The door is still open she hasnt been caught yet she cant just throw in the towel she has to get out alive and tell

The arrival of high-level extraterrestrial civilizations was announced with the overwhelming force of Mount Tai, and this forcefully opened the prelude to the earth’s entry into the interstellar era.
At that moment, all human beings in the east and west looked up at the behemoth that covered the sun, moon, stars, and even the entire sky. Human beings of this generation who come from the indescribable trembling earth from the depths of the soul, you have entered the third-level cosmic civilization and are about to start the cosmic age. According to the Cosmic Civilization Development Convention, you will have the following two choices.
The earth has become a cosmic colony star for a hundred years. Human beings accept everything. Under the management of high-level civilized stars, you will be free after a hundred years. Start the Earth Heroes game. Within one year, as long as one human being clears the Earth Heroes game and becomes a hero, you will be disqualified from colonizing the Earth for a hundred years, and you will be directly eligible to join the civilizations of the universe. After one hour of thinking time, all humans on Earth voted. An hour later, a translucent light screen appeared in front of all human beings out of thin air.
There were only two simple buttons on the light screen, the number one or two, and then in the short ten-second countdown. Billions of human beings pressed the button that determined their fate, as if after a long time, a huge semi-transparent light screen visible to the naked eye slowly appeared in the sky, and above the light screen, a huge scarlet text earth was displayed all over the sky.
The countdown to the Game of the Brave is set by Tianxiu two months later in the first year of the cosmic calendar.
The weather is fine at 6:00 p.
m. on June 1st, the first year of the cosmic calendar. Ma Liao stands in the pouring rain with a late mother’s face and looks around blankly until he is sure that he is really gone. Instead, the earth entered the world of the global game of braves that he was still looking up at just now. He slowly raised two middle fingers to the front. Ma Lucky Ma Xuanji Now you must be watching on the live broadcast or on your mobile phone Me, how does it feel to put your own son and grandson into the game? You are really my own father and grandpa. I tell you seriously that from tonight onwards, you can drink tap water and eat instant noodles to survive.
All the money at home is in my smart watch. I keep all the deposits on a regular basis.
No one but me can take it out.
If I survive the first test and return to Earth, then I will let you eat vegetarian food for a month at most. If I can’t go back, I will I will wait for you with my mother and ancestors under Jiuquan, hehe, and during the few days when I break through, please, Comrade Ma Xingfu, please shut your crow mouth and don’t talk, and please old Comrade Ma Xuanji, please don’t give it to me Burning incense, worshiping Buddha, sticking amulets and lighting wax for so many years, what kind of reverse poisonous milk do you guys have? Don’t you have any clues? After comparing the middle fingers, he regained his dejected and handsome face, and then he skillfully summoned his personal attribute panel while hiding from the rain under a big tree on the right, ready to start the game.
More than 110 million global brave players actively or passively entered the game in the first month The number of braves who entered the game in a month is only the top talents of high professional level selected from the military and elites of various industries in each country. The total number of them is no more than 10 million.
It took two months to reach the third level. If you follow this speed, even if 10 million elites reach the third level, more than half of them will be killed or injured, but there is still hope to pass the level. However, in the soul city of the third level, this is the beginning The elite braves who broke through the barrier suffered a devastating blow, but on the third day, the remaining five million elites died more than four million, and the remaining less than one million elite braves had no choice but to reluctantly retreat. Fortunately, on the first day Temporary retreat is allowed in the third level of Soul City. Otherwise, the brave men sent by various countries will be wiped out this time.
Under such circumstances, the high-level leaders of various countries finally opened up the right of ordinary people to enter the game after a month and a half after discussion, and the officials of various countries also immediately set up the Brave Game official website on the Internet to facilitate ordinary people to break through. The Raiders website publishes some clearance information known by various countries on it.
However, because the elites’ clearance is all based on speed, most of their clearance methods are not suitable for ordinary people. With their powerful combat effectiveness and teamwork, the ordinary people who have not received the training directly rushed over, and suffered heavy losses in the first level, but even so, the ordinary people who choose to enter the game after the opening of ordinary people in various countries are still in just two weeks.
More than 100 million of these ordinary people do not have the lofty aspirations of the real braves who entered the game to save the planet.
Most of them broke into the global game of braves for money, fame, longevity and great power. The real world built by the nine major civilized countries is a fantasy world that is very different from the earth’s environment.
It has both a plant kingdom that never fades like a fairyland, and an endless abyss that breeds undead demons.
It has things that people on earth can imagine The most beautiful side you get also has a terrifying side that people on earth can’t imagine. Human common sense and cognition are being subverted all the time in the new world of the global game of heroes. For example, the wild grass and wild flowers on the roadside will suddenly grow bigger and swallow you in one bite For example, a wild dog that is digging a hole will suddenly turn into a dog-eared orc and bite off your head.
For example, if you are hungry and hungry after running around for a day, you finally see a fruit tree and want to pick a fruit to eat.
Immediately waving the branch to send you flying, then pull out the roots and take a few steps back