The disciples are not good people the girls words are wrong And the absolute villain Yan Ming sighed Qin Ruyue was slightly astonished then thought for

Chapter 1 The Seventh Year of the Daqin Daqin Baoyuan This year is the third consecutive year of severe drought in the Northwest After it was exhausted, the people could not eat and began to eat the wild vegetables and weeds around them. In the third year, the wild vegetables and weeds all over the mountains and plains were also eaten up. Hunger drove many people to eat Guanyin soil. At the beginning, there was a change of sons, and the eaters gradually became common. Later, the remaining people in the states and counties gradually gathered as bandits and ran around. At first, they only robbed the rich. Later, tens of thousands even gathered to attack the county government with weapons, opened warehouses, and gradually robbed grain.
The situation is out of control.
Wherever the bandits pass by, there is nothing like locusts. Although the Qin court also intends to transfer food from the south, but the treasury is empty and other reasons, it has not happened. Although the court has more than a million elite soldiers, the bandits are endless.
The generals of Lufanwang Thirty-sixth Route and others rose one after another. For a while, there was a surge of wind and clouds, and behind them there were people from the three religions and nine sects who helped fuel the flames.
These bandits were weak in combat power. Solving the banditry will never stop. Although the victory is just exhausting, the officers and soldiers from all over the country gradually dispersed to the outside of the garrison. The bandits were driven away and gradually swept across half of the north.
The internal troubles persisted and the foreign troubles reached outside the pass. Hundreds of thousands of barbarians Chen Bing repeatedly invaded the border.
It seemed that he wanted to drink horses. The Great Qin City. Zijin City. It is rumored that the Great Qin Emperor was critically ill.
In the south of Yizhou, there is a small county called Zishui County. Under a withered old tree, a child about nine years old half-kneeled on the ground and held a sharpened piece in his right hand.
The broken tiles were digging feebly at the root of the tree. The boy’s name was Yan Ming.
A round of scorching sun hung in the sky, scorching and dazzling.
After a few days of eating wild vegetables and weeds, I lost my strength.
After digging for a while, I felt hungry in my stomach and my hands were weak. My throat was also a little thirsty under the hot sun.
Next to the dead tree lay another young man with dark skin.
His appearance seemed to be his age. Slightly younger than Yan Ming. This is a child from the same village as Yan Ming. Wu Xiao Niu saw that Yan Ming was weak. Wu Xiao Niu got up and took the tiles from Yan Ming’s hands and continued digging.
Mingwu Mavericks finally dug out a large section of tree roots that seemed to be alive, no matter how much soil on the roots, he quickly chewed the food to satisfy his hunger, Yan Mingwu Mavericks are used to eating wild vegetables and weeds these days, wandering here today When I saw this tree, I remembered that I heard the old man say that the roots of this tree are sweet. As expected, the taste of the tree is quite sweet. Brother Ming, the roots are so sweet and delicious. Wu Xiaoniu wiped the dirt from his mouth and said happily, “Yan.” Ming instead sighed. After eating enough, Yan Ming was finally I regained some strength, sat under the tree, stared at the sunset, and couldn’t help thinking of my previous life.
In my previous life, Yan Ming was born on Earth as a post-80s generation, but his life was difficult, and everyone had to be taken care of by him.
In desperation, Yan Ming and A top game company signs the contract.
He needs to participate in the test of a real game called reincarnation. It is said that this game is invested by dozens of top rich people in the world.
The background is deep but the purpose is unknown. Before signing the contract, the game company explained first. The test is dangerous. The real body test is very risky. The death rate is extremely high. He was forced by the situation and finally signed the contract. The contract stated that the game company paid Yan Ming 10,000 yuan before the game.
At the same time, it was stipulated in the contract For example, all the accidents that occurred during Yanming’s real body test except for the 10,000 yuan, the company was not responsible. Before the test, Yanming handed over 10,000 yuan to his parents. In an instrument box the size of an adult, everyone involved in this test, including Yan Ming, Hello, respected players, please get ready for the reincarnation game. A mechanical sound will be heard in your ears, and it will start in Yan Ming’s heart at the moment the game starts.
The instrument box he was in suddenly burst into flames and exploded.
An extremely intense pain swept through the nerves of the whole body in an instant. In the great pain, all the flesh and blood were torn apart and turned into ashes.
I don’t know how long it has been silent