The disciples face was filled with killing intent and he was ready to move no matter what was too humble I really disdain to make

Ye Rong’s power storage period is five stages Ye Dan’s power accumulation stage is six stages There are hundreds of young men and women standing in the Yejia martial arts arena, and there are several stone plates in front of them, ranging from one hundred catties to one thousand catties. The child is gearing up, his immature face is flushed from the cold, and with all his strength, he lifts the stone plate above his head little by little, causing cheers and gasps from time to time.
Next, where is Ye Tian Ye Tianren? On the steps ahead, a burly middle-aged man circled Looking around with a blank face, he said to report that the teacher, Ye Tian, ​​passed out.
A young man with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks gloated and said that almost at the same time, all the disciples of the Ye family turned their heads and stopped at the corner of the martial arts field with playful eyes. The maid, Yueya, was half kneeling on the ground, her voice crying, beside her, lay a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy with a sickly pale face, lying open in the ice and snow, no matter how the maid, Yueya called, there was no response Shh every month Every time it’s Ye Tian’s turn in the family test, he pretends to be dizzy and thinks he can escape, but he doesn’t know that such a cowardly behavior is even more contemptuous and embarrassing our Ye family’s face.
Anyway, Brother Ye Tian was once the pride of our Ye family.
The glory brought by his family, even if he was injured three years ago and his cultivation level plummeted to the second stage, you can’t humiliate him like this and still be proud.
Everything is his own fault, who made him overwhelmed by his ability to compete with the heir of Zhennan King, and was broken to survive.
It’s not bad if it comes down, and I hope that he will rise again and become the former genius of our Ye family. I am surrounded by hundreds of Ye family disciples. You need to keep in mind that the journey of cultivation is like sailing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will retreat.
The instructor gave a few symbolic lessons, turned around and left, followed by most of the Ye family disciples. Ye Tian, ​​who fell in the snow, slowly opened his eyes. Dazed, dull, with a hint of disbelief, I’m passing through Ye Tian’s lips squirmed, and he murmured like a mosquito. In his previous life, he was a silk thread on the earth. He was lucky enough to catch up with the campus belle in the university yesterday. It was the big day of his wedding at night, holding the school belle in bed several times, getting up again in the middle of the night and continuing to play the game of Genesis, because in the game, it was revealed that the good luck of the ancestor Hongjun Yudie excitedly knocked over the table The teacup caused an electric shock.
When you wake up, you have traveled through time. The world right now is called the Star God Continent. This young man is also called Ye Tiannai, a disciple of the Ye family in Wushuang City. But what makes Ye Tian a little upset is that the original owner of this body is a genius. He was killed three years ago. The person abruptly interrupted the meridians in the body, fell from the clouds into the mud, and became a complete waste with the mentality of “whatever comes, you can rest easy”.
Father and mother can at least be a second-generation playboy. It’s not bad to hang around until death in a small life like picking up girls and visiting brothels. But what disappointed Ye Tian was that his father was also hanged out of the house by his enemies. There is only one mother and sister left, so how will he pretend to be a genius who tramples on the heavens in this strange world in the future? Marry hundreds of wives and live a happy life of Baijiro one night.
At this moment, a machine-like system prompt sounded in Ye Tian’s mind, and then Ye Tian found that his consciousness had entered a special space, where the energy flickered, and the outline of a girl appeared. Who are you? Ye Tian stared at this. The woman asked the host, I am the artifact spirit of the Jade Butterfly Creation. In the era of Genesis, it is the supreme artifact.
Is there any benefit now that I came to the Star God Continent? Reiki practice can be quickly upgraded by killing monsters and self-mutilation, and you will get a variety of rich rewards.
The spirit said that you can use the Star God Continent as a game in Genesis to fight monsters and upgrade. Of course, the only difference is that you in Genesis.
If you hang up your account, you can start all over again, but in the Star God Continent, if you die, you will be completely gone. Ye Tian was ecstatic, his heart was thumping, and he was so stupid that he came back to his senses. Suddenly staring at the front, the pupils shrank slightly, rustling, surrounded by a group of followers, a fat man with big ears and pockmarked face walked over carelessly, only orphans and widows are left in Crescent Moon Dongyuan, you follow Ye Tian There is absolutely no good result for the waste that cannot be protected by itself, because of the angle of sight, the fat man obviously doesn’t know that Ye Tian has woken up, staring at Yueya’s proud twin peaks, there is a hint of obscenity in his eyes, and said, “If you are sensible, follow us in Beiyuan.” Third Young Master Ye Dian At least Young Master Ye Dian will give you a title after you get tired of playing with you Ye Jian wants my maid to follow your master You don’t want to piss and look in the mirror? Ye Tian in the house put his hands on the ground and climbed up little by little.
The Ye family has a total of four gardens. The family members are Ye Tian’s father and several brothers. Tian was interrupted by the enemy and his meridians became waste. After Dong Yuan lost his mind, people took tea and cool down. His background seemed to be at the bottom of the four great gardens. Now this young man named Ye Jian is not a direct disciple of the Ye family. His father is the steward of Beiyuan.
To put it bluntly, As soon as this servant gains power and bullies a master like Ye Tian, ​​you’ve woken up, young master, maid Yue Ya’s eyes are full of excitement, Ye Tian