The dart has been nailed to his throat the man can no longer make a sound and collapses to the ground Su Zhuo although motherinlaw

Su Zhuo, a young man who has just come out of the rivers and lakes, solves one mystery after another with his wit, but he can’t help but get involved in the mysterious plot of Yueyang King.
He does not hesitate to sacrifice himself to bring down this opponent, but suddenly finds that Yueyang King is just the tip of the iceberg and bigger Friends who don’t like monotonous stories, come and find clues with Su Zhuo. Warning, each volume has a reasoning story. Because there are too many suspense, friends who can’t stand the brain-burning problems of chapter after chapter, please bookmark it. Wait until the end of each volume to read Chapter 1 The land of showers in the west of Hunan, the mountains are stacked for tens of miles, there are only a few big mountains, and there are few families in midsummer. Worse, it is most uncomfortable to drive in this kind of weather. A burst of anger is stuffy in my heart, and I am sweating warmly, but I don’t feel sweaty.
Even in this kind of weather and terrain, there are still people who are going out on the road and take the lead on the mountain trails. There are two teenagers who look about fifteen or sixteen years old. A man and a woman are dressed plainly and are patched.
The man is carrying a large wooden box and the woman is carrying a cloth bag across her shoulders.
Not far behind the two is a group of officers and soldiers. Look at the number of about ten people.
On this narrow mountain road, it is considered a mighty team. The team has dragged for several feet, nine of them are wearing armor, official boots, and long knives pinned to their waists. They all lead the horses and walk slowly, and the other one is a bit different A red lacquered wooden box was placed on both sides of the carriage, and a few flags were inserted on both sides of the letter to the Wanli Escort Company in the middle of Sichuan.
It’s strange that I don’t know which escort I left.
Only one escort was invited, and the rest were escorted by officers and soldiers. After the horse team, there was a young man who followed far away. Light clothes and slow belt, like a scholar who failed the exam, but in his early twenties, sword-browed and star-eyed, he sits on the back of a donkey, wobbling and swaying, giving birth to infinite sleepiness. Although the young man is dozing off, the words of the officers and soldiers in front of him are clearly heard in his ears.
One person shouted loudly, what the fuck, what the hell is it going to rain, where should I hide? The accent is a Sichuan guy. As soon as the man’s voice fell, there was a muffled thunder in the sky, and someone scolded, “Shut your beak, the rest.” The people scolded again and again, and the thunder woke up the young man on the donkey’s back. He rubbed his eyes and said to himself, how is this good? Everyone turned around the mountain depression, a meadow appeared in front of them, and the view became wider. Not far away, there stood a wooden building, facing south and facing the woods. At the gate, there was a flagpole on the top, and the flags fluttered in the wind. The four characters of Chenjia Inn were written far away.
can watch Seeing that the two teenagers at the front had entered the gate first, some of the officers and soldiers laughed and said, “What are you looking forward to? There is an inn here, everyone.
Don’t worry about it tonight.
” There is no shop in the back of the village, how can there be this inn? Could it be a black shop that was robbed? The boy who dares to hit our idea The leader nodded and said, everyone, be careful, don’t be careless, quicken your pace and lead the crowd to ride the donkey.
When the inn was really going to rain, he came to the inn door, stopped the donkey at the door, and stepped into the house. He saw that the team of officers and soldiers had joined the inn.
Two people were carrying the wooden box on the carriage.
A group of people were going upstairs with their luggage. As soon as you enter the inn, you will see a lobby with square tables and stools. On the left of the door is a counter. A woman in her thirties is standing at the counter and dialing an abacus. Yo, I’m sorry, the officer’s store is already full.
The young man frowned and said, “Ma’am, it’s going to rain today, and I have nowhere to go. Why don’t you be more accommodating, let the guests move a room for me? I’ll pay double.” He pouted and said, “If you have the ability, you ask them to move it for you.” The young man was stunned and said, “Isn’t it difficult for others?” Don’t I make money if I have money? Why don’t you make a fuss here? Why don’t you rush forward? Just at this moment, a middle-aged scribe walked into the door.
Obviously, he had just walked through the mountain road, and before he entered the door, he heard the conversation between the proprietress and the young man. He said, Zhuniang, it’s going to rain. Where are you going to let this little brother go? Why don’t you stay in the same room with me? The proprietress saw the scribe, she hesitated when she heard what he said, and asked Mr.
Wu, how did this happen? At this moment, two teenagers, a man and a woman, were going downstairs and heard some people talking.
The girl said that she should take care of each other when she is away. Come out and let the elder brother and I squeeze a room together, the young man hurriedly bowed to these people one by one, thanking them all, thanking Zhu Niang, saying okay, that’s it, at this time, another strong young man came in outside the door Slightly short, dark skinned, shorts, shorts, carrying a shovel, holding an axe, Bamboo Niang called out to the little five, lead the donkey to the back for this guest officer, and the little five said, “My uncle?”