The crowd saw Su Chuchu Su Chuchu was wearing a mask facing Chen Ges eyes she just nodded slightly then turned around and sat in

Chen Ge went to the dormitory on the first floor and carried my computer up to me. In the dormitory next door, a guy with yellow hair kicked open the door of Chen Ge’s dormitory, dropped a dollar, and went back with his pockets up. By the way, Chen Ge went upstairs by the way.
I went to the supermarket to buy me a bottle of mineral water, and the yellow-haired student went back and forth. This time, he dropped three yuan and two yuan was for buying water.
The other yuan was Chen Ge’s errand fee. Is there such a bully who runs errands for you? The people in Chen Ge’s dormitory couldn’t stand it anymore and asked with a cold face, “Chen Ge, you in your dormitory haven’t you counted yourself? This guy can eat shit if you give him money.
” He said sarcastically. After laughing and leaving, Chen Ge turned a deaf ear, but blushed.
He bent down and picked up a few dollars from the ground, thinking in his heart that he would earn two dollars, which would be enough to buy three steamed buns and a pack of pickles, so he wouldn’t have to endure hunger anymore. If you are hungry, Chen Ge, don’t go, if you don’t have money, we brothers, you don’t have to pay it back. The president couldn’t help but sympathize and said that Chen Ge shook his head with a wry smile and thanked the president. After saying that, he turned and walked out.
Chen Ge’s back is shaking his head with some pity They treat him very well, but the more this happens, the more he doesn’t want to be helped by them like this, otherwise, sooner or later, even the best friendship will be separated.
Except for these roommates, Chen Ge has almost nothing in college. Chen Ge heard Huang Mao say you go down, right at this time A gorgeously dressed student came out of the dormitory next door.
His name is Xu Dong. He is Huang Mao.
The dorm head of that dormitory is a rich man who runs a factory. He is tall and handsome. He is the idol of many female students, but he has always looked down on Chen Ge. Usually, I feel ashamed even to look at Chen Ge. Chen Ge doesn’t know why he calls him.
If you want to do business in the small woods in the east, you can send this box to him. No, it’s ten yuan.
Xu Dong is just a playboy. He usually asks out girls a lot, and he also has a lot of friends, but Chen Ge didn’t think too much about who made him run errands. When the money came, I took it and walked downstairs, but when Chen Ge turned around, he seemed to hear Xu Dong’s laughter faintly behind him. Chen Ge went downstairs and was ready to bring Huang Mao’s computer when he came back. From the small forest outside the mineral water campus, Chen Ge knew that it was a famous place of wind, flowers, snow and night, also known as a field concentration camp.
Soon Chen Ge came to the place Xu Dong mentioned, and at a glance, he saw a man and a woman sitting. Talking and laughing on the promenade in the woods, but when Chen Ge saw the faces of men and women clearly through the moonlight, his whole body was shocked. Yang Xue, Chen Ge’s eyes turned red, and the thing he was holding suddenly fell to the ground.
Yang Xue It’s Chen Ge’s ex-girlfriend. It’s only been three days since the two broke up.
Of course, Yang Xue dumped Chen Ge.
When they broke up, Yang Xue said she wanted to be alone and quiet. As a result, she was invited here after only three days, and Chen Ge’s appearance obviously both of them also paid attention Knowing a trace of shame, he hurriedly lowered his head, while the rich second generation named Lu Yang let go, Yang Xue glanced at Chen Ge who fell to the ground, stood up and laughed, Xu Dong just knows how to play, I asked him to give it to me I didn’t expect him to ask you to give me the excitement. Lu Yang is also a rich second generation. Chen Ge knows that he is Xu Dong’s friend.
His family owns several restaurants. He usually drives a BMW 3 series to school and listens to the landing.
What Yang said, Chen Ge’s fists were clenched so tightly that it turned out that Xu Dong was playing tricks on him on purpose, and even Yang Xue broke up with him and turned to be with his buddy Lu Yang. Xu Dong’s figure is probably indispensable in this, Xuexue, I know you You think I’m poor, but you don’t need to be with this kind of person, do you know how many girlfriends he has changed? Chen Ge yells that he loves this girl very much, and Yang Xue, who is so devoted to her love, also becomes anxious when she hears Chen Ge’s reprimand.
Song you fucking who do you think you are, come and teach me I broke up with you I want to be with whoever I want, just be together with you poor guy Guan Yang can buy me a good-looking cosmetic mask and an iPhone Famous brand bags, can you? And Yang Xue was also furious. She looked at Chen Ge who fell on the ground. You fucking deliberately disgusted me. Get the hell out of me.