The disciples of Tianjianmen suddenly buzzed but Qiu Feiyuns eyes flashed a look of disdain Like a dragon lying under the abyss he waited quietly

Lu Yu is looking for a collection, please recommend Lu Yu was born different from others The geniuses of other families all came to this world crying He was different The first time he let out a hearty laugh Hahahahaha I’m sorry I am still alive, of course he is The words behind the laughter became a messy and meaningless pronunciation because his tongue was not straightened out when he was just born, and the maid who was holding him was said to be trembling because of this weird laughter.
He fell to the ground, his face on the ground, and his face on the ground did not affect his later handsome appearance, but at that moment he still felt the deep malice from the earth. I’s father, Lu Xuande, was staring at the colorful sunshine shining into the house, as if he saw the supreme treasure, and couldn’t bear to look away. When he was just born, he was thrown to the ground by a maidservant, and Lu Yu came.
The first catastrophe encountered in this world, this maid was severely punished by the patriarch Lu Xuande, her martial arts cultivation was abolished, and she was expelled from the Lu family.
However, this is just the beginning. Do you want to play with me? Yu was already able to stand up tremblingly, but when he was learning to walk staggeringly, the maid who looked after him took out an ice needle as long as an adult’s finger from somewhere and handed it to Lu Yu with a smile.
The babbling Lu Yu also took it and was about to put it in his mouth when he saw the maid bent down to look at him expectantly and even reached out to help his little hand, as if wanting to brush Lu Yu’s hand for him.
The ice needle pointed at the maidservant’s face unceremoniously, it’s a pity that it didn’t hit him. He was sure that the maidservant was only less than ten centimeters away from his ice needle, but the needle that could almost blind the opponent was actually caught by a The little maid dodged it, which made Lu Yu realize that the world seemed very difficult. Later, the maid also disappeared inexplicably.
I don’t know whether she left the Lu family or was killed by someone. Lu Yu from the earth was a sick person in his previous life.
Congenitally deficient, his legs could barely move, but God gave him a good brain. He was lying on the hospital bed, and he couldn’t study medicine. He could only write and calculate with a pen.
He especially liked profound mathematics, and his powerful logical thinking and calculation talent were even more important. It’s a pity that God is jealous of Yingcai, who was in his early twenties, and he frequently fought against the god of death. He thought he had survived that time, but he thought he would wake up again.
Hahaha shocked the whole room.
Human beings claim to be the descendants of witches, very few of them can awaken their unique bloodline talent Lu Yu hides in his room alone, muttering in his heart what is my talent specifically, just watch the test once, no hurry, no way Lu Yu Yu still clearly remembers that when he was only over seven years old, he accidentally woke up one night and saw a black figure outside his window, piercing the window with a pipe and blowing mist into his room until Now Lu Yu is nine years old and has been every other for more than two years For seven days, this black shadow came quietly, rain or shine, and then disappeared strangely after blowing into the mist. Lu Yu didn’t even know when this bastard first blew into the mist.
Maybe he had a small house that lived alone since he was five years old. In the yard, this black shadow came over every night to blow air and signed in. It’s not that he didn’t tell his father, but every time at this time, Lu Xuande’s expression was very weird and he ignored him. Afterwards, he quietly made a gas mask by himself. Since then, Lu Yu, wearing a gas mask, has chosen to ignore the mist blown into the room by this black shadow, and sleep peacefully every night for three years. The poisonous snake finally changed in his body over the past month, making him ecstatic.
There seemed to be something flowing inside and outside his body, and he felt slightly paralyzed. At the same time, Lu Yu’s physical fitness and fitness continued to soar, and today he was going to do a specific test.
See if it’s the same as he guessed in his heart Lu Yu sat cross-legged on the futon in the room and meditated on the method learned from the beginning of literacy You can practice meditation, breathing to promote physical development, soft boxing to strengthen the internal organs, etc. Lu Yu is currently practicing the fishing toad strength that can only be practiced by the direct descendants of the Lu family. Although it is not a skill, it can nourish the internal organs.
After a while, Lu Yu slowly opened his eyes, and a bright light flashed through his eyes.
The state of all aspects of his body adjusted to the peak. He took out the detector from his arms and stuck it tightly to his Yintang. Yu felt that his mind was slightly empty, as if something had wandered away, and then he felt something filled in, his mental and physical state filled up, his consciousness was light and light, and he felt as if he had merged into a world, as if the wind could blow away with him.
Generally, after a quarter of an hour, Lu Yu stood up in surprise after seeing the results on the tester.
According to the family’s strict order, all children in the family must be ten years old and only after the family’s test confirms that their muscles and bones are fully formed can they practice family skills and martial arts. In order to avoid spoiling the seedlings, it is also to let them lay a better and more solid physical foundation.
The test results show that Lu Yu’s muscles and bones and all aspects of his body are far beyond the standard. As I expected, I can really practice martial arts and martial arts now. That’s great, let’s try the martial arts first, fierce horse mang ox strength first form horse stepping on flying swallow Lu Yu just jumped out of the window of the room, the whole person jumped three or four feet away and landed on the tip of the tree outside the window Lightly tap on the extremely slender branch, and a tiny wave of air blows out along with his right fist