The current situation of Qingtian Budokan Master Chenxuan Hall Master Life Level Planetary Star Life Hall Master Authority Level Formal Hall Master Advanced already possesses

The fees there remain high, even if it’s just to chat with the owner for a minute, the business there is completely irregular.
The library is open for a few hours every day, and the library is closed for rest every now and then. The service there is very bad.
The master’s advice doesn’t even issue a piece of training clothes, but it’s such a wonderful small martial arts gym, but every day there are countless strong people who want to join, even if it’s just to go in and clean up. I’m here for a long time, Baba, I’m going to make a birthday cake for me today. You’re very busy. Come back in line tomorrow. A delicate and cute little girl said in a milky voice. Volume 1, Sunny Budokan, Chapter 1, World of Martial Arts, Spring is sunny and warm in Jiangzhou In the open office of Chunsun Kindergarten, Chen Qing’s father, Chen Qing’s father, Song Yuan, the head teacher of the small class, was leaning on a back chair with a sullen face, asking in a low voice, are you listening to me? The man who got up in a daze immediately turned his expression to look left and right, a strong shock appeared in his eyes, I walked through the throat, rolling the man in the white shirt with an unbelievable expression on his face, and at the same time quickly digesting the countless fragments of memory rushing in. After a split second, the man’s mind There was an extra complete memory in it, a memory belonging to the original owner of his body. After sorting out the situation of this world and this body, the man in the white shirt has a general understanding that this is not the earth, but a place that is extremely different from the earth.
Similar to the modern martial arts world, the customs, customs, language, culture, etc.
, are so similar that they can almost be called a parallel world of the earth. Of course, there are still essential differences between this world and the earth. The main manifestation is the prosperity of martial arts and the status of martial arts in this world.
Absolutely supreme.
Many years ago, the frenzy of martial arts practice swept the world. There are many followers, big and small. There are also many martial arts gyms and martial arts competitions. It can be said that the scenery is infinite. In short, this is a modern world where martial arts are shining brightly. I will be Chen Xuan and Chen Qing’s father from now on. My brows are slightly frowned.
The new Chen Xuan who just crossed over is secretly muttering in his heart, but Chen Xuan still doesn’t respond to his words. The head teacher, Song Yuan, was slightly angry and said Chen Qing’s father’s words, I won’t say much, but you have to know that your daughter has been ranked last ten times in our class’s small martial arts evaluation, and dragged our small class back, it doesn’t matter.
It’s Chen Qing’s father, you can’t let her just lose at the starting line, Chen Qing’s martial arts education, you really have to pay attention to it, Chen Xuan, who came back to his senses, immediately nodded and said sincerely, Teacher Song, please rest assured, I will definitely pay attention to it in the future Yep, Song Yuan was slightly stunned, the astonishment on her face was obvious, Chen Xuan had expected Song Yuan’s bewildered expression, he was extremely calm, he understood that Chen Xuan was a very traditional and stubborn person in the past, and he didn’t want his daughter to practice martial arts even if Song Yuan tried to persuade him many times, but he never paid any attention to it.
Song Yuan was hurt because of this. It seems that this stubborn bull has finally figured it out, Song Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and said happily, then Chen Qing’s father, as I said before, report Chen Qing to a martial arts gym as soon as possible, her The basics are too poor. If you want to keep up with your classmates, it is necessary to carry out after-school basic martial arts training. Well, Mr.
Song, I will definitely report it.
Chen Xuan quickly got up and politely responded.
And each has its own characteristics. Some gym owners are highly accomplished in teaching the improvement of physical fitness, and some are good at teaching boxing.
Of course, there are also some martial arts halls that focus on teaching children the basics of martial arts. In Song Yuan’s opinion, as long as Chen Xuan is willing to serve Chen Qing Finding a suitable Budokan is not difficult. In fact, every student in Chunsun Kindergarten’s small class, except Chen Qing, has signed up for the Budokan.
In order to let their children take the lead at the starting line, some parents know that certain Budokans are expensive and still grit their teeth. Sometimes even more than one family reported it. It can be seen how radiant martial arts are in this world, and people are flocking to them. School is over soon, Dad Chen Qing, go to the door of the martial arts hall. The golden sun slanting on the earth makes people feel warm. Outside the Martial Arts Hall of Jiangzhou Chunsun Kindergarten, through the glass floor-to-ceiling windows, every parent can clearly see that their children are standing neatly in the hall and performing the most basic station in martial arts.
Pile training, holding hands in front of the body, towering tall trees, standing in the wilderness, like a bow, full, full and round, a muscular man who looks extremely sturdy is walking in the hall, and his voice is particularly loud. The teacher stands still and no one is allowed to move their eyes. Keep your head straight and your neck straight. Hold this position.
After ten minutes, school is over.
Under the repeated shouts of this stern martial arts teacher, the entire martial arts hall is silent, and every child is trying to maintain it.
Look at how strong my son’s standing is, hugging inside and out, and supporting his feet like he is rooted. My daughter is no worse than me in standing.
Not bad, not bad.
My beibei has learned half a lesson from Master Qin of Hongshuang Martial Arts Hall. Yue finally got the hang of it. Almost all the parents outside the hall had smiles on their faces. Only Chen Xuan’s eyes were infinitely gentle, staring at a little girl in the hall with ponytails and extremely delicate facial features.
The cute little girl who looks like a princess from a fairy tale is none other than Chen Xuan’s four-year-old daughter. Chen Qing looks at the extremely lovely Chen Qing who is trying to stand up in the Martial Arts Hall.
Chen Xuan feels as if his heart is about to melt. It is a subtlety I can’t describe the feeling