The disciple thinks Zhao Senior brother did something wrong is there something wrong Ding Peng said in a cold voice I am a dignified disciple

Ding Peng, the head of the Nine Streams, feels that he really has no other advantages besides being greedy for money, lustful, and deeply lazy. Laughed three times, then sorted out the memory of the master of Central Plains in his head, and temporarily accepted the fact of crossing.
This world is obviously not any world he knows, but I feel that the folk customs are similar to ancient China. Xiongdouruo The original owner of the body worn by Ding Peng’s soul is also Ding Peng, who is a person in the rivers and lakes, and his identity is also a small name. It is a disciple of the Lingshan School in Taibai Mountain outside Baoji City. Why is it called a small name? The nickname is because this sect called Lingshan Sect is too small and inconspicuous.
Let’s put it this way, Baoji City was in the Great Xia Dynasty. If it can be regarded as a third-rate city, then Lingshan Sect is barely a third-rate sect in Jianghu. As for the word Ding Ding It’s not just a matter of bragging that although Lingshan is small, it’s considered a faction, and Ding Peng took over as the head at a weak age. Recently, he has become famous in Baoji Jianghu. There are very few people who have never heard of his name.
Not bad, this guy is actually a head.
Ding Peng was delighted to clear his mind first.
Memories and moods are gloomy again.
What a broken sect? The current Lingshan sect is full of fights from top to bottom, from inside to outside. There are only four people, Ding Peng, a senior brother, a senior sister, and a dumb servant who cooks and cleans.
Peng was a little dumbfounded and hurriedly sorted out his memory to figure out what was going on.
The Lingshan School originally belonged to the Qinglu Peak of Taibai Mountain, which has been passed down for a century.
Just three months ago, the old man Spirit Snake took a group of disciples and followed the monks from Famen Temple to Heifengzhai to pretend to suppress bandits. The apprentice is also Ding Peng’s senior brother. Fortunately, Ding Peng was practicing in closed doors at that time and didn’t join in the fun.
Fortunately, he saved the spark of the revolution. By the way, there is also a senior sister.
The word sister immediately made Ding Peng feel sad.
Ding Peng’s face turned dark immediately from the memory of the senior sister, what the hell is this? Senior sister, creatures like this should be young, beautiful, gentle and affectionate? Sighing sadly, brothers and sisters seem to be unreliable, and they have to rely on their own efforts to start a business. Fortunately, God takes care of me.
Ding Peng remembered the baby system.
I can’t take it out in my body, and I can’t digest it.
I tried this system, which has limited intelligence and limited functions. Open the system interface, there are five major items.
The first item is subdivided.
What is the scale of the sect? Displayed as outside the level, the icons of each sub-item are all gray. Obviously, Ding Peng is still unable to touch these functions.
The second item is mainly personal attributes. But it is different from the character attributes in those games that Ding Peng has played before.
Some of the icons in it are dim and bright.
At this moment, the icon shows the three-dimensional body of the head of the Lingshan head camp.
Contribute a little bit from the unknown sect. Seeing here, Ding Peng spit out a trough.
What is Yin in the Yang? The redemption is over, and now there are five items on it.
They are martial arts, drugs, poisons, weapons, mechanisms, and arrays. I can’t wait to open the martial arts redemption. The following is subdivided into fists, palms, swords, internal skills, strange gates, etc. Click on the sword skill system, what is Zhongping sword The Soft Cloud Sword, the Jade Girl Sword, the Liangyi Sword, the Soft Sword, the Golden Snake Swordsmanship, the Strong Wind and Quick Sword Let’s take a look at the heart-shattering redemption points behind the martial arts, and then look at the pitiful martial art contributions Ding Peng has cruelly closed the martial arts catalog.
The fourth item is the auxiliary function.
The system simply asks and searches. As for the task, the task system has released the second task. Expand the scale of the disciples to be the head of the sect.
Improve the reputation to a certain degree.
Master an elementary martial arts and reward the sect with great success. Why is it the second mission? Ding Peng is curious.
After checking, I found out that one of the tasks has already been completed and became the head of a faction. Ding Peng is now the head of Lingshan, no matter how watery the head is, he is indeed the real head, so this task can be regarded as completed without compromise.
Contribution Points It dawned on him that this is how the sect’s contribution points come from. Previously, he thought that the system generously gave him some development funds at the beginning.
The fifth item is a strange thing. There is only one content in it and the icon is lit, called Yuan Yuan. Gong Dingpeng studied for a long time and didn’t know how to use the system. The instructions are also very simple.
It just says that the power of Yuanyuan is infinitely useful.
I simply read the use and instructions of each function. Generally speaking, this system is simple in structure but powerful in practicability.
Ding Peng has no doubt that as long as he has enough contribution points to become a top master, it is not a dream. Ding Peng decided to make good use of his hard-earned money. According to the development routine of general martial arts novels, the top priority should be to improve first.
No matter how powerful the personal force sect is, if the individual is too weak, it is just a piece of meat. As for how to improve personal force, he decided to ask the system for help. Since these things are all built into the system, the most knowledgeable and professional is undoubtedly the system itself.