moon, the majestic and beautiful Kunlun seems to be shrouded in a hazy veil under the bright moonlight. Let this holy mountain be as ethereal as a fairyland. In the moonlit night, Xiao Chen ran like the wind, covered in blood, even his long black hair was stained red by the blood, but his handsome face like a knife was full of indomitable color, and his pair was like stars. His bright eyes are even more shining with determination. He is on a life-and-death escape.
The royal goddess Zhao Liner vowed to kill him and led dozens of cultivators to encircle and suppress him. Ordinary spirits are as light and graceful as a banished fairy in the dust, and there is no way to escape. Xiao Chen rushed to Hongchen Peak under the moonlight night.
There are crowds of people around Hongchen Peak, and the mountains are full of people, but more than 100,000 people gather together, but it is so quiet.
Everyone is quiet.
Quietly looking up at the woman in white on the Red Dust Peak, Lan Nuo on the top, dressed in white Shengxue, under the shroud of moonlight, her fairy body seemed to exude a faint and holy brilliance.
Fairy Guanghan of Fireworks. In the past half a month, she tried to break through the void twice, but she took back the step at the moment of success.
One step away, she will live forever in the world, but if she takes that step, the world of mortals will be gone forever. Leave her forever, cut off all mortal ties, pull out the sword of wisdom and sever mortal ties, it takes a lot of courage, because after taking that step, what awaits her in the endless years of eternal life may be endless loneliness Standing now, all kinds of mortals emerged in her heart one by one, and finally it was time to bid farewell to the mortal world.
Fierce rays of light suddenly erupted on the top of the mountain, and the entire mountain was covered with a layer of incomparably holy radiance.
In the holy ray of light, she is so out of the world and noble. In the eyes of everyone, the void is broken. She moves forward indulgently and firmly.
And at the last moment, she looked back at the world of mortals for the last time, that dreamlike beauty will forever remain in the hearts of the world.
Hundreds of thousands of people shouted Lan Nuo’s name in unison, but the orderly shouts quickly scattered.
People discovered that the two fast-running figures on the top of the mountain broke through the void with Lannuo and left together. The history of Kyushu records that in 7316, a generation of Tianjiao Goddess Lannuo broke through the void and left.
As for Xiao Chen, he has no chance to be recorded in the annals of history.
The moment Xiao Chen left from the shattered void, he was really shocked to the extreme.
He never thought that such a day would lead to the Longevity Realm in this way.
At that moment, he thought of a lot.
His family and friends will say goodbye forever. He will leave this world forever.
Life and death escape would be such a result. For many people, breaking the void and entering the world of longevity is an eternal glory, but Xiao Chen is willing to give up this opportunity. He is so attached to it.
This mortal parents and relatives are farewell. He is speechless and bids farewell to the world of mortals. Xiao Chen doesn’t know that the royal goddess Zhao Liner also shatters into the void and leaves.
Chapter 2 The ancient stele, the map of the sky, and the ink clouds roll. The curtain fell down, and bursts of terrifying aura instantly permeated the sky and the earth.
A towering and tall ancient castle loomed in the sky amidst the dark clouds of death. Waves of blood rose from the castle to the sky, and there was a desolate beauty among the black clouds.
The red sky and the earth are eerily quiet, not even a single sound is dead. The ancient castle is full of vicissitudes of time, as if breaking through time and space from ancient times.
It is like a whirlpool of death. Gathering and tumbling black clouds are slowly being swallowed by it. The black mist gradually disappears, but the high sky is even more eerie. There are endless bones floating around the castle. The vast white bones are paved into a sea of ​​dead bones.
Standing above the snow-white sea of ​​bones, there is unspeakable horror and dead silence. A few human-shaped skeletons with gray wings flew out from the castle, and the endless breath of death enveloped them. They looked down at an isolated island in the depths of the sea below. It is an isolated island in the depths of the vast sea.
On the island, the forest is vast, the sky is green, the apes are singing and the tiger is roaring.
Ninety percent of the island is covered with virgin forests. However, at this moment, an incomparably cold and savage breath of death came from the far sky, covering the sky and covering the sky. The isolated island, where wild beasts roared continuously, gradually quieted down. In addition, Xiao Chen, who was in a coma on the beach of the island in the silence between heaven and earth, seemed to feel the bone-chilling chill.