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When James Wang Dalin told me that the future was yours, I thought the future was really mine.
Later, this guy told me once a year that I bought a watch last year. Durant, please stop saying that Wang Dalin is my draft template, okay? I really can’t compare with a great player like him, okay? Antetokounmpo Wang Dalin is my idol, isn’t my shooting like him? From then on, I started my career of cheating on my body.
The author’s custom label crosses the system flow. Chapter Chapter 1. Do you have to travel through this year? Brilliant Wang Dalin did not go to work because he has not been able to find a job since he was fired by the company years ago.
As a senior otaku, he has almost no expenses other than the necessities of life. Over the years, he has saved a lot of savings. You don’t have to worry about your life. Wang Dalin doesn’t have many hobbies in his daily life. Apart from reading online novels, he loves playing games. He doesn’t play those popular online games. He only loves the series of basketball games.
He has never missed every game since the beginning. He has already played it to the point where he has friends who don’t understand the career mode. It’s very immersive to play by himself. Afterwards, Wang Dalin likes this game even more.
When he controls the player he created, it’s as if he is in the arena with many stars.
In the same arena, whenever he plays a wonderful performance, there will always be an indescribable sense of accomplishment.
The career mode is just such a bad thing.
Wang Dalin manipulates the character and uses a series of beautiful dribbling moves to flash the space and open his hand to score a three-pointer. Hit curled his lips and said to himself, if only I could build a small forward like Durant, looking at the opponent team’s jersey with the number on the screen, completely ignoring his outside players to block shots When he hit a three-pointer, Wang Dalin couldn’t help but show an expression of envy and jealousy. What the hell? The degree of agility is my thing. Durant is really the first comparison in history.
If you want to say who is the most powerful in history, people will have many different answers. Some say it is Michael Jordan, some say it is LeBron James, some say it is Kobe Bryant.
It is said that it is Shaquille O’Neal, and some ancient parties even say that Wilt Chamberlain is the one. Although there are a thousand Hamlets in the hearts of a thousand readers, no matter how you talk about it, no one should say that Kevin Durant is the number one in history.
People, Lao Wang does not accept arguments here, but Wang Dalin believes that Kevin Durant is unique. Looking at the entire history, from the last century to the year of AD, there has not been a second player like him. Kevin Durant has a height, wingspan and weight.
Excellent shooting touch and agility comparable to that of a shooting guard This is not a peg. Wang does not believe the official data.
Kevin Durant must be more than Wang Dalin. He thinks that if Durant hadn’t been injured and retired in the finals, even Tang Shen would have retired due to a cruciate ligament injury in the following games. The Warriors of Heaven and Death will definitely have the last laugh, but the fans know that the championship that year was the Raptors.
During the Heat period, if Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are both injured, you let LeBron James single-core lead the team to win a championship. Try Wang Dalin when playing the brilliant career mode of the series.
Every position will always be built.
Whether it is a center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard or point guard, he can play a role very well, and he can play all types at a very high level, but he personally likes shooting the most.
For example, the height of a point guard is the most standard. At this height, all kinds of ability values ​​are raw data.
If you insist on increasing his height, your shooting ability and speed will drop a lot, which is simply unsightly. Rebuild a small forward based on Durant’s height, wingspan and body.
He reckons he can shoot three-pointers. It’s not bad. My friends, don’t doubt that a small forward with a height, wingspan and weight will only have lateral movement and speed in handling the ball. Only acceleration, only this nimble skill is slower than many big centers, you will definitely be disgusting to death Durant’s three-point ability value, but his ball handling ability is as high as speed, acceleration and dribbling speed, and this guy is in the Brooklyn Nets.
This season is a power forward.
Look at the power forwards who are taller or higher.
Who can compare with Durant in speed? Assists, field goals, three-pointers, free throws, and before this season, he had to recuperate for many days due to a severe Achilles tendon injury. With the sky-defying statistics of points, rebounds, assists, blocked shots, and steals in a single game, he is still very envious of Durant.
It’s past five o’clock. After the game, Wang Dalin looked at his phone and found that he had played the game almost all night. I can’t help but feel a sense of guilt in the depths of my life. I can’t help but go to sleep. When I had a job, my life was relatively regular.
I had to get up at around 7 o’clock in the morning to go to work.
At that time, he played games and usually ended before 12 o’clock in the evening. How could it be like this now? Obsessed Wang Dalin hastily washed and fell into bed before going to sleep