The cross sword swished the blade of the cross sword reflected gloomy faces and the reflected light kept flickering in the space then passed between

Chapter 1 Palace Coup World of Light Hibern Menis Empire The King City of Akhtaden in the lake The rainy season is the best season for Akhtadon The mirror lake shines brightly under the clear sky All the light and shadows on the wide lake in the waves are shaken by it into radiant phantoms.
The falling leaves swirl and fall, cutting the warm sunlight into pieces, covering the lakeside scenery like a holy ceremony.
The surface of the beautiful city in the lake. The square is dotted with green spaces, the bridge spans the waterway, and the exquisite sculpture embedded in the city wall is magnificent, beautiful and noble.
The towering palace in the center of the royal city is constructed of pure white volcanic rock. The top is a blue glazed roof. The foundation is pure white quartzite.
The exquisite buildings are intertwined.
The shadow constitutes a beautiful painting. The king’s city is backed by the huge obelisk of the sun, which symbolizes the symbol of kingship, as if it is a scepter pierced by a god on the ground. It reveals the majesty beyond the world all the time, but at this moment. This majesty is crumbling under the huge celestial body that covers the sky.
The huge celestial body is nearly spherical in shape and squeezes out the clouds to occupy most of the sky.
The fine lines on the bronze-colored smooth surface are evenly arranged, and flashes of scarlet light shine against it. The entire Mirror Lake is insignificant compared to it.
The visual impact of the oppressive feeling of being high above the ground is particularly strong enough to make a devout believer collapse.
Even if you look at it, you will be cursed by the devil and lose your connection with Atum, the sun god.
In the depths of the royal court, the Hall of Kings of Power is the meeting hall of the Sun Kings of Akhtardon. Of course, the interior is extremely luxurious and mosaic. Elegant potted plants surround the dome and fall down the radiant crystal chandelier. The papyrus flower top relief column is magnificent. Various flowers are painted on it with precious metals. In the past, the hall was very noisy, but now here are the noble bureaucrats who discuss politics silently. The pool is full of corpses lying here and there, beside the blood-red pool, a tall and straight princess stands holding a sword.
The white dress with a waist is spread along the stairs to the floor, and her long silver-gray hair hangs down behind her. Her full name is Ai Lu. Rome Amen Emmat Amenemhet Daughter of the Sun King Psammetik The second princess of the empire is also a vicious murderer. The princess has the highest talent in the blood of all dynasties.
The sun god deserves to be the first incarnation mastered The power of the light is also the only powerful warrior who can contend against the invading army.
In addition to extraordinary strength, the princess also has amazing beauty. Today, the princess is wearing a tunic skirt with fine patterns. With the crown of the Scorpion King, the hair is divided into three parts and spread down to the back.
The long hair hangs straight down. Two strands of long temples hang down from the ears to the chest.
Her eyes are slender and spiritual. Bloody skin, milky white, looks like a layer of shimmer, silver-gray long temples sticking between the arms in a white dress, like honey melting She is so harmonious in the milk, she is so beautiful, people have the illusion of not being able to distinguish between dreams and reality, but the blood streaks hanging from the blades of the corpses in the cistern, and the indifferent gaze in the silver-gray pupils all remind everyone of this woman.
The inner character of the princess is not as beautiful as her appearance at all.
My father is dead and I am still killing the princess. I turned around with my sword, and the cold light refracted by the sword swept across the hall. The cold silver-gray pupils ooze a bone-chilling coldness. Looking down, I desperately avoid myself. The honorable bureaucrats in the eyes, even if my blood relatives rebelled, this is the only end. The princess raised her head and tightened her lips. The sharp sword in her hand drew an arc of light and pointed at the corpse of a young man wearing a golden crown in the cistern. That was her own brother too. The third successor of the empire, His Royal Highness Heradia, took advantage of the national mourning to conspire against a heinous crime, and death is not a pity. The migratory birds cannot live without a leader, and the towering palace cannot lack bearing pillars. Since the former king has died in battle, His Highness should inherit the throne as soon as possible to lead the empire.
Seeing this, the minister immediately began to sing praises, and some particularly interesting people had already begun to persuade him to come in.
Elu Romei squinted his eyes and glanced at the throne on the highest part of the hall.
His thick eyelashes trembled, and then he threw himself at the ministers. The kingship of the sun god was crumbling.
What can the ministers do in silence? From the invasion of extraterrestrial civilizations to the present, in just three months, the once glorious Menesian Empire has retreated steadily, and even has no power to fight back.
The Sun King alone has died in battle. The bloodlines of the seven grandparents and three generations are almost dead, except for a few occasions when the battle can be reversed.
The whole war is basically being beaten and lost. Not even a fig leaf is weak. From the beginning of the war to the present, the voice of the main combat faction It is getting lower and lower, especially after the death of the Sun King Psamtik, the peace faction has become the mainstream consensus. They even want to push the third prince Helatik to the throne and let this weak and well-known wimp take power as soon as possible. Ending this hopeless war After receiving this news, our princess immediately withdrew from the battlefield overnight and executed all those boneless wretches.
This is how the current situation came about.
Elle Romee executed the Lord and the Lord led by the third prince. Pai does not mean that she is still a staunch main combat faction.
At this point in the war, the cruel and murderous princess who is good at fighting can no longer fight. Her being warlike does not mean that she likes to be beaten unilaterally, so she also hopes to end this war as soon as possible. But the main peace faction There is also a difference between the peace faction and the peace faction. If the wretched Heratic came to power and surrendered, the royal family’s decency maintained by bloodshed and death would be nothing left, so he had to die. How to maintain the royal family’s decency and surrender with dignity has become the biggest headache for the princess. Question After you take the throne, can you let His Majesty the Sun King go down to end this war?