The creator gave up his dignity he was controlled and then I was for the sake of my young children the few survivors and finally

He was forced to open his mouth and began to pant, then opened his eyes suddenly. He was surrounded by commuters and backpackers in the subway car.
The air in the car was a little cloudy.
The reason is flickering, and the red light above the carriage door indicating the arrival station and driving route is also flashing at an abnormal frequency and fast People swiped their mobile phones, listened to music, and followed the car slightly shaking.
Lu Di’s brow was sweating, and the reaction of waking up just made the people around him look at him in surprise. Lu Di’s reaction is also in line with their guess. He grabbed the black shoulder bag on his lap and threw it behind his back. He squeezed towards the door with a very flexible posture. Passengers only felt their bodies crooked and didn’t even lift their heads. The direction of this force was very clear, just right, not rough, and very fast. At this time, the perception that appeared in everyone’s mind was that it was too common for someone to get off the bus, so I didn’t bother to continue. Thinking only the old man who was originally sitting on the right side of Lu Di’s position widened his eyes in surprise.
He had never seen a person as nimble as a fish. Lu Di squeezed in front of the car door and held his breath. Outside the window was a dark tunnel, and a very vague noise mixed in.
Normal people can’t tell the difference from the noise of the subway running, but in Lu Di’s eyes, it’s like an abstract painting with regular colors suddenly broke into a thick black line. At first, it was just a jagged mark on the edge of the picture, but now with the The shadow of the subway has become ferocious, and there are more beads of sweat on the forehead of the big land flute Passengers began to flock to the door. From Lu Di woke up and jumped, until the train slowed down and prepared to enter the station, it took only a minute to roar.
The blurred noise outside the train window became clear, as if some beast poked its head into the tin bucket. The roar is average, but the windows of the subway are too closed, and some people still haven’t noticed the noise. The speed of the subway is getting slower and slower, and it enters the light area of ​​the platform.
The first thing that breaks into the field of vision is a cosmetics billboard, followed by a shocking bright red. The white face of the female star on the billboard became stained with blood. A white-collar woman standing next to Lu Di opened her eyes wide in horror, with a puzzled expression on her face.
She didn’t know what happened, and soon screams rang out. I can’t tell who is calling. As long as everyone who saw the scene outside the carriage is screaming, some people are so shocked that they can’t make a sound. The platform is almost empty. The ground is full of sundries, briefcases, suitcases, hats, and even shoes can be seen before. How terrified people are when they run away. A few particularly unlucky people are struggling and crawling. Some fell and were injured.
The right monster is a two meter How tall, five or six meters long, it is a gigantic monster with scales and armor, its thick and well-developed hind legs are slightly short, its forelimbs are long, and its long tail keeps its balance.
It lowers its head and bites the corpse.
No one wants to know what happened to this unfortunate man before he died.
After the subway entered the station, the monster sniffed and turned its head to look this way.
Following the mechanical sound of the station announcement, the door slowly opened, but the people in the car did not react.
They retreated desperately to stop at the station.
Opening and closing the door is completely a fixed procedure now.
This door can’t be blocked, it’s fake, right? There’s a dinosaur talking in the subway station.
The person talking is loud.
I don’t know if he’s comforting himself or persuading others. It must be a fake stereoscopic projection.
Didn’t there be a screen on a tall building on the Internet that made a lion jump out of the cage? Images? There are also alien spaceships that look like they rushed out of the screen, but the dinosaurs watching them with blood-stained claws and flicking their tails are too realistic.
The pupils of cold-blooded lizards and the smelly hot air coming out of their mouths The desperation in the eyes of the trembling and crawling people on the platform and the fear of not daring to call for help.
If it was projected, the range would be too large. If not projected, how could a real dinosaur appear in a modern city? This is not a film, too ridiculous.
It was so absurd that everyone didn’t know what to do, they just instinctively pushed back and moved away from the door, and soon the calm was broken.
They were in the last car of the subway, and the dinosaur was the closest to them. Regardless of whether it was true or not, they were too scared to step out of the people in the front car. But I don’t think so. Some are afraid, and some are certain that this is a spoof projection. Those who come out to watch the excitement, and those who wear headphones and don’t realize it, get off at the stop. It’s so realistic. Is it some kind of movie promotion? The photos kept going, and someone took a video. The dinosaur heard the sound and jumped sharply. The sharp claws on the back toes scratched the floor tiles of the platform, making a toothache noise. At this time, the people who got off the bus also felt bad. Approaching them, the expressions become stiffer. The smell of blood rushes towards them.
The messy things left on the ground are also real.
If it is a spoof reality show, the cost is too high and too exaggerated. A high school student’s mobile phone fell to the ground, as if the signals were ringing one after another. The sound of falling things fills the brain with fear, the shouts for help resound through the platform, the people who get off the train run in panic, most of them rush to the stairs, and some rush back to the car, no one thinks to face the ferocious predator of nature, turn around and walk away Running is a very dangerous thing. Carnivorous creatures instinctively chase their prey.
Dinosaurs ran a few steps after the frightened group. At this time, the lights at the door of the subway car began to flash and beep rapidly. The stop time was about to end. The car door is about to close. The dinosaur seemed to be startled, suddenly shook his head, turned around and rushed towards the car.